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Hello fellow supernatural warriors I’m Rebecca Abernathy your friendly neighborhood Demi-Mermaid Witch! My Mystic Sphere began to dissipate, and my lightening stopped as I felt horribly weak despite my increase in powers due to the upcoming galactic alignment of the 2012 Winter Solstice. Submit your email address below to join the thousands of people who already receive our free weekly list of Restaurant deals and offerings. Suddenly I felt a jolt of massive energy which turned out to be power sent over a large distance by WhiteWolf, a top flight Werewitchpyre, and website user of Mystic Investigations who regularly sends us mystic energies to aid in our battles against the dark forces of evil. What Planet Does It Take Place On?What Do You Call A Group Of Zombies?What Is Midnight Oil?
At the same time my emitted lightening bolts were being stopped by an invisible shield that would glow green when hit with my power.
I reanimated my pink energy shield, and was able to make small spheres of energy in my hand.

He got up, and slowly walked toward me with his crimson eye beams as he formed a new plasma ball. He threw a plasma ball but it bounced off the Mystic Sphere, and I launched a pink mini sphere at him. He kept averting his eyes to the right as I asked him where the rest of the employees were.
Say have you ever been in outer space?” He stopped yelling, and gave me a look of terror because he apparently knew what was coming next. He quickly shaped a plasma ball of dark energy which appeared deep violet with swirling crimson shades.
Launch this loser to lunar heights!” The Warlock blasted through the ceiling screaming like a baby, and I never saw him again. He’s probably lying dead on the surface of the Moon or he may have the power to produce air.

Clearly he was an extremely powerful master of the dark arts who kept bombarding me with pernicious plasma balls. The guy behind the counter let me get my own tacos free of charge while he untied the other employees.
As I left I advised them that they would end up in the loony bin if they told anyone what really happened.

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