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I went to my local taco bell to try a starburst freeze and I noticed in addition to their new breakfast items they’re also offering a new Sriracha menu. What if you were forced out of your usual eating routine and suddenly a fast food chain had to be a much more regular part of your life? You can order whatever you want off their menus as long as the amount of food you’re getting could reasonably be considered enough to be a meal. I didn’t vote because I don’t eat at either place (not to mention there is not a Taco Bell in my town), but survive? If I was a little younger I’d probably pick Taco Bell, especially now that they have breakfast. Definitely Taco Bell because their choices are much healthier and easy on your stomach, except for the meat.
Start Your Own Food Blog & Make $270,000+ at HomeInstantly download our latest step-by-step 2014 guide. I could use this review to complain about Taco Bell’s relative inability to use new ingredients.
Taco Bell likes to mix things up on their value menus quite frequently, much more often than their competition anyway. The newest addition to the Why Pay More value menu comes in the form of the Mini Quesadilla, which is essentially a white tortilla, roughly half the size of the one used for a regular Quesadilla, sprinkled with a three cheese blend which consists of cheddar, pepper jack, and mozzarella, folded over and grilled. So as a newly appointed fan  I was somewhat eager to try out the latest addition to their $.89 value menu, the Beefy 5 Layer Burrito, and I must say it was more than tasty enough to reach my moderately high expectations.
It looks like you’re going to have to pencil in another stop on your Trick or Treating list tonight. The hot sauce continues to be a hit in the US with more restaurants adopting it in recent years.
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If the powers that be can’t think of an entirely new product that uses the same handful of readily available ingredients and give a ridiculous made up name, like Tortada, then they’ll settle for the next best thing: take an old favorite, and make it bigger. All we need now is a few local psued0-Mex restaurant employees dedicated enough to breach the chain’s security and discover their secret and embark on a ridiculously epic quest to put their hole-in-the-wall back on top. I could gripe about how every menu item has at least two others that are exactly like it, with the exception of sour cream here or beans there. You go to Taco Bell, order one of the same four or five menu items that you always have, gobble it up and are immediately satisfied. Taco Bell recently released three “Cantina” tacos, chicken, steak, and carnitas, in an attempt to provide a more “authentic” Mexican style taco. This helps to keep things fresh in rotation, but it also means that on the occasion awesome items such as the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito get replaced by lackluster ones like the Beefy Five Layer Burrito.
Value Menu wasn’t enough, Taco Bell is offering up a few new bargains for hungry eaters with thin wallets. Ever since they revealed my now-favorite Volcano Taco, I’ve found myself to be like a fat, zitty 20-year-old kid with an intense inability to control his anticipation for greasy new Taco Bell menu items with stupid names, made up or otherwise.
Believe it or not, though, the word Tortada isn’t simply the result of a corporate brainstorm where a bunch of old white guys try to combine names of Spanish food items to fit their needs (enchirito = enchilada + burrito). I always found it to be a moderately enjoyable fast food eating experience, but not one that would regularly make it to the top of my dining out list. Clocking in at only 9 grams of fat and loaded with delicious salsa fresca, the items on the Fresco Menu are healthier, and even tastier according to some, substitutes to their standard menu counterparts.
Starting at 6 PM and lasting all the way until Midnight Taco Bell will be celebrating Halloween by handing out their Black Jack Tacos to anyone who wants one. I eat McD one day, and then the next day I have Taco Bell, and then the next day I go back to McD, a,d this has been ongoing. I know they have some reasonable stuff with the Fresco menu, but it’s still too rich unless I only get chicken tacos or something, which would be too boring.

Every once and a while you’ll stray, possibly finding a new regular meal, but there are always those good ol’ Chalupas or Quesadillas that you’ve always loved. People don’t eat Taco Bell because they want authentic Mexican cuisine, they eat it because it is dirt cheap and delicious.
That’s changed over the last year or so though, as their expansive collection of cheap menu items have been keeping my poor, emaciated ass alive.
Or maybe you favor Taco Bell for more interesting taco salads and their new, more upscale ingredient cantina bowls. As others have said, McDonald’s has a lot of variety, and I could rotate some lighter items in pretty easily. In the critically acclaimed 1997 classic film Good Burger, the demented manager of Mondo Burger uses an illegal chemical known as Triampathol to super size his meat patties. Everyone knows that Taco Bell squeezes its stagnant list of condiments and fillers to get the most possible items without spending extra cash on new resources to bring in new ingredients to make truly standout food items. You feel comfortable gripping them in your hand, and that comfort is surpassed only by the familiar flavor; one that you’ve grown accustomed to and would hate to see change. It is a bunch of recycled ingredients wrapped up with a tortilla, grilled, and shoved inside of a Quesadilla wrapper. This surprised me because I had been waiting for that Volcano Crunchwrap our friends over at Grub Grade had predicted.
Now, the director chose never to reveal exactly why Triampathol was made illegal, and I’m not even sure I want to know. Still, I decided to check into it as soon as possible to see what the Volcano Menu had in store for me.

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