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A new variation of regular track, with precast concrete ties (sleepers) and the roadbed extended out on both sides to an overall 37 mm width. It is in order by type of track, then any subtypes (straight, curved, etc.) within the group, then size.
They are the functional equivalent of the previous method of using Mini-Curved and straight track pieces, and applying 3076 or 3079 Road Parts Kits to create street trackage for streetcars and trams. Tomix lists these products in other product number series outside of the 1000-series item numbers. Each entry then shows what product package number the track comes in, and how many pieces are included in the package.

Tomix replaced them around the end of 2008 with updated "full selection" versions as shown.
With additional kits the modeler can add trackside fences or walls, and add beam structures to convert the track into viaduct of one or more parallel tracks.
The list below does not include TCS Sensors (see the Tomix Control Systems section of this website) or trackside signals that come with S70 (F) length straights. Special track sets are not included, except if that is the only way a certain piece can be bought. Be aware that this change might dictate different layout wiring methods in certain situations.

Therefore 22.5-degree "approach" pieces are sold to transition between flat and canted profile when entering or leaving a curve.
The "full selection" design can be identified by a small piece of plastic insulation in each of the two long outer rails, across from the frog.

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