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The Lake Michigan Ballroom Exhibit was the first exhibit on the left part of the Westin hotel, by the registration lines. Brickworld, an annual celebration of Lego fanatics from all over the country, come and show off their creations.
Today I am going to review the Lego 7936 Level Crossing, but what is a train track without a level crossing?
The Lego 10194 Emerald Night set is one of the most beautiful train sets that I have ever seen. The Lego 4841 Hogwarts Express is a remake of the 4758 Hogwarts Express, it includes 646 pieces, Three train cars measures over 21 inches (53 cm) long, and five minifigures.
Commuter travel entered a new age during 2009 when the sleek and revolutionary Hitachi Class 395 entered service.
The specially prepared three vehicle model in this set is resplendent in the distinctive blue livery of the prototype and is justifiably named the "Blue Rapier".
The lines, my goodness, we got there at Brickworld at about 10:30 AM, and the lines stretched all the way from the Ravinia ballroom, all the way to the end of the Botanic Garden hallway. If you didn’t know, the Chuggington is a children’s television show revolving around a group of trains and their wild adventures. How would the cars of Lego city able to cross the road without being warned when the train is coming?
The color pattern is exquisite the green for the train engine and a smooth tan and brown passenger car, it is worthy of the name “Emerald Night”.
The minifigures included, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy. Today I am reviewing the Lego 7597 Toy Story  Western Train Chase from the Pixar movie, Toy story 3. This new state of the art train with its twin power source motors quickly became the train of choice for those commuters who use the Southeastern service to London every day, saving those in the extremities of the service as much as 30 minutes or more of travel time. The Ravinia is a consistent mix between hardcore Lego fanatics, and people who just want to show off.
We got there somewhat late, in convention time, because I stood there in line for about one hour just to get registered to go into the convention. At the convention, there are four exhibits held at Brick con, each one is named after famous Illinois landmarks, such as the Botanic Garden, Michigan, River, and Ravinia ballroom. I am so glad that Lego is finally releasing the set, after signs that the set might be delayed for some time now. This set pays attention to every detail, from the exterior of the train, to the interior of the passenger car.
This Lego set includes six minifigures, Woody the cowboy, Jessie the cow girl, Bullseye the trusty steed, Buzz Lightyear the spaceman, the devious evil doctor pork chop, and Rex, the dinosaur. This time around, this room contains more adult Lego builders, and because of that, their creations are bigger, and better then the Lake Michigan ballroom.
The Botanic, Michigan, and River, are normal sized rooms, not much going on except some exhibits; but the Ravinia is the most packed room of them all. Stands, and booths will be opened and sell a whole bunch of custom Lego minifigure accessory; for a small price. Especially on the passenger car, on the side they put a brick stud and made it into a diamond, it was pretty creative and gave this set a great look. From the other entire minifigure, Luna stands out from the crowd because of her bright pink jacket, and her unusual facial expression. The track circuit fits easily on the 1600cm x 1270cm MidiMat and by adding Hornby Track Packs and accessory packs can soon be developed into a very effective model railway layout. Ironically enough, the Northern Illinois train club, was in the biggest room in the convention!
This does not necessary mean the other ball rooms are bad, it’s your personal opinion; do you want to see crazy cool exhibits? Chuggingtons is computer generated, while the original “Thomas and friends” television shows, used real model trains, and used stop motion and lip sync to have the characters talk. Besides the great collection of things selling there, there are also things that isnt worth a million dollars.

The set comes with 142 pieces, and of those 142 pieces it includes 4 pieces of track, one construction worker minifigure, and a fully functional Lego crane.
The expression on her face has the 3d glasses as she did in the Harry potter movie, and makes her stand out from the darker, bland color scheme of the other ones.
That is both an honor, and a privilege, because they are smack dab in the middle of the entire room!
Thomas and friends is beloved by children, and now adults all over the world, compared to Chuggingtons, it looks like another rip off. The Level crossing has a purpose, to stop Lego traffic from the oncoming train, and goes up and down when you choose to close it. It is a Lego only exclusive, so it is only available to your local Lego store, but if there are none near you; it can be ordered directly from Lego shop!
The train runs pretty smoothly, especially when the wheels turn when you push the train around, and so does the spokes on them. Ron Weasley’s car makes an appearance in this set; the Flying Ford Angela is just one of the most beautiful Lego cars that I’ve seen.
The set itself is rather big, there are a total of 584 pieces, and extending at 23 inches (58 centimeters) and 4 (10 centimeters) inches tall. The Lake Michigan Ballroom was for beginner Brickworld enthusiasts, because most of the creators of the sets age range from 10 – 20 years old, while the other ones were mostly adults. But surprisingly enough, I prefer the Chuggingtons over Thomas and friends, because I never got why people liked that show so much. If you haven’t read my Cantigny Illinois 9th Annual Lego Train Show visit, go read it, and to those who did read it saw the impressive arrays of dioramas they have these. The Lego crane that came with the set has a purpose, its purpose is to pick up and put down train tracks, and it also has a unique feature. If you can’t get it, maybe they might drop it in price soon, but better check often Lego often, because these beautiful works of art won’t be around for very long.
The car is just retro, I love the look and design of the 50’s cars, it’s overly awkward squareish look to it, the pin stripe chrome on the sides, and of course the wings of the car if you excuse the pun. All the pieces were put in separate bags, they are divided this way to make it easier to assemble one train car at a time, so you’re not scrambling for that one piece you need, which I thought was a good idea considering how big it is. Go into the River ballroom, where they are selling slightly used and brand new sets, not to mention custom minifigure accessories. In my opinion, the train models from Thomas and friends look kind of out of place, and kind of creepy. It can also ride around the track, because you have an option of lowering the train track wheels to make train track construction a breeze. The car looks slightly different than it did in the movie, but a lot better than the 2004 version less bulky but more of a cleaner look.
There are a total of four train cars in this set, there is the main train engine that suits the name “Western” because it looks exactly that. Well at least this time around, there was more room to walk around, because in the Cantigny hotel, I was only limited to a confined space of where to walk.
Stop motion has that effect to display very inorganic movement, and Thomas and friends was no exception. It also came with three other train carts, a small first class passenger cart, a money train cart (complete with a trap door and a box of dynamite) and a passenger train.
Now I have a lot of room to walk around the display, but like I said they didn’t really make any new stuff this year, so I didn’t bother taking pictures of them.
The Botanic Garden ballroom is your best bet, because they have great exhibits, and they also sell Lego pieces, both old and new for a low price. Almost every kind of vehicle has that weird gray square or circle, with that creepy face in it.
It is much like the Maersk Train set, because it is completely immobilized unless you buy all those attachment for it. Only a small complaint, but for the cars, (excluding the main train) it was difficult to snap on the wheels for the cars, it takes a little strength and patient, but I have none of that so I had someone help me. Besides the Northern Illinois train club people, there were a lot more train displays, and monorail displays!

Subtract all of the standing in line, and Brickworld was one of the best experiences, i ever had. It would be a lot better if they were not as detailed, because it was kind of creepy they have a permanent smile on their face.
With the bulldozer you can clear away rubble, and build your train set, one track at a time. Another complaint I had, was that in the passenger cart in the movie those little ugly troll dolls in them, but this set didn’t have it. The monorail displays excited me, because the tracks are out of production, and in short supply; to see them with my own two eyes was just amazing! I prefer the Chuggingtons more, because it has a lot more vibrant colors, smoother animation, and the trains don’t look half bad. According to Lego, this set is going to get more and more difficult to find, but if you see one on a store shelf, go and pick it up!
This is what ruined the set for me; I don’t want to spend over 100 dollars to have the set motorized. Inside of the Main train engine has all the pretend controls that the driver of the train could use. It would’ve been pretty cool to see in the set, but seeing the size of the cart itself, wouldn’t have been a great idea to put them in. Even more amazing, is instead of a normal layout, they make the monorail tracks bend, turn, go under and over bridges, around a stunning space themed display! Thomas and friends would have faces on the front of the train, but in Chuggingtons its more of using the model of the train, and arranging the train so they look different from one another.
It sort of reminds me of the older sets that use battery boxes, but those sets were like in the 60’s!
There was so much stuff going on besides trains, I did not take a photo of it, but in the corner of the Ravinia room E, there was a Lego Mindstorm battle bots competition. The arena that the Lego Mindstorm battle bots are in is made from Lego mosaic to make it look like the old battle bots show. There are certainly a lot of Chuggingtons themed toys, like tracks, buildings, and of course trains. The old sets required you have a battery box to make it run, but that was so long ago, they replaced that battery box before the end of the 1960.
When the set came out, I was excited because I thought it could go around the track, but alas it doesn’t.
Seeing how this is a Disney set, it wont be around for much longer, so you should get it now! Unfortunately, the most carnage I seen in this competition was seeing a battle bots flip upside down.
But this minor detail does not overshadow the set itself, the set it wonderful and would be a great set to anyone who is a Harry Potter fan, or Lego train buff. The battle itself was not like the show where they destroy each other, but more like a Sumo wrestling, because they would push each battle bots off the edge. And that the power function line is universal, so if you get it once you can use it for all your trains.
I was not sure if there was a prize awarded if someone won, but I assume it be a small Lego accessory of some sort. Right next to the Battlebot arena, there was a large scale Technic themed Chess game going on.
It is a very beautiful set and I would recommend it anyways, even without it being motorized.
I couldn’t try playing the chess game, because there were already two both intellectual people on both sides, going head to head. I don’t think there was a prize to win that either, it was probably just for fun, and that is what Brickworld is all about.

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