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NEW YORK is too much to explain, but in any case, this is definately one of the most beautiful and the most interesting cities in the world with Brodway - one of its most famous pulsing artery. In general, NEW YORK subway map is an excellent way to get quickly and in time tor an appointment with loved persons, this is punctuality on business meeting, this is an optimal route to needed shop or other institutions, this s an answer to question How to get to the interesting for you places in NEW YORK quicker and better. New York City 1980s; I had to deal with this crap (and so did that crazy lady I drove to work every day).
The external structure of a subway car contains asbestos, which isn’t harmful once submerged in water, but is expensive to recycle on land. Much of the ocean floor is naturally muddy and often sandy, with very few rocks to be found.

While New York has no more trains heading for retirement in the near future, the reef will continue to expand. Credits: Jacqueline Nelson for bottom part of text after the * and Stephen Mallon for photographs.
And of course, it is all good for nature according to the MTA since these cars are going to form a nice little reef for happy little fishies (I can bet your New York Derriere - look that up will you - that the MTA will have ticket booths - unmanned of course - installed right at the bottom of the ocean)!  No way these fishies are in for a free ride. But whatever their regular route, many cars no longer fit to run the rails have the same final destination: the bottom of the ocean.
The stainless-steel cars, with their windows and internal components removed, are the perfect structures to encourage marine life such as muscles and oysters, which require a firm surface to grow.

Delaware has partnered with New Jersey and Maryland to sink a 563-foot-long navy destroyer in the next few months.
Because of its proximity, Delaware has received the majority of NYC’s cars (1,329 to date). Jeff Tinsman, Delaware’s artificial-reef program manager, says divers monitor the reef on a regular basis.

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