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Rodney Kilgore portrays various railroad conductors from popular films such as Thomas The Tank Engine and The Polar Express.
Then he portrays the conductor on “The Polar Express.” His uniform and mustache are immaculately tailored to match the computer animated character voiced by Tom Hanks in the popular holiday movie.
Kilgore said he started working on Thomas and his conductor’s uniform about four years ago.
Now, the grandkids have something fun to share with their classmates, he said, and grandpa has a great excuse to see them more.
Thursday, he was at Harvest Learning Center in Alexander City, bringing joy to the kids there. Kilgore doesn’t have a replica Pere Marquette 2-8-4 steam locomotive like the one the movie’s express train to the North Pole was modeled after. George Carlin (born May 12, 1937 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA - died June 22, 2008 in Santa Monica, California, USA) is a five-time Grammy-winning American comedian and social commentator who played Mr. On June the 22nd, 2008, Carlin died of heart failure at a hospital in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 71. While Carlin usually insulted most of the shows that he did, he usually spoke very fondly of both Shining Time Station and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, even in some of his stage shows.

He, Ringo Starr, and Alec Baldwin have hosted Saturday Night Live and made guest appearances on The Simpsons.
He was good friends with Russell Means, who played Billy Twofeathers in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. George has referenced Shining Time Station twice in his comedy works after his time on the show. After spending hours searching for Halloween costumes online and in stores, I realized, like many others, that the only one available to buy was the boring apron costume! Imagine how excited I was when I found this awesome web-site with all of the wonderful ideas here!! Although it did take many hours to put together and paint, it was a fairly cheap project to make: using cardboard boxes, paint, tape, glue and a few household items was all it took. AND…we have actually used it 2 years in a row for our Halloween costume and as a prop at his Thomas the Train birthday party. For most of the year, he wears striped overalls and goes to elementary schools and preschools with Thomas the Tank Engine.
He wields a hole puncher with which he’s practiced clicking out patterns on each child’s ticket. Just last week, Kilgore said, he was at Coosada Elementary School in Elmore County visiting his son’s kindergarten class. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered, without any religious ceremonies, as he wished.

In an interview on "TV Legends" conducted shortly before his death, he explained that he signed on both shows so that people could see a different side of him. The first time in his 1999 HBO special "You are All Diseased" where he was talking about child worship by saying: "And remember this is Mr. Even though I’m sure my son would have been thrilled with one of those, I wanted something a little more unique. When they come to see him, he said, he wanted them to have something fun to do other than sitting around the house. The students had the opportunity to get their tickets punched and ride Thomas the Tank Engine around the parking lot. The second time was in his book and audiobook "More Napalm and Silly Putty" where he repeated the same subject. I used a black 5 gallon bucket to make his face and attached an oatmeal container that I painted black to the top to make his funnel. I added cotton balls to the oatmeal container to make his smoke. His face was painted on cardboard and attached to the bottom of the bucket with glue and silver duct tape.

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