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EE Cruz and Tully Construction will purchase nine Kone heavy-duty, energy efficient transit escalators as part of the New York City Transit Authority’s Second Avenue Subway project. Each escalator will feature a sleep mode which reduces the escalator’s speed when no passengers are traveling, allowing the NYCTA to minimize total energy consumption during inactive periods. The new subway station at 96th Street and Second Avenue is expected to accommodate 200,000 passengers a day, and is being installed as part of a plan to reduce overcrowding and delays on the Lexington Avenue line and provide better access for residents of the far East Side of Manhattan. Kone will install the escalators during the second phase of the station’s construction. Energy Manager Today is a leading energy management news and industry analysis resource, featuring daily trade publication news to keep corporate executives fully informed.
Energy management news, policy and industry analysis by Business Sector Media, LLC - Copyright ©2016, all rights reserved. Riders have nearly 500,000 reasons to be upset -- that's how many trains were late in 12 months, according to a new analysis. The MTA also significantly lowered its goal for on-time trains this year -- even though there was a spike in tardiness between 2013 and 2014, saysA the report by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. A train is deemed punctual if it makes it from the beginning to the end of its line within five minutes of when scheduled.
The comptroller said none of the other major transit systems they looked at nationally had on-time performance goals below 90% -- such as those in San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

The MTA changed its goal "to set a target that is both challenging and achievable," wrote New York City Transit's president Carmen Bianco to the comptroller.
Bianco also said the MTA sets aggressive on-time performance goals every year, and that it faces much more challenging conditions than other U.S. Hayes Peter Mauro, a Sunnyside resident who helps run a social media group called 7 Train Blues, said he agreed with the report's premise but believes his line has fallen off since then."As of this year, I'm thinking that the performance cannot be that good," he said. The MTA said it strongly disagreed with the comptroller's analysis and that what is most important to look at how long riders wait on platforms -- not whether the train is on time.
Sometimes the MTA holds trains in the stations for even serviceAn MTA spokeswoman said the agency judges train service on the time riders are waiting at the platform. The MTA does not have system wide goals for how long people wait on platforms -- but tries instead to meet a wait standard it sets that varies by line. The agency also added that it does value punctual trains -- even if it is more focused on even waits.
The analysis also revealed that 40% of subway delays in 2014 were caused by overcrowding and sky-high ridership. The Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum 2, 3 and 4 train station will be closed from noon to 7 p.m. At the Crown Heights-Utica Avenue stop, certain staircases will be designated for entering and exiting.

On Friday, MetroNorth will offer 17 extra trains leaving from Grand Central, while the LIRR will make 10 additional trains available from Penn Station for the afternoon rush. Today, though, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has managed to create a two-minute video that recasts that tubular subterranean cesspool as a glorious 8-bit wonderland, like something Ash Ketchum might ride to Celadon City. Kone says the escalators are specifically designed to meet the heavy use and demanding conditions of public transportation. For this job, Kone provided nine heavy-duty transit escalators and two inclined elevators for the new subway station at 34th Street and Eleventh Avenue, part of the 7 Subway Extension.  Passenger train service to the new station is scheduled for June 2014. In both years, the MTA set a benchmark of having 91.9% of its trains on time -- but then decided to drop its goal to 75% this past March, the analysis shows. And if you’re planning on heading to the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn on Monday, expect delays and changes.
It also neatly explains how train delays work, using a vomiting passenger as the example for a service disruption. That doesn't really help ease the lingering germophobia caused by the subway germs study earlier this year, but at least the video has a charming chiptune score to keep things positive.

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