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Is this an image from a collector’s Marx shelf, or is it a photo from an operator who runs New York Central? His point was that collectors accumulate trains by manufacturer, or era of production, or road name, or a myriad of other factors like the number of rivets a car has, or the variations in the type of truck sideframe, or even one of every car type. Operators accumulate trains by era of manufacture (prewar, postwar, or modern production) or era of prototype railroad operation (steam, transition, or diesel era). Unless it might make a good repaint (to NYC of course), I’d never think of buying a locomotive from a Western or Southern railroad.

Train Collectors Association 50th Anniversary SpecialNational Capital Trackers modular layout. While fidelity to the real thing may be important, they may be willing to sacrifice a bit in the detailing to fit the theme (say coal hauling or intermodal operations or even prewar­ - or postwar-only operations).
The operator, however, is focused on acquiring trains that fit in with their concept of their model railroad.
But they would be no more likely to allow 19th century cars to be pulled by high-powered Canadian Pacific GE Evo locomotive than a die-hard postwar operator would pull a scale-sized Atlas O auto parts car behind their trusty Lionel 2020 turbine.

Few would expect to make a profit on re-sale, but all would hope to make a nice down payment on their next new locomotive. But while I consider myself an operator, I clearly have a collection that I add to with my own requirements.

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