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Akihabara isn’t the only place in Japan to get your hands on toys and anime related merchandise but it is arguably the best place in Tokyo.
BIC CAMERA is a huge electronics chain store in Japan, they sell everything from TVs, toaster ovens, iPhones, Air Con units to of course, cameras. Yamashiroya is a specialist toy store, located just opposite the Ueno (??) train station in Toyko.
This is another one of those stores which I didn’t expect to find a toy section, but lo and behold. This finally concludes the last part of the 3 part toy shopping guide in Japan, I hope this has given you guys a good insight into the toy and anime stores there, and hopefully some inspiration to get yourselves over there if you haven’t already been!
Thanks again for reading and I hope to bring you more shopping guides if I ever get a chance to visit other places in Japan or otherwise! Every toy shop I saw in akihabara when I was there for a month (and even one or two I missed!) collated and photographed, you are wonderful, trying to remember the places to streetview and google them was impossible. Hi Rizal, if you head over to Akihabara I’m sure you will find plenty of stores that sell Crows x Worst figures and merchandise.

Hi Angelo, glad you found my site:) Very lucky indeed to be going toy hunting in Akihabara! There are other shops out there of course, some of which you may not even expect to have a toy section, but being Japan, nothing but everything is out of the ordinary. And what I didn’t expect to find there when I first visited was toys, and plenty of it.
It is a huge building with six floors of action figures, model kits, character toys, puzzles and games.
This one was at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro (??), I didn’t take many photos there because compared to all the other toy stores in Japan, this seemed small, but if they happen to have this exact store in Sydney, I’d be there every weekend haha! Tokyu Hands is a store that basically sells everything, from daily consumer products like shampoo, toothpaste, to electronic good like fans and footbaths, to designer items and DIY materials and tools.
I had so much fun taking those photos and going around all the shops there, I can understand why u feel nostalgic, I want to go back there too!
I was without a job in the beginning of 2010 but then in August the same year things turned ok for me and now i am planning my first visit to Japan, it?s my dream trip. Most toy shops would have a variety of figures but you’ll probably have a better chance going to a bigger store like Yodobashi Akiba.
I’m preparing myself (and my money) for an all-out toy hunting spree in Akihabara.By the way, may I ask, are taxes imposed on all goods in Akihabara? Taxes are compulsary for all goods you buy in Japan, and the prices marked are all inclusive of tax so you don’t really need to worry about it.

Almost everything you can imagine to do with anime and toys is in this store, and you can quite literally spend half the day in here. Don’t get me wrong, this store is brilliant, everything is so well laid out and organised it makes for super easy shopping. I haven’t been back since the Earthquake where they relocated most of the shops, but I would recommend Mandarake and the Liberty toy stores, you can often find 2nd hand toys in good condition for a fair price there.
The other place I can think of are Gashapon machines, they should be relatively common so if you see one on the street, go and check it out, you never know what they might have! The toy section also differ in size and range with each store, but overall they are all pretty well stocked with the latest stuff. The toy section is not big compared to other chains, but the store in Ikebukuro (??) was of a decent size and had heaps of cool and funny toys! I visited several BIC CAMERA stores, including the Lazona plaza store at Kawasaki (??), store in Ikebukuro (??) and the store in Yurakuchou (???), all of which I managed to loose track of time in XD.

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