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February 6, 2015 Posted by Staff Scientists from the Weil Cornell Medical College have released the results of a new study that mapped DNA found in New York subway and the results were staggering.
The New York subway carries on average around 5.5 million people every week and billions of microorganisms.
The study is actually a project called PathoMap and it took scientists 17 months to gather all the data they needed. The results of the study reflected the already famous New York diversity, microbial and human. The more negative discoveries of project PathoMap in the New York subway were those of live and antibiotic-resistant bacteria that were found in a whopping 27% of the samples, but only 12% could be associated with a disease.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After being shoved into the path of the soon-to-arrive train, Han struggled desperately to lift himself onto the platform, but wasn’t strong enough. How tasteless of the NY Post to publish such a grusome picture for this mans family to see. We wonder: would the reaction to Abbasi’s photo have been different had he simply said he was doing his job rather than using his camera flash to warn the train operator? The outcry is reminiscent to what photojournalists Kevin Carter and Frank Fournier experienced after each of them shot an award-winning photo of a dying individual. Carter’s famous image of a vulture staring at a starving child won him a Pulitzer Prize (and likely contributed to his later suicide).
Fournier photographed the slow death of 13-year-old Omayra Sanchez after the 1985 eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano. Update: Abbasi appeared on the Today Show this morning to give an interview regarding the photo. Exactly, Myself as a person, i would want to help this person in every way possible, this makes my stomach hurt reading this article and the thought of all of this.
At 1:21am on May 6, 2016, SpaceX continued its run of aerospace brilliance with a night launch of its Falcon 9 rocket, carrying its Japanese communication satellite payload to geostationary orbit. Meyer-Optik is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Trioplan by resurrecting another iconic lens. Photographer Murad Osmann's wildly popular "Follow Me" project features photos of his girlfriend leading him by the hand to exotic locations around the world. On April 3, The New York Times Magazine photography critic Teju Cole penned a piece largely dismissing the work of renown photographer Steve McCurry.
On July 14, 2012, I received a desperate email from a photographer whom I had only met once briefly at a public appearance. His name is Nelson Tang, and he is a very gentle soul, kind and soft-spoken, a new immigrant from Hong Kong with only a rough command of the English language. The creative process can be a painful one, but once in a while it's a good idea to laugh at our pain and remember that you're not alone. When taking a photography workshop, it’s important to perform some due diligence to ensure you’re investing your money wisely.

Iran has arrested 8 models for posting Instagram photos in which the women are seen not wearing headscarves. Uzbekistani professional photographer Ravshaniya Azulye's signature style involves breaking rules -- not of photography, but of nature.
A photo of a father cradling his sick son in the shower has taken the Internet by storm despite, or perhaps because of, repeated takedowns by social media giant Facebook.
A popular Taiwanese model and amateur diver died on Monday after reportedly suffering an asthma attack during an underwater photo shoot. Steve McCurry is, perhaps, one of the most iconic names in the National Geographic pantheon. Ki-Suck Han is the unfortunate victim who was pushed in front of a subway train in New York City on Wednesday and the homeless man that did it, has been arrested and is charged with murder.
Naeem Davis, was arraigned Wednesday night on a second-degree murder charge and held without bail in the death of 58-year-old Ki-Suck Han. Prosecutor James Lin told the judge that Davis saw the train hit and kill Han before running out of the Times Square station. Meanwhile, Ki-Suck Han's only child, 20-year-old Ashley Han said at a news conference Wednesday that her father was always willing to help someone.
The New York Post has come under fire after publishing a photo of Ki-Suck Han struggling to get out of the platform as the train quickly approaches him. Abbasi told NBC's "Today" show Wednesday that he was trying to alert the motorman to what was going on by flashing his camera. The greatest city in the world blah blah blah ok do you want to see some weird photos taken on the NYC subway? It was revealed by the researchers who conducted the study that there are hundreds of species of harmless bacteria present in the New York subway, as well as some very dangerous other bacteria, such as the bubonic plague.
It was found that the Bronx is the most diverse borough when it comes to microbial species. Mason revealed that in some cases, the DNA found in some subway cases matched the demographic profile of the neighborhood. Researchers also found three samples of bacteria associated with the bubonic plague and two fragments of DNA associated with anthrax, but fortunately none of the samples showed evidenced that the bacteria was alive.
Mason revealed that the finding of anthrax is consistent with some documented cases of the disease in livestock in the New York State.
It’s an attention grabbing image, showing a man who is moments away from being struck and killed by an oncoming subway train in New York City.
He was reportedly pushed onto the tracks at 12:30pm by a panhandler who had been harassing passersby. No one helped this man there were numerous videos and pictures being snapped, yet not one person tried to help save him.
How do you take a picture of a man about to be hit by a train instead of trying to help him off the track! Japan is a treasure trove of abandoned places, or "haikyo", due to a perfect storm of an ageing population, a burst economic bubble in the 80s, and land tax loop holes.

The piece caused a minor ruckus in photography circles with people (like myself) writing in his defense, while others castigated his imperialist eye and amplified whispers of staged scenes. At the time, he and his wife were adjusting to life with an 18 month old son, she was a server in a restaurant and he worked for a non-profit. Whether you’re a brand new or seasoned photographer, one things holds true — if you belong to any website, photography Facebook group, or have photographer friends, you are likely to get bombarded on a weekly, maybe even daily, basis with educational opportunities and workshops.
The move is part of a larger crackdown against "un-Islamic" being shared in Iran through the social network. Her portfolio is filled with gravity-defying art photos that combine chaos with elegant form. Her death has shocked the diving community, and many are wondering if human error is to blame. A travel photography giant, his vibrant images have inspired millions, but he's recently come under fire over Photoshop use after a botched print at a show in Italy was found to have a serious issue.
Witnesses said the suspect had been mumbling to himself before getting into an argument with Han on the platform.
He defended himself by saying he was too far away from the Han, and was shocked that people nearer to the victim didn't try to help in the 22 seconds before the train struck. Another very surprising discovery was that around half of the DNA that was found on surfaces inside the New York subway did not match any known organism and just 0.2% of the DNA was human. But I want them to think of it the same way you’d look at a rain forest, and be almost in awe and wonder, effectively, that there are all these species present — and that you’ve been healthy all along.
Armed with nylon swabs to collect precious DNA, the team spread across the New York subway system and swabbed handrails, poles, turnstiles, benches, seats and doors.
For example, an area with a high concentration of Chinese residents yielded a large amount of Chinese genes.
It’s also a controversial image, not just because of the morbid moment it captures, but because of the fact that it even exists. He claims that after he was unable to help Han himself, he began using his camera flash to warn the train’s operator. In a recent video, he introduces two of his own rules that have helped him compose more interesting, dynamic images. But this isn't a Fuji marketing stunt; it seems the company is frantically trying to find the source of the leaks. And while that saying definitely rings true for photography, it doesn't mean you can't turn your crappy snapshots up a few notches with some carefully selected adjustments.
The acceptable amount of in focus area around what's you are focusing on is called Depth of Field. Umar Abbasi, who has been criticized for taking photos of the victim instead of running to help him out of the train tracks.

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