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Joseph Hayter: My relationship with Weaver Models, then known as Quality Craft, started in 1969.
TTR: Do you think everyone will survive, or will there be mergers and acquisitions like they have in other industries? Joseph Hayter: A modeler should buy our product because everything we offer is true "O" scale. Finally, we now offer all freight cars (except for the Northeastern caboose) with optional die cast trucks and couplers, which has increased the retail price by $10.00 or less per car. I have always enjoyed the Toy Train Revue forums, and have found them informative and entertaining reading. Will the on-line forum become a subscription only access, or will it remain accessible to everyone? How often will the subjects of the on-line forum change, will old subjects still be available for review, and how will notification of new postings be handled? Future issues will include: a new feature article, an article on layout building or train operating tips, product reviews, breaking news in the hobby and answering reader mail.
A lot of Flyer fans questioned our absence of American Flyer questions for Lionel's new president.
Two years later, Lionel brought out the Commodore Vanderbilt again, this time in a much darker gray that seemed to be more accurate. Some time ago, TM had acquired an extra chassis and drivers assembly built for the 5340 scale Hudson from 1990. That means layout stories, both big and small, collections, operating tips, how to use the new control systems, building layout tips, how to fix things, and we've always liked a little humor, so expect the unexpected. It is a combination of our ideas and their ideas (such as the case with the add-on passenger cars).

Added detail means fragile parts and it is difficult to properly protect those parts from damage when product leaves the factory. This is only an option and all Weaver freight cars will continue to be available with the plastic trucks and couplers for those wishing not to incur the additional expense.
Can you design your own sounds to give Weaver products a unique sound apart from Lionel, K-line and Atlas?
Our sales have increased yearly and we don't foresee manufacturing track and high rail accessories at this time. Dick Maddox answered some very difficult and controversial questions you posed about Lionel's future strategies and past problems in a straightforward and decisive manner. Our next two Lionel price guides, due in December, will feature two new Toy Train Revue Journals. The drivers of the original Lionel Commodore Vanderbilt were Scullin Disc-type and made of solid sintered iron because the locomotive had Magne-Traction. We tested the pulling power of the 5340 using a complete set of heavyweight Pullmans designed to go with the Vanderbilt. Greg Arnett's hi-rail layout - weathered buildings and trains influenced by Norm Charboneau. Using our spectacular special effects, we present Lionel's military and space toys like you've never seen them before.
We are willing to spend more money on tooling so that the extra details can be offered, but our product is very affordable.
That is why we developed thermo formed blister packaging that "molds" to the car to protect it inside the gift box. I won't totally rule out the accessory market, but there are too many good companies offering track.

McComas and I have discussed several possibilities on generating revenue from this site, but we have decided for now to keep it free to the public. There is no set schedule for publishing new issues, but we are targeting every two months for publishing new issues. Terry Johnson was in our first Toy Train Revue 3 in 1993, and its amazing how things change in 21 years.
In the "What's new?" department, we show how you can operate Lionel trains with an iPad, and we visit TrainWorx, Roger Farkash's new studio, where we see layouts being built, and persuaded Roger to reveal a few of his mountain-making secrets. The large percentage of our products are manufactured right here in our Northumberland, Pennsylvania plant.
In addition to the protection it offers, modelers will be able to unpack and repack their car in a matter of seconds, which is important to those traveling to clubs intending to display or run their models. We have had modelers call complaining they received their engine back so quickly that they were concerned it wasn't repaired. Restoring Eden Spring in St Joseph, Michigan, a 106-year old amusement park featuring 15-inch scale live-steam trains. These engines will be the first offering from Weaver equipped with TrainMaster Command Control.

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