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Anyway, last weekend the fateful day arrived and I had arranged to take Izzy and her friend to the Buckingham Railway Centre where the event was being held. Nevertheless, Izzy and her friend were incredibly excited by the prospect of meeting Thomas. As we entered the Railway Centre, I have to admit, that my preconceived notions were pretty much turned on their head. What we actually got was an enormous museum with scores of magnificent trains at various stages of renovation.
They both yelled, "MEEEEE!" and I was surprised that they didn't puke right there and then from excitement. In the guide, it said that Thomas was located on Platform 4, so that is where we headed and we weren't disappointed. I think that they viewed him as a Father Christmas-type figure, because they ran over to him and started babbling about how they had been really good girls. Anyway dahlink, have you ever been anywhere that you thought was going to be crap but turned out to be fab?
I am not sure if you remember, but a while ago I wrote some posts about taxidermy gone wrong .

Another wonderful recipe from Jamie Oliver - Oven baked Spaghetti Bolognese with fresh herbs. Gosh, if I show this to my daughter, I’ll need to buy plane tickets to Japan (read more below the pic). A life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine was spotted in the mountains of Japan, west of Tokyo and near the city of Shimada in Shizuoka prefecture.
Welcome to The Real Lives of Thomas the Tank Engine: A Railway Series Reader in memory of the late Rev. It is not widely known that Rev Awdry's stories in his Railway Series are highly realistic with respect to real railway practice.
Picture in header taken from Steam on Southern Metals by George Marsh and Michael Webb, ed. Shows Billinton class E2 0-6-0T No 32105 shunting at Southampton Docks, withdrawn and scrapped in September 1962.
It wasn't exactly the type of competition that I wanted to win, that is, the prize wasn't a two-week holiday in the Caribbean, or a luxury car. I was expecting a piddling train track with a plastic-looking train driving back and forth, laden with kids.

Behind it, there was also another train called Percy, and a feature of the day was that you got to ride on either Thomas or Percy and they staged a race along the tracks.
Despite the fact that I wasn't into trains, and didn't like Thomas the Tank Engine, it was in fact a fabulous day out.
Most of his engines are real prototypes and his storylines are nearly all based on real railway incidents.
Several more made oblique references to the fact that it wouldn't be long before I began donning an anorak.
In fact we could have stayed there another couple of hours because we didn't do everything there was to do. The company is famous for its old-fashioned steam locomotives which carry passengers through isolated spots in the surrounding area, populated by mountains and hills, to one of the many hot spring resorts. We've tried to capture both of these aspects, as well as other interesting tangents, and hope you enjoy exploring the site.

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