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Cartographer Jake Coolidge's take on a full-scale Bay Area rapid transit would greatly increase mobility in the region. A map by Elvin Wong would extend several Boston lines and create State Street Common, a hub made from four stations in downtown Boston. The imaginative Freshwater Rail website provides detailed train and bus schedules for southeast Michigan. Before its citizens voted down a ballot measure, Cincinnati could have had a transit network that looked like this. Elvin Wong takes some creative liberties here but presents transit connections between San Jose and major cities in Silicon Valley. A slightly different take on expanding Bay Area transit comes from Yonah Freemark, who envisions a heavy rail line running through the western East Bay that connects through the Transbay Terminal and then northern San Francisco. Though the L serves many parts of Chicago, it could always be improved, such as with this fantasy transit take from Craighton Berman. When Hurricane Sandy forced schools across New York City to close for an entire week, students at PS 11 were told to try to keep busy. In addition to the shooting death of 19-year-old Jashaya Stanley on Monday and the arrest on Tuesday of her boyfriend, Joshua Knox, there were robberies at the Chase Manhattan Bank and CVS last week, as well as several robberies, seven vehicle thefts and one assault on a cop. We had a few crimes happen underneath the neighborhood, with purse-snatchings in subway stations, plus one man who was robbed when he dozed off on the train.
A spokesman for the 88th Precinct also asked us to alert residents to a couple of worrying crime trends.
The spokesman also pointed to a rash of home burglaries in the area south of DeKalb Avenue near Fort Greene Park.
The 88th Precinct has increased patrols and the plain-clothes police presence in the area, he said, and is working with the transit police to clamp down on crime in the subway stations and trains. This week, two businesses on Myrtle Avenue were robbed — the Chase Bank on Monday and the new CVS store on Wednesday. A 16-year-old boy was beaten up and robbed inside a train at the Lafayette subway stop on Aug.

A close look at the subway map suggests that a significant number of public parks are not represented, especially if those parks are in low-income or minority neighborhoods. Only three green spaces are named in Brooklyn: Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery, both abutting some of the borough’s more well-to-do neighborhoods, and Floyd Bennett Field, the former airfield on Jamaica Bay. Get news about the Brooklyn Nets and their unprecedented fashion boom, currently trending amongst all NYC hipsters.
The city Parks Department has fenced off a popular field in Fort Greene Park that local residents have used for pick-up games for more than 20 years, a move that took local athletes by surprise. The city Department of Transportation’s controversial Citi Bike bike-sharing program, which put 600 bike racks on the streets of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, has residents up in arms.
Despite congressman Hakeem Jeffries’ ambitious political agenda, the harsh realities of power and politics in Washington, D.C. Crowdsourcing: Dangerous IntersectionsGive us your candidates for the most dangerous intersections in the neighborhood - and tell us how to make them safer. After four years of work in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, this is the last week of publication at The Local. Get news about Fort Greene and Clinton Hill in our daily roundup, including the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s summer slate of youth-oriented programs and the third annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival coming to St. In this crime report, locals told police that their belongings were stolen from cars and trucks, their homes were burglarized and their bank accounts were used in unauthorized ways.
We're always looking for community members who are interested in writing for the Local. The Local provides news, information, entertainment and informed conversation about the things that matter to you, your neighbors and your family, from bloggers and citizens who live, work and create in your community. Find test scores and other performance data for your East Village school -- and how the numbers compare to peer schools throughout the state.
For 8-year-old Gabriel Goldman, that meant whipping up a special report on the status of his favorite subject, the subway system. A spike in robberies, including several involving iPhones, prompted police to ask residents to be extra careful.

He said police are not sure whether the burglaries are related, but he warned residents to keep windows and doors locked, and expensive items away from windows. On the subway map displayed in hundreds of subway stations around the city and unfurled daily by countless tourists, the swath of Brooklyn that stretches eastward from the Navy Yards is an uninterrupted streetscape of pale yellow, without the slightest patch of green. In Brooklyn alone, Tompkins Park (Bedford-Stuyvesant), Maria Hernandez Park (Bushwick) and Sunset Park (Sunset Park) are all absent from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s map of New York City’s subway system. But kiosks are not coming down, New York City Council Member Letitia James told more than 100 neighborhood residents at a raucous town hall meeting last night. It is run by students and faculty of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, in collaboration with The New York Times, which provides supervision to assure that the blog remains impartial, reporting-based, thorough and rooted in Times standards. The New York Times offers the latest sales, prices and other market data on the Fort Greene - Clinton Hill real estate scene. One unfortunate man was robbed of his cash, phone and shoes and knocked unconscious — just moments after being ticketed for smoking on a train platform. The teen told police that the first thief came up to him and asked “What’s that hanging outside your pocket?” Before he could answer, the robber began punching him in the face with a closed fist, while his partner acted as a lookout, police said. They were charged with robbery in the second and third degrees, grand larceny in the fourth degree, petit larceny, attempted assault in the third degree, menacing in the third degree, criminal possession of stolen property in the 5th degree and harassment in the second degree, according to the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. The trend of robberies on the B38 bus continued last week, with another incident on May 4 marking the tenth such robbery in the precinct this year so far.
There were two arrests, including Devon Stevens, 34, who was arrested in connection with the Chase robbery. When the teen tried to get up, his attacker pushed him down on the seat and removed his cell phone and charger from his pants pocket, police said. The boy fled to call the police, who found his phone and charger on the floor of the train.

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