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Posted in Graffiti, Photography, Trains & Subways and tagged Bruce Davidson, Richard Sandler. DISCLAIMERWe do not condone, promote or encourage vandalism or destruction of property either public or private. San Francisco’s Unprecedented Beverage Law: The Beginning Of A Healthy Eating Revolution? Images of flooded NYC subways began to emerge on social media last night, but the extent of the flooding damage only became truly apparent this morning as a waterlogged New York City woke to a city submerged in many of its key areas, including subway stations. The flooded NYC subways are, in ways, to be expected given the low-lying location of the five boroughs and the precarious pumping system in place to keep subway tunnels operational and unaffected by regular weather patterns. But Sandy and the subsequent badly flooded NYC subways exposed the true vulnerability of Manhattan’s mass transit system, and it looks like New Yorkers will be stuck at home for several days while the MTA works on getting the trains up and running again in her wake.
TIME took an in-depth look at the flooded NYC subways and the frighteningly vague prognosis for service restoration. Flooded NYC subways aren’t the only problem facing New Yorkers and New Jersey residents who work in Manhattan, as New Jersey Gov.
Reportedly, the flooded NYC subways face another challenge due to the age of the system and the fact that many vendors who made parts for the subways have been out of business for decades. They were all passing along what was widely known to be the very passageway that Spencer had taken on Wednesday evening from a downtown A train to a Brooklyn-bound L. Recently, emergency operators in New York have begun asking callers if they had been in West Africa in the previous 21 days and if they were running a temperature. But this patient was a doctor who had been treating people with Ebola in a facility awash with hyper-infective fluids. The blood was rushed to the NYC Public Health Laboratory, the oldest such facility in the country, established in 1892 to combat endemic diphtheria.
The residents of Macenta were initially so panicked that some stoned a team from MSF in the unreasoning fear that these foreigners might have brought the contagion they were actually fighting to contain.MSF briefly withdrew, but then returned and proved able to bring the virus under control using the same principles of education and quarantine and contact-tracing presently employed in New York and elsewhere.
Spencer is kin in spirit to soldiers in World War II who fought in Europe and the Pacific so we did not have to fight here and who sought to save all humanity from a great evil. Everyone who took a paper from Guilavogui was taking a front-page photo of a medecin avec courage, someone who deserves our profound admiration and deepest hopes for a full recovery.
Spencer was listed in stable condition up at the hospital as Guilavogui handed out the last copy. When Beach initially filed for permits to construct the project beneath Broadway, on the eastern edge of what we know today to be Tribeca, he claimed that he was simply building postal tubes beneath the street. The line was the first attempt to build an underground public transit system in New York City. Riders would enter via a clothing store located at 260 Broadway on the southwest corner of Warren Street and be welcomed into a very ornate and luxurious station filled with frescoes, easy chairs, zirconia lamps, statues and even a goldfish pond to contemplate upon while waiting to board. More than 11,000 people rode the first two weeks Beach’s line was open, and 400,000 rides were given in the first year.
If you want to see more of what this subway looked like, your don’t need to go far, just visit your local Subway…sandwich shop!

There is one very simple way to see Beach’s railway…Go to a Subway shop–the fast-food chain, you know, where you can buy a six-inch Cold Cut Trio?–and lo!
Chris Christie confirmed that PATH trains into the city are facing the same unprecedented damage and corrosion. Don’t miss it!” Giulavogui cried, 55 years old and less than a decade in America, but sounding like a Gotham newsboy from another era.He was holding up a paper as a woman approached with a child on her left hip, pushing an empty stroller with her right hand.
But every one of these straphangers on Friday morning—including a number of mothers with strollers—seemed to have decided there was no reason to be afraid.The vast majority of other New Yorkers had reached the same conclusion.
Les Roberts, who later wrote in his blog, “The primary health benefit of a patient going for treatment is not that they will get medical care and survive. Some three dozen had answered affirmatively to both and were deemed “fever with travel” jobs. The HAZ TAC paramedics donned special protective gear before they ventured inside the building. We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonSpencer even thought to lock his key in the apartment lest somebody end up taking it and use it to gain entry before the place was decontaminated. He truly is a doctor without borders, even said to speak seven languages.Some twits have gone on Twitter to suggest Spencer was being reckless when he went out bowling. Guilavogui clapped his empty hands together and went up to the street to fold the newspaper dispensers up by the subway entrance.Just down West 14th Street was the Redden funeral home, the only one that would handle AIDS cases at the start of that epidemic in New York.
The system was the invention of Alfred Ely Beach and his company Beach Pneumatic Transit Company. And unlike the subway we know today, this system was powered pneumatically, using air pressure in the tube (think Jetsons if you’re unfamiliar). Although the ribbon was cut February 26, 1870, the subway wouldn’t move a soul for at least another week due to engine failure. Beach hoped to extend the project about five miles to reach Central Park, but his dream was never realized for an array of reasons, including the stock market crash of 1873, various political hurdles, and the introduction of the city’s elevated railway.
Craig Spencer posted on his Facebook page in September of himself in the protective equipment he would wear as a volunteer in the fight against the virus in Guilavogui’s home country. She glanced at that word EBOLA and hesitated for just a heartbeat as she seemed to make a decision that appeared to be shared by all the others who trooped past.
The primary benefit is that they will not infect a slew of other people as they become viremic and shed via every pore and liquid in their body.”Roberts added, “I can think of no other disease with the possible exception of rabies where the No. The ambulance sped off in the rain with a police escort, across the top of Manhattan, then down along the East River and into an isolation entrance that had been established at Bellevue Hospital. Few, if any were ever awaited with greater public interest than this one.In West Africa at the present, an Ebola test can take four days or more and that is if the sample is not lost.
Some brought Ebola with them.The epidemic was flaring anew last month, when Spencer left New York for Guinea. The fact is that he had not yet developed a fever and he posed virtually no threat as he embarked on night out—well-earned after witnessing so much death and suffering in Guinea, risking the same fate while  seeking to keep us all safer.
The city is calm now, but that could change if Spencer’s colleagues lose the desperate fight in West Africa and we get more and more cases here.The subway could suddenly not seem so risk-free.

Beach put up $350,000 of his own money to build the first prototype and tunnel and his company managed to put it together, somewhat secretively, in just 58 days. But once the appropriate repairs were made, passengers (22 at a time) enjoyed a very, very short journey under Broadway that took them from Warren to Murray Street and back.
Given the short ride, which was about a block long, most of those who boarded did so simply out of curiosity. By the time Beach got the OK to build more track in 1873, the underground line had fallen out of favor. Whoever was designing the chainwide decor for Subway simply clipped out a bunch of old public-domain illustrations of subways, including three that originally ran in Scientific American in the 1870s.
But a good part of the reason for the present calm must be the seemingly flawless response by the emergency services and the medical people, beginning with Spencer himself. 1 health reason for medical care is not related to the patient.”Spencer had returned from Guinea on Oct. The test here in New York took four hours.The result was positive, which meant that at least one particle of virus had infected Spencer in Guinea and proceeded to replicate as he flew to Belgium and then on to New York. He placed himself at risk not just for the sake of people in Guinea such as the Guilavogui kids, but for people back in America as well, along with any place else Ebola might possibly travel, which is just about everywhere. The counterterrorism checkpoints periodically set up by turnstiles could check temperatures as well as backpacks.At day’s end, Guilavogui returned to his home away from home in upper Manhattan just seven blocks from where Spencer resides. The tunnel measured about 312 feet long, eight feet in diameter, and was completed in 1870. The project shuttered that same year and the tunnel entrance was sealed with the subway car inside.
Look for the pictures that depict an almost perfectly round (save for a slight groove in the bottom) brick-lined subway tunnel, and a rounded subway car interior. He was attended by a medical staff wearing much the same protective gear he had worn treating Ebola patients in Guinea. He now gave the NYC Health Department’s medical detectives a list of everyone he had been in contact with since he had become symptomatic; two friends as well as his fiancee, who was immediately quarantined. Guilavogui made his daily call to his children and later was able to report what he hopes he can continue to say thanks to the efforts of all those medecins avec courage. These are Beach’s own handpicked illustrations for what was to be an ultra-million-dollar venture.
He handed over his fare card so detectives could determine exactly when he had entered the subway system. He immediately contacted the humanitarian organization that he had worked with in Guinea, Doctors Without Borders, also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF. That included the morning newspapers, but Guilavogui did not let the headline keep him from disturbing his usual good cheer along with copies of AM New York.

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