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Thomas the Tank Engine Series 10 Vol.4 is a Japanese DVD featuring four episodes from the tenth season. When Sir Handel pretended to be ill, Rusty was asked to assist Peter Sam with the slate trucks and later that day had to perform a rescue operation at the quarry when Peter Sam had an accident on the incline. Following the return of Skarloey, Rusty was put back on maintenance duties, but had an argument with Duncan about taking care on a "bad bit" of track south of Cros-ny-Cuirn.
In 1984, Rusty was in charge of carrying away tree branches and other cuttings, which were being trimmed from the line so that passengers could get a better view.
In 1995, Rusty was put in charge of the weedkiller train, a job he disliked because it required slow speeds.
When the narrow gauge engines received large scale models in the fifth season, Rusty's face became larger. The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop, retitled The Refreshment Lady's Stand in American releases, is the eighth episode of the seventh season. It's summer and the Refreshment Lady wants to open up a new tea-room, but she cannot decide where to put it.
When Peter Sam says "I can find her a beautiful place", an eyelash is stuck above his bufferbeam. Rusty and the narrator both address the coach as a shed, despite the obvious fact that it is not. The American title of this episode is "The Refreshment Lady's Stand", but the sign still says "Tea Room". A week later, on a cold wet morning, Thomas pulls into the station ready to take the children to school.
Rusty is depicted as a standard gauge engine and working at a station on Thomas' branch line. Troublesome Trucks, retitled Foolish Freight Cars in American releases, is the ninth episode of the first season.
Having damaged a coach and caused a lot of trouble recently, James has been confined to the shed for several days. At the station, Thomas brings James his trucks and, after teasing him about bootlaces, runs off.
Finally the train gets to Gordon's Hill and James tries his hardest to run up it as fast as he can.
James backs down the hill to pick up the trucks, where Edward has stopped due to the blockage. This episode is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, James the Red Engine. At the begining of the UK version, the narrator says "James had not seen the Fat Controller for several days. After Sir Topham Hatt says "That's a good engine." he adds, "There's nothing like determination!" in the US narrations.

Bootlaces were used to fix the leak in the brakepipe in James and the Coaches, but in the narrator refers to it as singular.
When Thomas says "Have you got some bootlaces ready?" there's blu-tak under his lantern and Knapford disappears. When the narrator says the line, "Sometimes their axles would run hot", a crew member's shadow is seen at the end of the set. The Fat Controller said that he was in Edward's train and that he had seen everything, but Edward wasn't pulling a train when he stopped at Gordon's Hill, nor was he pulling a passenger train later at Maron.
While initially refusing to help the conceited Duncan when he derailed, Skarloey reminded Rusty of his responsibility towards the passengers and he set out at once, later making up the quarrel with Duncan. Hugh discovered a washed out section of track south of the tunnel and the railway was closed temporarily while he and the workmen repaired the line. The weedkiller later created trouble with Rheneas, who couldn't get a firm grip on the wet, greasy rails.
He is a dedicated worker, often maintaining the line, while understanding and respecting the importance of his duties.
But when Peter Sam and Rusty discover an old coach in the aftermath of a storm, the Fat Controller has it renovated and turned into a mobile tea-room.
Thomas complains about the rain, but Rusty says that autumn is his favourite time of the year as the leaves turn the same colour as him. One of the boys says that they wanted to make Thomas' day and so they did some leaf printing in their painting class and made all the leaves blue. The individual who uploaded this work and first used it in an article, and subsequent persons who place it into articles, assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law. It aired in the US on the Shining Time Station episodes, "Show and Yell" and "The Mayor Runs for Re-Election". Although it is initially hard, with a sudden jerk it gets easier and James makes it up the hill.
This time however the Fat Controller is happy with James, having been aboard Edward's train and seeing everything.
The aforementioned episode was even filmed at the same time as this one, as the siding arrangements are the same. He was left alone for being naughty and was not even allowed out to push coaches or trucks in the yard".
I shall have to stay in here for always and no one will see my red coat again all because I went so fast that I made a hole in one of my coaches that had to be mended with, of all things, a passenger's bootlace".
He was bought by Sir Handel Brown direct from the builders in 1957 to assist Sir Handel and Peter Sam.
He later had to take Sir Handel's trains after Sir Handel had caused his firebars to collapse.
In the fifth season, he, along with Skarloey and Rheneas got chased by Boulder, which had escaped from a cliff.

They give the large picture to the driver who says it will make good wallpaper for the engine shed.
The Fat Controller finally comes to speak to him and tells him that his recent actions have caused a lot of embarrassment for the railway. James just ignores them and sets off, however the trucks do not want to go and attempt to hold back.
However, James' driver stops him and points out that the end of the train became detached and ran down the hill. Pulling with every ounce of his strength, James finally makes it to the top of the hill and easily continues on to the station where Edward arrives with the Fat Controller.
Since James made the most troublesome trucks on the line behave, the Fat Controller says that he deserves to keep his red coat.
But in the US versions, the narrator says "James had not been out to push coaches or freight cars in the yard for several days. Hugh were chosen to demonstrate to a television crew how they maintained the line at Quarry Siding. In the sixth season, he, along with Skarloey, Rheneas, and Elizabeth saved the Skarloey Line from near abandonment.
Rusty is quick to remind others with regards to proper conduct, particularly Duncan, who was initially very suspicious of the little Diesel. Thomas thinks the driver is joking and he knows that the rain does not make the leaves rusty. James sincerely apologises and the Fat Controller decides to allow him out to pull some trucks. The trucks stop at the bottom of the hill, where the guard gets out to warn approaching engines. People are laughing at my railway and I don't like that at all." But in the US versions, Sir Topham Hatt says "I know you are sorry James and I know too that you want to be a useful engine. As the journey continues, the trucks try everything they can to get James to give up, but it is no use as James is determined to prove himself. Why did I go so fast that I made a hole in one of my coaches that had to be mended with, of all things, a passenger's bootlace?". In the tenth season, he was taking workmen around to put up direction signs for hikers to see, but rushed them, in result of all the hikers going the wrong ways.
He is currently working at the Blue Mountain Quarry, along with Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, and Peter Sam.

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