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The R100 is one of a few old cars set to run this month as part of Nostalgia Train along the V line.
Beginning on Sunday, New York City Transit is going to start a five-Sunday run of a Nostalgia Train along the V line between Queens Plaza and Second Ave. The train will feature many cars generally on display at the Transit Museum, and Subchat is already buzzing with anticipation.
According to the MTA, this Nostalgia Train is designed to highlight the history of the IND. Or I could walk to Washington Square Park where everyone would know me and want to gamble chess with me because I’d always give the right odds that would make me lose. My grandparents would want me to take the D subway up to the very end of the Bronx, where they had spent their entire lives only now it was so decrepit and run down it had little of the memories left that I cherished from childhood.
There are many benefits which one can have from the hypnotherapy, it will totally change your life and turn your personality and attitude of living the life in a positive way.
You can bet subway watchers and railfans will be out en masse this month snapping photos as often as they can.
I had just moved to New York City, in part because I knew I couldn’t break up with her if we still lived in Pittsburgh together.

What are you doing there?” But I told her I had to get off the phone because I was going to run out of money.
My sister had told me that the more east you walked in New York City, the more dangerous it became. I’m definitely going to have a crush on anyone named Winnie Ho but she never spoke to me and some people thought she was married but other people weren’t so sure.
Still, once a week I would go and sleep on their couch lined with plastic and the place would have that comfortable grandparent smell I’d known since I was a kid. I couldn’t breathe with it laying on top of me, preventing me from doing anything my daydreams were pushing me to do. 100, an R1-type car that was the first of 300 placed in service when the IND opened 75 years ago; Car No. And there I was, my first week in New York, surrounded by hundreds of Chinese people, completely alone.
I was friends with Bob, who was very much into chess and we would play all the time but I would win a lot so ultimately he would stop playing me. It was the first attempt at interactive TV and I was one of the first people to attempt it.

484, an R4 car that was outfitted with a then-experimental public address system; and Car No.
It was 1994 so I can say thats the kind of person I was all the way back then but maybe thats the kind of person I still am and it gets much worse with old age. I’d wake up in the morning on my futon on the floor and pull a pair of pants out of the Hess garbage bag, a button down shirt, a jacket, and then walk to work. There were no people around and it was 4pm in the afternoon but I was so terrified with fear I could barely move.
But then he looked at me, “the only problem is you have to put a picture in there.” 17 years later I’m still insulted by that.
I wouldn’t understand a word of it but I’d try to laugh also even though they were probably laughing at me.

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