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Yeah its a fun movie but sure had some very confusing geography in it, I never knew Monument Valley AND the Rocky Mountains were both in TEXAS! I get more upset about movies that have all kinds of gun fire and explosions, which the authorities never seem to hear.
Andre your right, all that was missing to make it a perfect fantasy was a Road Runner being chased by an Acme rocket riding Coyote. BTW, did anybody catch the double meaning of Helena Bonham Carter's character Red Harrington? The overwhelming majority of movies that have things going on in space pretend time dilation isn't a thing. Did you expect any movie based on totally fictional characters to be accurate from a historical or engineering perspective as well as adhering to the known laws of physics? And yes, I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat at the sight of the Bachmann train almost as much as at the embarrassingly cheesy music at the end. When I first heard that Johnny Depp was playing Tonto, I knew this movie would have no reality nor any resemblance to prior Lone Ranger movies or TV shows. The layout contains one oval loop and a short linear track inside the loop with bumpers on each end.

Below is a picture of me on Christmas Day (1959, I believe) playing with the Lionel 2191W outfit.
Whether indoors or outdoors, on tracks or smooth surfaces, the Peg Perego Choo Choo Express train is safe and easy to use: simply press the button on the handlebar to start. Sounds and flashing lights accompany your child's first journeys into the world, sitting comfortably on a fire-red locomotive. A figure of eight track set is also available as an optional extra for the Choo Choo ride on train. A switch stand that can only be operated by someone on the train hitting it with a shovel or other object. A horse and two riders jumping off the roof of a burning barn and dropping about 30 feet without injury to the horse or riders (we'll ignore how the horse got up there in the first place). Two parallel tracks, in the mountains, separated at by at least 100 feet horizontally and more, that have no apparent use other than to make some of the scenes in the movie possible. Tonto and Reid surviving the first train wreck, a wreck that would have killed anybody on board, let alone two people chained to each other on top of the car. The cavalry captain firing what appears to have been something on the order of about 200 rounds out of a pair of revolvers that are only capable of firing a maximum of 6 rounds each without reloading.

The train has 4, then 5, then 4 cars, is set in 1972, but had a Genesis unit on each end, And they swap ends as the scene plays out evidenced by the 2 different paint schemes Not to mention the interior shots were done in a slab sided coach with a 2 piece window, but the exterior shots were not!
There was nothing to get right as it wasn't intended to be an accurate representation of anything. That was one of the great films ever, and nobody had their skulls crushed by heavy timber beams, as I recall. Sousa was 15 in 1869 and didn't write the tune until 1896, over a quarter of a century after the events portrayed in the film were purported to happen. When the Virginia and Truckee was finally abandoned in 1950, the railroad was still using stub switches.
Og vil heller anbefale GOD musikk, og har som mal a anmelde musikk jeg LIKER, istedenfor a skrive slakteanmeldelser for a fa ut innestengt aggresjon over egen utilstrekkelighet. But the things those characters were regularly shown doing would have killed a human being twenty times over in horribly grisly ways.

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