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Google has rolled out Google Transit out of the Labs and into Google Maps as an fully integrated feature.
With input from several transit agencies, Google created an open, easy to use format for representing transit data, formally known as the Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS).
The cities included so far are:  NYC, Boston, Chicago, Long Island, Metro North Area (presumably NYC area), New Jersey, SFO, and Wash, DC. Hopstop allows you to get directions via mobile SMS but also to your PDA or via voice to your hand held.  Slick!
When I post from my HTC phone I have to switch to plain text editor or my carriage returns will not be applied and all the text gets bunched up. Here is the backside and side view of Bruce Lake Grocery and the front and side view of Thomas Hardware.
Here is county road 650 South crossing the Logansport and Indiana Northern railroad and an old abandoned siding where a very old former PRR gon has a permanent home. One of the hardest parts of visiting New York City can be trying to navigate the subway system, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Billed as the only subway app with train timetables, official service advisories, and most importantly walking directions to stations. If you’re plans for your visit to New York include bar crawls, classic cocktails (see where to find the most delicious Manhattans in the city), and boozy brunches, this could be the perfect app for you. When the MTA raised a one-way subway fare from $2 flat to $2.25 earlier this year, they left many New Yorkers and visitors confused about what kind of metro card to buy. Not only does this app provide the comprehensive MTA subway, bus, and street map, but it also gives you an insider’s view of how to ride the train. There are a handful of helpful apps for your iPhone to help you find the nearest subway, get easy directions, and even make sure you don’t fall asleep and miss your stop. This means that when you’re visiting and lost on Bowery and Great Jones, in a spot where the streets aren’t conveniently numbered, you can easily find the Bleeker Street 6 train stop only a couple of blocks away. Designed for those who are prone to falling asleep on the train, NYC Subway Snooze has crafted an alarm that will go off when your stop is next. Depending on your trip, an unlimited ride card comes highly recommended, but if you want a certain number of rides, the only way to know exactly how much to add to your card is to use an app like this.

Their integrated map makes it easier than ever to find a nearby subway station in any neighborhood and to know exactly where the entrance is located on the street.
One sign of a true New Yorker is knowing where subway stops are and how to get there quickly. The added bonus is that this app also supports directions in other major US cities as well as London and Paris. Fair Fare offers an easy sliding scale to help you figure out exactly how much to add so you don’t end up wasting money left on your card. What made Exit Strategy famous, though, is that they tell you exactly where to stand on the platform or which car to enter so you’ll be located right at the exit when it’s time to get off.

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