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We stopped by the mall first; I had a couple of stops I needed to make first, and then she was in charge of our itinerary. While we were there, Bubbles found a Thomas the Train table set up with all kinds of tracks and tunnels and hills, with lots of trains set out to play with. I shared with her that she was going to be able to pick out a little something, so we walked around and looked at some of her favorite characters and toy-types. When we reached the checkout I handed the lady the truck and the birthday card, then paid the difference. I wouldn’t be, but in my house, dolls go for rides in the Tonka trucks and dolls play with action figures and stuff.

I think it’s great that she has such a wide range of things that she likes to play with. My daughter used to make her pre-school boyfriend dress up as Sleeping Beauty so she could be the prince and save him- I definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see a girl playing with a truck.
Her proper response should have been “I think it is wonderful that you allow your daughter to expand her imaginative play with whatever toys she chooses. Includes everything shown - three powered locomotives, a thomas train, bridges, overpasses, water tower etc.
I think kids outgrow these things like my 3 year old son playing with his sisters dolls yes it’s a bit odd but I think these things prepare them for life.

Just like I’m sure people would look at me twice if I was buying a doll for my household of 4 boys.

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