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Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. The 60 pieces you will receive, include: Bridge, 23 pieces of track, 4 buildings, 2 barriers, 4 cones, 6 traffic lights, 4 people, 5 tree''s 1 bush, 3 pieces of train and 1 car. To begin with I had no idea how to build this, due to the limited pieces, it can only be built 1 way. While is Oscar is under the age recommendation for this, I found this great for his hand and co-ordination, as well as his problem solving skills with setting up the track.
Last year my son's got a train set and since then we have asked family members if they are stuck to what to buy them for Christmas and birthdays extras for their train set would be excellent like more track, more trains, stations and tunnels.
Funny train spins through the stunt ramp, around the bend, over the bridge & then the crossing gate. Read NextAcer introduced Liquid Jade and Liquid E700 cell phones only for Rs 16999 and 11999.Lava Iris X8 launched with octa-core processor in India at the cost of Rs. This cute rocking elephant is made up of a soft plush body on a hardwood rocker base made of Chinese pine. Get everything you love from the Original Little Red Wagon, but take it further with this all-terrain version. FREE SHIPPING!With our Deluxe Leta€™s Cook Kitchen, kids can cook up a feast without getting a single dish dirty. Playroom rugs from Wooden Toddler Toys make learning fun for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, helping foster developmentally appropriate skills with educational products that have been trusted by parents, teachers, and child development experts for years. Children love to play with train sets, and having a table that is meant just for them makes play time even more enjoyable. The EVA Foam Chairs are expertly cut from soft, sturdy EVA foam - the same material that you'll find inside your athletic shoes. Your little firefighter will love playing the role with the Firestation Play Tent from Bazoongi. All toy blocks from Wooden Toddler Toys are hand crafted with close attention to detail and safety.
The Avalon Table and Chair Set in Honey by KidKraft has a simple shaker design yet classy look. Anatex Toys was the first company to manufacture and distribute Rollercoaster wire bead maze frames in the United States and North America. The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website. So the train set is based around every day life, things that children will see on a day to day basis including Stop signs, Do Not Enter signs, Traffic lights, buildings and woodland. Now we have learnt how to build it, Oscar who is 2.5 years old can build the track himself then set everything up within the track. The track is very well built and is compatible with other brands including ELC, Brio and the thomas sets. A family member bought this set after finding out Chad Valley track was compatible with the set we had. The funny crazy train moving around the track, over the bridge and then crossing the gate with special sound and light is fun to watch. Perfect for use individually or with the other Color Bright Collection pieces, the Guidecraft Color Bright Dishwasher is the wonderfully crafted, realistic blue and white dishwasher with tons of style kids will love! The hands around the world rug is the perfect addition to your child's bedroom or even a classroom. They also have storage solutions, a playhouse prop, and play kitchen furniture.Off we go with the SilverRider Red Wagon by Angeles! This beautiful natural train table is sure to provide young minds with hours of imaginative play, all of it at eye level.
All of our playroom rugs are designed to sharpen emerging senses and developmental skills and encourage young children to further develop their curiosity about the world around them. Train tables come in several styles and are perfect for keeping your train set safe and together. The foam makes them comfortable, safe, lightweight, durable, strong and washable.You'll find that their child-size proportions belie their strength - each piece can support a weight up to 300 pounds! If your daughter dreams of being enchanted royalty, The Fairy Princess Castle Play Tent from Bazoongi Kids is exactly what she needs.
Adorned with all youa€™d need from a Dalmatian to a firetruck, this vibrant red and brown play tent also has a fun firehose which your child can play with.
Our children's blocks will help your children develop size and shape discrimination skills, teach sorting, and foster a sense of order. Wonderful wood toys for all ages, handcrafted toys, activity child table, trains, rocking horses, kitchen play furniture, doctor office toys and children's furniture.
The Avalon Kids Table and Chairs set complements the household while providing a child size place for kids to be comfortable. Flip open the window to peek at the engineer; spin the rattling beads or roller ball, turn the wheel or roll it along. Personally I have some difficulty in getting Oscar to get to nursery without any problems crossing the road etc, we set the track up and used all of the accessories to include it into our everyday life situation to try and show Oscar what to do when crossing the roads, this worked perfectly and the next few days while walking to nursery we talked about the wooden children from his train set who waited at the traffic lights.
The track is very simple and is just a starter set but it boasts to having 60 pieces which we thought was impressive for the price.

This particular set doesn't need to be added to another set and could quite easily be played with alone although I would point out with just set you would be a little limited to track design.
The Color Bright Dishwasher features all the racks for dishes, pots and pans (not included), a sliding tray for easy loading, and an oversized handle for easy access while teaching kids how to load the dishes so they all fit! All Children's Factory educational toys and climbing blocks meet California TB117 Fire Retardant Standards. All of our tea sets are child safe and lead free according to our vendors' and manufacturers' statements of assurance. Take a look at our kitchens and accessories, great for the home as well as schools and daycare centers.
With imagination, innovation and inspiration, KidKraft creates timeless, heirloom-quality furniture that children a€“ and their parents - love. ATWs take adventure beyond the driveway and into the great outdoors, and are the perfect companion for adventurous children of all ages. It includes 200 LEGOA®-compatible blocks and 30-piece train set, a fun gift idea for any young, imaginative child. Our playroom carpets and rugs include vividly printed and patterned rugs that liven up your classroom or play area. Pretty pinks and purples decorate this impressive fortress, and it has a drawbridge door as well as a bright red flag perched flying above.
Therea€™s room inside for them and their little buddies to pretend and play all afternoon, and therea€™s even a hole above a cut-out of a fireman! Our building blocks will help teach your children to stack and sort while developing muscle strength and coordination. The rectangular shape gives children extra play space and ample room for more than 2 children. My only negative is that you are limited to the track being built 1 way, but for a starter set, this set is fantastic. There is only one shape available to build, but we have found it is compatible with other wooden sets we own. With sturdy wooden construction and rounded corners for safety, this toy dishwasher will even make moms jealous! Fun and functionality merge to enthrall and entertain, inspiring children with endless opportunities for imaginative play.Bring your child's imagination to life with this brightly colored, detailed dollhouse! The handle, cleverly designed to keep upright, is comfortable and makes it easy to pull and maneuver. Our stain-resistant rugs make it easy to keep the kids comfortable and keep the carpet looking good with fun themes like farm animals, flowers, community heroes, fish, neighborhoods, ABCs, music, and much more.
This fire station play tent will be a welcome addition to your childa€™s playroom.Home-sweet-home with open and shut doors and windows, perfect for peekaboo fun. Logical thought and imagination will develop when creating and designing a variety of structures. Within the set there are twenty one pieces of wooden track which are compatible with leading train set makes such as Brio, Tesco, Early Learning Centre and the KidKraft set which we have. With the Guidecraft Color Bright Dishwasher, kids will have the convenience and luxury of a high-class kitchen as their imaginations learn and grow! Working lights and realistic sounds make this dollhouse one of a kind while nineteen pieces of furniture allow your child's creativity to shine. Colorful kids area rugs add lively interest and playtime pattern to kids bedrooms and playroom. There is also a bridge and just about everything you need to make a good starter set.The accessories were a great addition, and while some can be hard work for smaller hands they are good value. The inside core is virgin urethane foam that meets all environmental and California Fire Code Requirements. And children, as we all know, love to pretend that they are a grown up just like Mom and Dad.
The company is committed to providing unique, top quality rugs and carpet tile for children of all ages. In addition, they're a terrific patterned alternative to expensive wallpapers and custom paint techniques.
Anatex was commended by the USC School of Business for it's unique and innovative marketing plan of promoting toys through the American Academy of Pediatrics. There are a number of destinations like a bank and a shop that are relatable to children from day to day routines. Children's Factory buys this material in large buns and fabricates all sizes and shapes and configurations in their own plant under exacting quality control standards. Our tea party sets are wonderful for birthday parties, tea with friends, or a tea party with mommy or daddy or family.
There are a range of style pieces with this set the straight pieces are rather short and there is quite a few of them, there are a few corner pieces and a couple of sloping pieces to fit the bridge that is including. Our childrens play tea sets are perfect for playtime and and most are even safe to sip real tea in them!Kids will feel just like mom and dad when they serve their guests delicious drinks from the Prairie Tea Set from KidKraft.
Make the experience as real as possible for them by getting your child a fabulous wooden pretend play kitchen.Create a huge feast in your own kitchen, then clean it all up in your sink.
Our selection of playroom accessories and other educational toys has been carefully chosen and organized by age groups so it's simple to choose a developmentally appropriate product.

The buildings are wooden boards that need to be slotted into their bases which can be hard for smaller hands. All put together it makes a good size loop which has a slight slope to go over the small blue bridge.
This miniature play kitchen set comes with hooks so your young ones can hang out their pots to dry! Joy Carpets is proud to offer the best quality, value, warranty, and service in the industry; premium quality nylon construction combined with state of the art printing ensures superb durability, resilience, and beauty.
Made of quality materials and superior craftsmanship to create a long-lasting product that kids will not outgrow, and not demolish. There really is everything you need for a first train set, but they are perfect to adding to others too.In playAs there are so many accessories my children do not seem to mind about the shape being a simple oval shape.
Along with this are four basic buildings which are a square piece of thin wood stood in a stand painted with building details also there are traffic lights and plenty of road signs, basic shaped people and trees. Testing: All Bazoongi tents meet flammability requirements ASTM-F963 specifications, but are NOT fire Proof. The 60 pieces are mainly decoration pieces for the outside with just 21 pieces of the set being actual train track. All the accessories make the track look more fun and your child can weave the track round them. My children loved the colours from the different accessories and did not seem to mind a limited design.
As your child's imagination grows I feel you will need to expand the track which is easy enough as it is compatible with lots of other brands. My boys have used the set to expand their already large collection of wooden train track and accessories.
With the extra pieces like the buildings, people and surroundings it takes it away from a simple train set, into a full play set for little one.The pieces are very easy to put together and my children can all do this by themselves. The short pieces of straight track have made things interesting for my eldest son who is four years old and enjoys making his own track up.*****Durability***** For the price you pay for this product and the amount you get you would think the quality would be a little poor. The short straights are a little annoying as they could have just been made a little longer, but then this feature of the track is something that made it unique. But you could not be more wrong, yes it isn't up to the quality of the Brio products and you could tell by the feel of the product but it is still good quality.
My son loves these short straights for making up different designs with his other wooden sets, as it is a 60 piece set you need somewhere to store the entire track. I do feel the accessories are very average but again you can't expect too much for the price you pay.
We have a separate box so the pieces are all in one place, but we have lost a few along the way.The quality is fantastic for the price you pay. All of the pieces can be used with other wooden sets and the quality is just as good, if not better than more expensive sets we have purchased. We have had this set for a good few months now and it has been put to the test with my youngest son who is a little rough with wooden products and it is still in perfect condition. The blue bridge is maybe slightly flimsy but is still standing in our household!*****Price*****As with all Chad Valley products they are great toys on shoe string budget. They give you good quality toys that have little fault with them just maybe not quite as well thought out than other leading brands.
The accessories are again made out of durable wood, and have been used by my children on a regular basis, often resulting in them being dropped and bashed about.
The wooden bridge can feel a little shaky at time which only adds to my children fun, but I do think that could have been a little more durable. I would highly recommend this product it would make a great fun gift for any child train mad or not. This is a little difficult to add to other sets also, and you need the two connecting pieces to be used with it or it will not work.
Also the two connecting pieces are difficult to attach to the lower track for smaller hands, but after some practise they can now do it.My children really love this set and have received many hours of play from it. It is sturdy, durable and the extra accessories while only there for decoration seem to have a magical effect on their imagination. There is no reason that it cannot be used by a younger child and we were happy for him to use it under supervision. It helps to push their imagination and is nice to have a classic wooden set without the bells and whistles of some of the other trains we own.I would recommend this train set to anyone looking for a simple starter set. It is also perfect for expanding other wooden train sets you own, and we have found them to work with a number of alternatives. The simple oval design can be a little boring, but the accessories add colour and add to my children's imagination. For the small price of ?9.99 you receive a durable starter set that is great at boosting imaginations. We have found a number of Chad valley toys to be fantastic quality at a low price and this is certainly one of them.

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