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Gold accented features, the sight of train smoke, and sounds of life-like trains will make your holiday season extra memorable.
Setup the MOTA toy train as a beautiful decor piece in your living room or on your dining room table. Eliminating stress by providing an easy setup experience, the tracks are uniquely designed to snap together effortlessly. The Classical Santa Holiday Train package is the perfect gift for any family member, loved ones, friends, relatives, or favorite sibling.
The MOTA Holiday Train Set is a uniquely designed train filled with features that makes it a one of a kind item.

This train hauls three classically designed cargo carts around in a customizable track that is easy-to-build. Animated features are clearly labeled which makes controlling the train super user friendly. Assemble this train around the base of your favorite Christmas tree to add that extra holiday joy to any home.
Almost all of the large brand names that make wooden trains like BRIO Train have these kind of sets..
The MOTA Holiday train produces authentic sounds, lighting effects, and even real smoke that will please spectators of all ages.

Wooden Train Set Compatible with Thomas & Brio Avaliable best prices limited only The Deluxe 80 Pc.
This train set is a wonderful gift, especially during the holidays, for anyone who would like to celebrate the holidays with some extra pizzazz. For families that prefer a less realistic experience, the smoke and sound can be turned off.

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