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Judgmental Map Identifies NYC Stereotypes by Neighborhood By Lauretta Charlton Lauretta is a former associate editor at Complex.
Have you ever not traveled to a certain neighborhood because you harbored judgmental thoughts about what it was like and why you shouldn't be there? Now there's a Tumblr to help you verify whether or not all of those stereotypes and nasty judgments were accurate. Judgmental Maps breaks down boroughs and neighborhoods of major cities around the world based on myths, local lore, and sometimes facts.

It points out where you should go if you're looking for mutant alligators, asshole cops, migrating hipsters, and glorified malls.
These maps will either give real estate agents nightmares, make them reconsider their career, or pat themselves on the back. These funny infographic shows the “typical” kind of roommates you will find in 20 different Manhattan neighbourhoods. The judgmental map of New York City is pretty spot on—many neighborhoods in New York City do smell like shit.

There is useful information about the average rent for the hood of one-and two bedroom apartment and how much can be saved by living with a roommate and what you can spend the saved money on. The infographic also provides useful info like the average cost of one- and two-bedroom apartments, as well as how much cash you can save by sharing — all in terms any New Yorker can understand (ex.

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