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It’s not every day you see a series of photos clearly documenting someone with a front end loader pushing industrial waste directly into the ocean without any care of secrecy or stealth. Custom barges are loaded high with subway cars and carried out to the cold icy depths in the middle of the ocean.
Over time, every surface will be covered in life, creating an artificial coral reef system.
The process of creating artificial reefs has been a great help to restoring areas damaged by human activity. At first, Stephen Mallon‘s photos tend to lead viewers to jump to the conclusion that this is a terrible act of pollution, but the truth is something much more beautiful.
The MTA's got a new interactive map, though it's so basic you can't believe they didn't have it already. Sure, it is a matter of taste, but there are some interesting things happening below the surface of the greatest city in the world. Photographer Stephen Mallon captured this series of pictures over three years to document the unusual methods that New York City uses to dispose of its subway cars, but before you jump to conclusions, be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom, because this dumping has a secret purpose! Over the past month, I decided to turn the drudgery of my subterranean journeys throughout the city into a palette of observations to share with you.

Having spent a few months handing out branded bookmarks for my novel, THE GUYS GUY’S GUIDE TO LOVE, to unsuspecting riders who either had a physical book or e-reader in tow, I can happily report that reading is not dead my friends. God bless all of the Moms who have to schlep their kids, toys, and that stroller on and off of the train and up and down those flights of stairs.
If you want to spot the tourists on the train, look for the animated faces that look like they are on a ride at Disneyworld.
In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have damaged the ocean floor in the first place, but steps like this can help to repair the destruction. Mind you, as filthy and unbearable as the subways are in general, they reach a new level of tedium during the summer when the temperatures soar and the air stagnates along the platforms.
I see novels, non-fiction, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, and mobile devices all being used for reading. New York has plenty of stimuli without my requiring a soundtrack for every moment of my day.
People dress poorly in general, and although there are always good-looking women (and dudes) in skimpy outfits riding the train in the summer, I’ve noticed that a major portion of subway riders wear something with the Nike swoosh on it.
If you want to identify the New Yorker, look for the impassive, detached faces staring straight ahead or at their phone.

Of course if it’s a long ride and I did not remember to bring any reading material, I too enjoy listening to some tasty tracks while the trains rattle along.
Lots of chunky basketball shoes, sweats, shirts and hats are adorned by this popular symbol. But what concerns me is that too many people stare straight ahead with ear buds connected to their iPods. If you don’t believe me, spend one ride counting how many pairs of Nike footwear you see on the train.
Yeah, I know there are creepy guys everywhere, but if you want the New York experience, you’ve got to mix it up with random people now and then.

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