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The Red Balloon Toy Store is a locally owned toy store that has been serving Utah Parents and kids for over 30 years.
You can find many brand names that can be hard to find like, Madame Alexander, Corolle Dolls, and Klutz books at The Red Balloon Toy Store.
If you'd like to be notified when this item becomes available, enter your information below and click "Notify Me".
We will notify you when the item is back in stock and you will recieve a discount card for an extra 10% off your next purchase! Amongst our rather large collection of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends die-cast toys we have a rather sweet looking little train called Sir Handel. The TrackMaster Luke Engine is only compatible with other TrackMaster trains and track sets.
He is one of the many lively little trains that live and work on the fictional island of Sodar. All the little trains on the island spend their days working hard delivering goods back and forth and getting into lots of scrapes along the way.Sir Handel is made by the Ertl toy company and comprises of a die-cast metal body which is very well modelled, with plastic wheels, bumpers and under body.

He is a lovely addition to the Ertl Thomas range of toys and I am pleased to say that now he and many of his friends have been accepted as DooYoo product suggestions I can tell you all about him.**********************************************************Sir Handel is an interesting little chap, with a sometimes aloof personality, he would never get into trouble deliberately, but he is sometimes a bit off hand and rude to some of the trucks he has to pull. The TrackMaster Railway pieces are larger than the other railway lines and are made of quality plastic with the engines and trains running on battery power. He can be a bit pompous at times and has sometimes thought that having to pull silly old trucks around and deliver things is rather below him, after all he is SIR Handel! The TrackMaster Motorized Railway is perfect for fueling the imagination of young engineers! I feel this side of Sir Handel gives an interesting aspect that can be used by children to create situations for him during play.
Children can perhaps learn through play, that being awkward and aloof are not the best traits to have and that in the end if you want to get along with your fellows, you need to learn to compromise sometimes.**********************************************************Sir Handel is one of the smaller sized engines that were made by Ertl, but is meant to be a small wee chap. Our Sir Handel has so far not received any bumps or scratches to his paint work which is fantastic, considering the amount of times he has been enthusiastically played with.
I feel this shows he is made of quality materials which have been made with thought and care.

For such a little fellow he feels reasonably heavy when you hold him, but not too heavy to push or pull him easily along a track or play mat.**********************************************************The wheels of this little train are made of sturdy plastic, they are attached with very slim metal wires, which do look a little flimsy, but even after all the time we have had him, these have not bent or buckled at all.
The bumpers at the front and back of Sir Handel have remained intact and seem very well attached to the main body of the train, even though they are made of red plastic and not metal.
I feel that the fact that they are plastic makes Sir Handel more child friendly.**********************************************************Sir Handel comes in the usual clear plastic pack, which is attached to a cardboard liner.
There is a picture of him to the top of the pack which shows him smiling, which he does sometimes as he has a nicely modelled plastic face on the front of his engine body.

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