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Darren's been pretty heavy into Thomas the Tank Engine lately, so we thought it would be a good costume for Halloween this year. Update: Be sure to also check out the second train costume I made, as there are some improvements. I liked the idea of using cardboard boxes and suspenders to basically hang Thomas around him. I cut a 2¼-inch slice off the tube with a hacksaw, leaving a "tab" that will extend back along the top, giving the impression that the whole tube extends back.
I made a small slender box out of a manila folder to serve as the red part on the front (not pictured). I applied a spray paint primer to everything, which was probably overkill, but I didn't want the printing on the boxes to show through the final product. The blue paint I found was good, but lighter than what I wanted, but I suppose Thomas the Tank engine graffiti isn't too common, so the paint manufacturers aren't making any yet. It?s a keychain that can record and play sounds (presumably so you can record where you parked your car and then play it back later). I used my new Dremel to make holes in the casing to accommodate my new wires, and reassembled the keychain.
Next, I attached two buttons in parallel to the other ends of the wire, so that pressing either would be the same as pressing the "play" button on the keychain.
I taped the pushbutton to a hidden spot that I thought Darren would be able to reach, and I put the other one? well, let me digress for a moment. At some point during construction, I realized that the smoke stack was just the right size for a piece of candy. To make things even cooler, I positioned the other switch from the keychain rig just at the end of the tube, so that falling candy would hit the switch.
The costume held up better than I thought it would, which is great, as there are still two more Halloween events on our calendar. Also, please note that I have been replying to commenters via email, but I'm not great about posting the replies here, so feel free to ask questions, and I'll get back to you.

Reply from Kevin: The wire I used was what RadioShack calls "hookup wire", though I'm sure other kinds would work as well. So if you haven't cut the tube piece yet, just leave a tab or two when you do, and you should be fine.
Kevin, we made our 3-year old a 'Thomas' costume this halloween (today) by following your instructions.
I'm so glad I found this, it is the best diy Thomas costume on the whole internet, we looked. Hey, for the train whistle idea I was thinking the create your own sound from Build A Bear Workshop stores may work well cause its a push button, at least for the manual option!
You did an amazing job I hope I can accomplish this in the next few weeks before Halloween. Thank you so much for posting the details and pictures for everybody to use as a guide to make Thomas costume.
I knew I wanted to make a Thomas costume out of boxes, but your ingenuity saved me so much time. Here are some pics of my son's Thomas costume, and my Sir Topham Hatt getup - did you know you can spray paint a t-shirt? FYI, the cardboard tube i found was quite expensive, so I ended up using a big tin of Export Sodas (which I had a contractor cut up and then put silicone glue to protect the edges).
Oh, and one more thing I forgot to add, I added a another box to the back so that it could hold candy. That is an excellent costume, by any chance can you forward me the image of the face you found in large format you did in photo shop. I found the buttons on the circuit board, and soldered a wire to each connection for the "play" button, which were fortunately wide enough apart that my lack of soldering skill was not a problem. My 3 year old will be Thomas, my 8 month old will be Percy, my husband will be Toby or James (we haven't figured out the tender yet), and I will be Rosie. I looked creative & like super mom this Halloween AND my son won best costume :-) I didn't do it exactly the same.

My 2 year old son is also obsessed with Thomas and I've been looking for a costume for him and haven't liked any I've see.
I looked all over the Internet and when I found your site I said I have to attempt to do this in order to make my little one happy. When my 2 year old son told me he wants to be Thomas this year, my heart sank (I can sew pretty well, but how to sew a train?) Your blog has saved our Halloween! My Dad and I are going to tackle this project together this weekend for my 2 year old son Benjamin's Halloween Costume. I am currently making a replica (minus the train whistle, however, that was ridiculously ingenious!) My son is almost 3 and also a huge Thomas fanatic. It took me about 23 nights & 30 hours of work & it was well worth it; my twin boys Alex & Nick loved being Thomas & Percy! I, too, am looking for the specific spray paint colors you used along with any additional measurements (like the length of the tab of the concrete form, the diameter or circumference of the concrete form, etc.) It looks like you haven't responded to the two previous posts in this forum, but perhaps you are responding directly to email.
How did you get the portion of the cardboard tube that forms the caboose to attach to the rest of the train?
I used tape on the outside, including doing all the red & yellow with electrical tape and all the black with duct tape. Am not sure if you taped them, and if so, with what, or whether you used the spray adhesive, hot glue?? We're from Tarrytown too, so if you see a little copy of your amazing costume walking around the parade this year, please say hello to us!
Here's hoping as I am trying to make this costume for this coming Halloween in less than two weeks! It's almost a last minute thing now with Halloween being three days away and all have ready are the two boxee, the kaboos and the motivation to do make it work:).

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