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A new Search and Rescue Centre is being built on the Island of Sodor as a base of operations for Harold, Rocky, and a new lifeboat named Captain. As a reward for his daring rescue Thomas is given the job of collecting new wood from the mainland. Thomas decides to go through the tunnel back to Sodor, but he and the Logging Locos get trapped after the tunnel falls in. After the Logging Locos are given the Sodor treatment at the Steamworks, they help to build the Rescue Centre. As the engines are laughing with their new friends at the Search and Rescue Centre, Diesel 10 rolls up on the mountain ledge, sniggers, and glares down at the engines remarking that they will laugh on the other side on their boilers soon.
Rupert Degas was the original voice of Diesel 10 in both the UK and US versions, but was replaced by Matt Wilkinson for the final cut. This special marked Harold, Diesel 10, Salty, Whiff, Stanley, and Butch's first appearances in CGI.
In the Fat Controller's trailer, while he is on the phone, his calender has a promo picture of Thomas. When Thomas first arrives on Misty Island, Dash is the engine that plays "rattling wheels" with him. In the US version, when Dash talks to Thomas in the tunnel, he says, "We were too wild on the mainland", but in the UK version, he says, "We were too naughty on the mainland".
In the US version, when Sir Topham Hatt meets the Logging Locos, he says, "Greetings", but in the UK version, he says, "Quite so".
In the US version, when Sir Topham Hatt welcomes the Logging Locos to the railway at the Search and Rescue Center's opening, he says, "And thank you for your help", but in the UK version, he says, "And well done to you all". As the events of this special take place in 1960, Salty's appearance is impossible as his basis was not built for another two years.
Early in the special, Harold is flying above Percy on his way to the Search and Rescue Center.
After saying that the logs are lost, Thomas says he feels badly, whereas he should have said that he feels bad.
When the other engines whistle goodbye to Thomas, Salty shuts his eyes like the rest of the engines as if he's honking his horn; but no horn is heard. Sir Topham Hatt would have needed Thomas at work on the Island rather than send him on  a trip, whether Jobi wood was found or not.
The way Thomas is transported off of Sodor is very dangerous; Thomas should not have been in steam, and his driver and fireman should not have stayed in his cab.
In real life, neither the Shake Shake Bridge nor the zip line would be able to hold an engine's weight.
It seems illogical that none of the engines on Sodor knew about the logging locos, as Misty Island seems to only be a few miles away. Diesel wouldn't have been able to outrun Thomas, as Class 08 shunters have a max speed of 15 or 20 mph. There seems to be no people living or working on Misty Island, yet there's a logging camp, machines, a railway, and locomotives.
The length of the Misty Island Tunnel seems to be shorter than the distance between the two islands.
When Whiff and Percy first go into the tunnel, they are facing Thomas with Whiff in front, and Percy behind. Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt don't know anything about the Misty Island Tunnel, but they've been on Sodor longer than Whiff. During the night scene, the steam-boat's mast lights are backwards: the green light is for starboard (right) and the red light is for port (left). When Thomas and the logging locos puff towards the tunnel, Thomas is pushing a flatbed of Jobi logs, but when they arrive at the tunnel's entrance, he's pulling it. What are the chances of the fog around Misty Island lifting at the same time Thomas sends his smoke signal?
Brakevans should have been added to Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Toby, Emily, Hiro, Rosie, and Diesel's trains. In the UK narration, it is said that Thomas had to be coupled up to some freight cars of bricks.
Approximately thirty-six piles of Jobi logs were on the steamboat, however only three are unloaded onto Diesel's train. Why could Thomas not go on the front deck of the ship whilst Spencer is inside, when that same ship was able to take Gordon, James, and Edward at the same time?
Judging the distance from where Thomas caught up with Diesel near the cliff and where Diesel loses the Jobi wood on the edge of the bridge, it is very strange that it took Thomas so long to come to Diesel's rescue.
The Island of Sodor is a fictional island where both the Railway Series and the television series are set. The standard history of Sodor is Canon Nicholas Dreswick's "History of Sodor", written in four volumes (Chatter and Windows, Suddery, 1899-1912). The island was Christianised by men of the "Iona School", who arrived on Sodor at different times during the sixth century and settled in the south. Godred MacHarold (known in legend as King Orry or Starstrider), the younger son of Harold, the Danish king of Limerick, was King of Sodor and Man from 979 to 989.
Godred often fought off attempts by Earl Sigurd of Orkney to reclaim Man in 982 and Sodor in 984 at a ford near what is now Peel Godred (named after him), which has now been replaced by a bridge known as King Orry's Bridge. By the time Thorfinn's grip on power was loosening, Godred had set about regaining his father’s former kingdom, leaving Ogmund in Sodor. After two - unprovoked - invasions, the Sudrians began to regard the Normans as archenemies.
Upon de Normanby's surrender of Sodor and his regency, Henry showed wisdom and returned its government to de Normanby and the Abbot of Cronk. Michael Colden, Abbot of Cronk, and Sir Geoffrey Regaby had thought about the possibility of the reformation and both thought it wrong for people to be harassed or persecuted. The Earldom was destroyed by Attainder in 1715; but in 1873, Queen Victoria responded to popular petition and restored John Arnold Norramby to the Earldom of Sodor and estates of Ulfstead Castle.

The next major chapter in Sodor's history was the coming of the railways, which began with a railway from Ward Fell to Balladwail, opened in 1806. The Island has it's own flag, which consists of a white centre, two thin horizontal yellow stripes and two horizontal blue stripes. My now 5yr old son has loved Thomas since I can remember, and as he was turning 5 wanted a 'James' cake (the number 5 engine) for his birthday.
Special super strong, deep red Jobi Wood, from Hiro's homeland, is being used to make the Centre. He is then told there is no room on the steam boat, but Thomas asks to be carried on a raft behind the boat. It was also shown on many PBS stations a few weeks before its release in the US and later aired in the UK on Channel Five's Milkshake on Christmas Eve 2010 then again on Easter Sunday 2011, with Diesel 10's scene omitted.
It was also intended to be released on Blu-ray in the UK in April 2011, but HiT cancelled the plans at the last minute. And, apparently, the events of this special take place in April 1960; five years after The Great Discovery.
Whatever you need, I'll take care of it all", but in the UK version, he says "Just give me a shout.
It would also be impossible for Emily to appear, because she arrived in 1967 or later, as Oliver arrived in 1967, whose life she saved on her first day. Contrary to other appearances, his elevators have a pronounced anhedral deflection of about 20 degrees. However, when the flatbeds are hanging over the edge of the bridge, they're coupled up to him. But as they're leaving, Whiff and Percy are facing the exit, with Percy between Thomas and Whiff. Its size makes it appear difficult, but the combination of subtle humour and lightness of touch makes up for this. They saw it from their camp at Lancaster and made a landing at what is now Ballahoo, but were driven off.
He and some companions set out for Man in coracles, but Luoc fell asleep, was blown off course and ended up on the shore in Suddery bay. Seizing his chance after the defeat of the Norse at the hands of the Irish, he harried Wales, then landed on Man.
His heir, Thorfinn, was an infant at the time, and so Harold took his chance and claimed Sodor and Man, ruling for twenty years before Thorfinn drove him out. Ogmund meanwhile welcomed Thorkell of Norwich to Sodor and settled his men around the island, squeezing the last of Fingall's soldiers from the island. After Godred Crovan's death, the regency of Dublin decided to send Olaf, Godred's heir, to be brought up in the court of King Henry I. With the power struggle between England and Scotland that started in 1290, the land changed hands many times, depending on who had the upper hand at the time.
Sudrians had never acknowledged the Percys, and took great delight in sacking them under the leadership of their regent, Sir Arnold de Normanby. Some Sudrians were a little reluctant to accept the new order, but Henry created de Normanby Earl of Sodor, showing Sudrians he respected their former regent whilst bringing the resistance to an end and attaching Sodor to the English Crown.
They were also aware of King Henry's wishes and of Cromwell's thievish plans, and were determined to ensure that the Abbey revenues were kept for the Church and Sodor, not wasted. The earls of Sodor are active on the Council of the Duchy of Lancaster, but as there is no Duke of Lancaster the Earl is referred to as a Duke by Sudrians. The further rail investment in the island, such as the building of the North Western Railway during 1914 and 1915, later led to the island's growth and prosperity as a tourist area and for the local industries. The railways concerned were the Sodor and Mainland, the Tidmouth, Knapford and Elsbridge Railway and the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway.
I wasn't that keen to do another cake shaped like a train - I'd already made a Thomas cake for his 3rd birthday - so I turned to your website for inspiration and came across the Island of Sodor cakes which I thought were perfect as I could incorporate James into it somehow. All the engines are very excited and all want to help deliver the Jobi wood to the Rescue Centre.
Thomas waves goodbye to his friends at Brendam Docks and heads across the sea to the mainland.
After being spotted by Percy, the Fat Controller, James, Edward, and Gordon sail to Misty Island in hopes of finding Thomas while Percy and Whiff go through the tunnel. It also aired on PBS Sprout on August 20th, 2011 and in the UK on Nick Jr on October 28th, 2012.
Also, what are the chances that the raft would drift towards a dock, let alone the rails on the raft lining up perfectly with the rails on the dock?
Fishing is important too - the Tidmouth kipper is a prized dish at breakfasts both far and wide.
There, he pointed to the stars reflected in the water and said to the locals "There is the path running from my county to this place. Godred and his two elder sons were killed in battle in Man, but his wife, daughter Gudrun and youngest son Harold escaped to Islay.
Harold's son was killed in battle, but Harold escaped to Iceland, where he married again in 1044. The two boys were bought up together, and later as stepbrothers - after Helga's death, Sigurd married Gerda. With Sodor secure, Godred completed his goal of conquering the Isles, Dublin and finally Man at the battle of Sky Hill in 1079.
Eventually, Edward III annexed them in 1333 and gave them to the Monatacutes, who, fifty years later, sold them to William le Scrope.
Sir Peter de Rigby was Henry IV's commander, and during the campaign he and de Normanby developed a considerable liking and respect for one other.
To this period - 1540 onwards - many churches and schools were built on the island where they were most needed, and in many of these the former brethren of the Abbey found employment. In 1948, it became the North Western Region of British Railways, but this term was never used as the railway kept its operating independence.

So I started this Homemade Thomas the Tank Engine 'James' Island of Sodor Cake by sculpting James out of store bought fondant icing that I added tylose powder to to help it stiffen up and set quicker that I coloured with red gel. Frustrated at being teased by Thomas for not being a steam engine, Diesel tries to prove his superiority over the steam engines by taking the Jobi wood to the Rescue Centre himself and races down the tracks. That night the raft carrying Thomas becomes separated from its tugboat and Thomas ends up alone and stranded on the mysterious Misty Island - a wild and wonderful island with a multitude of secret hide outs, rickety tracks, and bridges. They eventually come to the blockade, break through to Thomas, and they all puff back to Sodor.
Lead, zinc and silver is mined, and the island stone has excellent weather-resistant properties.
He preached to the locals, and a church, nowadays known as Suddery Cathedral, was built on the site. People came from far around to be baptised in the nearby lake, named Loey Machan, or "Machan's Lake" in his honour. That is my road to fame and fortune." Godred gave Sodor and Man ten years of peace, and his reign is remembered as a golden age.
Sigurd was the leading man in Sodor by the time of his death in 1063, and Ogmund succeeded him. The move was approved by Magnus Barford, King of Norway, whose fleet, deployed in the area, was enough to prevent any reprisals from Dublin. Sigmund's descendants reigned for around 160 years until King Andreas and Prince Peter were killed in battle in 1263. Their policy of "no pressure" ensured that during the reign of Edward VI relations between Roman Catholics and the Church of England were good, and the Roman Catholic reaction, which swept swiftly through England during Queen Mary's reign, hardly touched Sodor. As I was a bit time and cash poor, I painted the black on with black paste colouring leftover from a previous project (it costs about $16 for a small piece of black sugar moulding paste) and the yellow I was able to get on by using a white powder colour, mixed with yellow gel colour and a bit of cake decorating alcohol to thin it out ( I know it sounds expensive but they were all leftovers from previous projects and they last quite a while). Thomas discovers that the island has its own railway and meets the three engines, known as the "Logging Locos", who run it - Ferdinand, and two small twin engines named Bash and Dash, who were sent to the island after causing trouble on the mainland. Although the native language, Sudric, is dying out, the rugged and beautiful scenery, and the fishing, particularly in the mountain lakes, attract holidaymakers from all parts. He is remembered in the city’s motto and coat of arms, the latter of which shows him as a bishop, standing in a coracle holding a crosier.
Sodor's annexation did not imply possession of occupation, but that many a time the new owners had a large rebellion on their hands, with locals retreating to the hills and often attacking the area between Brendam, Cronk and Rolf's Castle, which was usually occupied.
Colden died in 1565, but his policy was continued by Timothy Smeale, allowing Roman Catholics to worship at their churches.
For the wheels I used piping nozzles to cut them out of a rolled out piece of sugar paste and attached them with skewers. The chase results in an exciting rescue as Thomas saves Diesel from falling over the edge of the unfinished bridge but the Jobi wood crashes into the sea below - now there is no wood to build the Rescue Centre.
The Sudrians fought them off, but the Scots were one of Sodor's predatory neighbours who had designs on the island. It was in 1570 - when Pope Pius Bull excommunicated Queen Elizabeth I - that some reluctantly felt that they must be recusants, and worship separately.
For the face, I just googled a James face and reduced and printed it out and stuck it on with a bit of water. With the help of his new friends, Thomas attempts to find his way back to Sodor and uncovers more of Misty Island's mysteries - including a tunnel that connects the two islands. As this process requires a huge amount of electricity, a hydroelectric power station was opened nearby in 1923. They made it understood that, while on the subject of religion they could not accept Queen Elizabeth as Head of the Church, this did not waver their loyalty to her. Tidmouth now contributes to the country's revenues by being an excellent port, owned by the North Western Railway.
With the possibility of Scottish attack, a successor with ability rather than royal descent was needed.
By 1600, most of the people of this generation had died and as children leant towards the Church of England there remained no ill feeling. For the rocks around the pond I used several colours like brown, green, and grey which I just partially mixed into the sugar paste giving it a marbled effect - I then rolled it out like a sausage and cut off different size pieces to make the rocks, I also smeared a bit of oil on them to make them look wet and more real. I used buttercream icing for the bulk of the cake, first doing a crumb coat with a chocolate flavoured buttercream.
I then laid the gravel for the tracks - crushed oreo cookies, the track sleepers were also made from sugar paste and I piped grey buttercream to make the tracks. The hill I made with a bit of cake I had leftover in the freezer which saved me baking for just a small area, it was a small square block that I carved into a mound with a knife and then attached it with buttercream and covered it with the same buttercream. I then carved out small openings for the tunnels and cut out a ramp into the cake so the tracks went down and around back into the cake. I then piped the grass- which is really easy with the special nozzle that you can find at most cake shops or Spotlight.
The waterfall I piped with a nozzle that has 3 fine holes, but any plain small hole nozzle ( like the ones you use for writing with) will do, it could be any other nozzle also a star or shell even. To make the pond I rolled out a small piece of sugarpaste to line the area that I had carved out of the cake and covered first with buttercream, I then added blue bubblegum jelly to it (letting it cool right down first so as not to melt anything. The jelly set and was ok, but I noticed that the sugar paste absorbed some of the moisture from it making the lily pads expand a bit and the level of the jelly sunk a bit overnight. It wasn't so bad that it ruined the look of the cake but I'm sure if you know your stuff you could probably substitute something more appropriate. I finished it off with different coloured flowers that I piped using buttercream with a tiny star nozzle.
It took me maybe 5-6 hours in total which I did slowly over two days - preparing all the sugarpaste bits ahead of time (you could even do them a week or 2 in advance) and then baking and icing the cake the day before.

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