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The New York Times profiles author Philip Ashforth Coppola and his Silver Connections book series in this article, One Man’s Opus to New York’s Subway Art, Decades in the Making. An annual Sunday holiday season tradition returns: original IND subway cars from the 1930s will run in service on part of the E and F lines between Queens Plaza and 2nd Avenue every Sunday from November 30 through December 28. The developer has released a new version of NXSYS, Signalling and Interlocking Simulator for the Apple Mac OSX operating system.
As it turns out, Masstransiscope is on the platform of the abandoned Myrtle Av station, which last saw service in 1956. I’m a weird dude, so I decided to take it off the two-dimensional page and into the three-dimensional world. I figured I could get two lines out of each pack, splitting each in half and rolling them into a long tube. It took a bit of spatial thinking, but I discovered the trick: the B and the D always go on top. This entry was posted in Bonus posts and tagged arts and crafts, B train, Brooklyn, D train, DeKalb Av, flying junction, Manhattan Bridge, maybe I need a new hobby, MTA, N train, New York City subways, play-doh, Q train, R train, zoetrope. Actually in all seriousness, every day I transfer from the R to the D or N at Atlantic (I take whichever train comes first), and have always noticed the trains slow down a bit shortly before the bridge.

The New York Times reports that starting this Friday, "The Weekender", an online-only, interactive map that will be available on the MTA's homepage every Friday afternoon until early Monday morning, will show the city's subway system for the tangled mess it often is on the weekends. The retro design of the map is modeled after the much beloved 1970s-era Massimo Vignelli guide, so missed by some New Yorkers that a copy is on display in the Museum of Modern Art. The interactive map is searchable by line, borough and station, and it flags trouble spots with blinking lights.
Saturday and Sunday straphangers in New York know too well that the MTA takes advantage of the weekends to make repairs on the tracks. Philip has been painstakingly sketching the tile artwork and other station decoration of New York's subway since 1978. Click, and the site will reveal a rundown of what woe awaits, whether a closed platform or an unexpected station stop. Service is often delayed, trains get rerouted, and other trains run different paths altogether. I was unaware of this until now, but Philip used my photo of 18th Street on the original IRT to do the corresponding sketches, as he had never been in this abandoned station.
I had planned to write a post on the HMS Jersey and the other prisoner-ships that were moored in Wallabout Bay during the Revolutionary War, but that will have to wait. Heading northbound from DeKalb Avenue, the R hits some local stops in Brooklyn before reaching Manhattan at Whitehall St, while the other four lines cross the Manhattan Bridge.

It’s actually a succession of 228 hand-painted frames, installed in 1980 by filmmaker Bill Brand, called Masstransiscope. Flying junctions ensure tracks never cross, allowing multiple trains to use the same area simultaneously without risk of collision. The L train, for example, is completely canceled along a good chunk of its route for two weekends this month. Full HTML documentation of the new Macintosh features as well as a thorough upgrading of the extensive Version 1 helpfile are included. It’s not too much farther until you hit daylight, so the northbound B and the Q must split somewhere in that space.
In addition, five retired buses manufactured from the 1950s through 1970s will run weekdays on the 42nd Street crosstown route.

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