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Before starting work on a subway train, you must first poses an understanding of one point perspective (if you already have a good grasp of how to use perspective to draw buildings, you can skip ahead to step 5). Next, draw a few squares floating in various places on the page, but not too close the vanishing point. Erase your unneeded guidelines leading back to the vanishing point and darken the lines of the cubes. Let's start by laying down our horizon line, which should be through the center of the page, followed by the vanishing point, which should be near the left side of our horizon line for this demonstration.
To draw the doors and windows, first draw a center guide line down the middle of the train (middle green line), which will serve as the bottom edge of the windows.
As a finishing touch, use a brush with some white ink or opaque white paint to draw streaks on the windows. Then close off your cubes by drawing the back line of the cubes (green line), but be sure to stay within the red lines leading to the vanishing point. The front of the train is going to be a wedge shape, so draw two curved lines near the right hand side of your page. Using the wedge shaped guide we created as a reference, draw the front of the train with slightly rounded edges.

Using the guide lines we created in step 6, draw the roof and base of the cars, which will recede back to the vanishing point.
Because of our angle, the edge of the platform should come right up to the edge of the train or nearest rail. In this case I added a column, some signs hanging from the ceiling, posters on the walls, and florescent lights.
Notice how the shadow beneath the train wraps around the rails, rather than there being a straight edge of shadow cutting across them. Make sure the streaks on the front windshield go in a different direction than the windows on the sides of the cars. Using a ruler and a 2H or harder pencils, very lightly draw the horizon line (blue line) and the vanishing point (red X). This method is what's needed to draw things such as buildings, cars, and in this case a subway train. Establish the top and bottom of the train, and draw two horizontal lines to mark the top and bottom. It should have a large, over-sized window so that there is no obstruction for the conductor.

The cars should be rounded near the top, so draw a thin line near the top to help represent this.
Other things that can be added are people, benches, pieces of trash, a lost briefcase, etc. Maybe sure that the rails have a top, and a side (imaging them as being stretched out cubes that bleed off the page). Most trains bow out slightly along the side, so it might be a good idea to draw an additional guide line just belong the middle of the train's body.
Draw a few horizontal lines between the rails for the wooden boards that hold the rails in place (these are called "sleepers").

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