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Shanti Home is located near the International Airport of New Delhi and the closest Metro Station is just 300 meters away. I actually had my first ride on the Circulator bus yesterday, and think it's a fantastic way to get around the non-Metro parts of the city. Rather than mixing the Circulator routes on the Metro map, perhaps WMATA could include a blowup of the center city with a map (Metro-style not to scale) of the Circulator routes and where to transer to the Metro. My concern with this map: Let's say we keep putting non-commuter-oriented bus lines on the map, but they aren't all Circulator. 2) Make the H Street and Georgetown connectors each part of the Circulator -- could add to their visibility also You're absolutely right that we're going to need some short hand identifier for Circulator bus routes soon. This is a cool map - what you say about people visualizing DC in terms of the Metro stations is totally on point, and I've been guilty of it. This map seems to confirm the suspicion that I've had for a while - namely, rather than restructuring MetroBus, DC is basically building its own bus system from the ground up. Hey Paul, I definitely understand your point, but again, can't one already accomplish that feat with existing buses?
I rode the new Navy Yard circulator today, and in case you were wondering whether there's such a thing as "new bus smell", the answer is yes.
Take the free shuttle from the airport to the BWI Rail Station (410-672-6169), where you can take Amtrak trains to Union Station (which connects to the Metro system) in DC.
For getting around within the city, the New York City Subway system is an excellent option, with an extensive route map and very reasonable prices to use this form of transport. This subway system is one of the oldest and most widespread public transport facilities in the world with over 450 stations and round-the-clock service throughout the year. These days the easiest way to travel for buying tickets and save money is to purchase a MetroCard (with daily and monthly passes available). The study served as a dose of reality for Metro, in spite of the 740,000 riders the Silver Line was initially expected to generate per month. Metro is expected to boost that awareness level with a marketing surge in the coming months. Some even believe the latest Metro installment will connect as far out as Dulles Airport, which in actuality, is a part of the Silver Line’s Phase II –- not scheduled for completion until 2018.
Phase I, the portion scheduled to open in 2014, diverges from the Orange Line at East Falls Church and adds five new stations, including McLean, Tysons Corner, Greensboro, Spring Hill and Wiehle-Reston East. Bowersox said Metro is considering offering free rides when the Silver Line first launches, as a way of incentivizing riders to familiarize themselves with the new route. In Delhi huge of traffic jams, another day of rains and water logging, people had to reached late Office, Home, Collages, Schools and any were. Lacks of Busses and huge of people are going to his works, they travel through Busses, the busses are also very crowded running.
Transport is the lifeline for the city, as more than half of the population of Delhi depend on Metro. If not for the metro in Delhi, the 1.8 million people who use it daily traveled by cars, buses or motorbikes increasing pollution. This line is also deepest Metro station at Chawri Bazaar, situated 30 metres (98 fit) below ground level.

The Blue line was the third line of the Metro and the first to connect areas outside Dlehi. Green line opened in 2010, the green line connects Mundka to Inderlok its running for 15.1 kilometers.
The violet Line is the most recent line of the metro this line also overhead and the rest underground.
The Airport Express Line runs New Delhi Railway Station to Dwarka Sector 21, link with Indira Gandhi International Airport. One connects Woodley Park, Columbia Heights, and McPherson Square Metros with the neighborhoods along Columbia Road and 14th Street, while the other runs from Union Station to Eastern Market and then to the Navy Yard and ballpark. He worked as a Product Manager for Google for six years and has lived in the Boston, San Francisco, and New York metro areas in addition to Washington, DC. I had taken Metro from Shady Grove to Chinatown with my daughter, and on an impulse decided to go to Georgetown.
It terminates at 7pm weekdays and has no service on weekends (unless Nationals are playing). I've added the H Street shuttle, and also the Georgetown Metro Connection, since both run every 10 minutes and try to attract shoppers, tourists, and other casual visitors (possibly as well as commuters). I know the outlying stations are so far away that real-world scaling poses layout problems, but by not scaling at all to the real world and by completely omitting all but the crudest representations of above-ground points of interest the map actually prevents me from using it spontaneously. From 395, take the 14th Street Bridge across the Potomac River and onto Route 1 (14th Street). From Union Station, a cab will cost approximately $8-11 for a single person, or follow the Metro directions above.
The same study revealed that of the riders who do know about the Silver Line, even less –- an undetermined number — understand the new line begins at East Falls Church and ends at Wiehle-Reston East.
The transport system has helped to reduce population levels in the city by 630,100 tons a year.
And Keshmere Gate to Central Secretariat started on July 3, 2005 and Vishwa Vidyalaya to Jahangirpuri on February 4 – 2009.
It started February 23, 2011, and the stations are 6, 22.7km distance between these stations, and 8 trains Rolling stock. I have a fairly clear picture of where the buses go but it would be great to lay them out on a map like this - figure out my own transfer points etc. I do know there are a lot of metro riders who never set foot on metrobuses that might be a little more inclined to ride the Circulator (even though I have issues with the buses because of the seriously increased likelihood that I won't be able to sit facing frontwards) - perhaps maps like the one above showing metrobus routes would help (it is a pretty slick map, by the way). You could also walk about three blocks south on 1st Street to Union Station and take the Metro from there. You can take the bus ($8 one-way or $14 round-trip) to the West Falls Church Metro Station on the Orange Line. Traveling by subway you can pretty much get to all main areas in the city including to location such as Penn Station and Time Square (the busiest station with its 42nd Street access). There are 44 stations between Noida City Center to Dwarka sec 21, and the total distance between both station are 49.93 kilometers, and 59 trains are Rolling stock. If I'm in a subway car and my friend texts me "hey meet me at x place, here's the address" and I don't have the city memorized I can't tell where to get off! NYC's subway system is far more complicated than DC's and yet the streets are plotted on the map alongside the lines and stations.

Approximately 1 mile after you pass the zoo on your left and pass over a bridge, Connecticut Ave.
Another Blue line is Yamuna Bank to Vaishali it started January 7, 2010 and the stations are 8 and the total distance between are 8.75 km. And there are many, many bus routes that I will never find reason to ride, so they need not clutter my map. The fact that this bus runs every ten minutes though does call to attention the need for more frequency on crosstown buses - I feel like the H is some kind of phantom at times. No one will need to transfer off their originating Metro Line to another metro line before being able to arrive at a station serviced by this Adams Morgan circulator.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having a quicker trip to Whole Foods, but I'm really not as excited about this line as I anticipated now that I know the route.
I find it far more useful and intuitive than the DC map, which doesn't reflect reality. The point of metro is not just to travel to a different metro station. Transfer to the Red Line in the direction of Shady Grove for 3 stops to the Dupont Circle Station. That gives them a good idea of the location of Gallery Place and the Smithsonian, but leaves out Georgetown, Adams Morgan (except for the name tacked onto Woodley Park), Logan Circle, and many other destinations.
When you need to have a timetable memorized to avoid a twenty-plus minute wait on a Saturday afternoon to get around the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city, something's wrong. Nor does it help tourists reach most of the important museums and memorials. We can shape visitors' perceptions of DC geography to include the places they need to know, and encourage more transit use, by widely disseminating an image of our geography that spans more of the city. It shouldn't be so forbidding to cross the park. And re the K St route - DEF too many stops. The next intersection will be Q Street, turn left on Q Street and go one and a half blocks to New Hampshire Avenue. I used that bus at least once a week when I worked in Foggy Bottom and lived in SW (I couldn't stand waiting on the green line after the evening rush). From West Falls Church, take the Orange Line Metro in the direction of New Carrollton to the Metro Center Station.
Users accustomed to the frequently-stopping K Street line might be surprised by the very limited-stop 14th Street service.
We should brand the new lines with something like Circulator Limited, and add a K Street Limited alongside the K Street Stopping Every Block Local. Visit the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority website for more details about the Washington Flyer and other methods of transportation.
More people will start to fall into the trap of the tourists I encountered who waited for the Georgetown Circulator, expecting it to go to the Mall.

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