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Whittle Shortline Railroad is based in Louisiana, Missouri and creates trains from reforested birch hardwood.
When the business outgrew the family home, it moved into and renovated the Frisco Hotel in Valley Park, Missouri, the former hangout of the Frisco Railroad.
The company makes a range of specialty train sets, from Chicago’s Metra to the Canadian National Train. Fortunately, they are backlogged and can’t fill any new orders before Christmas 2007. Maple Landmark produces a range of wooden toys made primarily from local rock maple, and some pine and cherry.
My son (age 4) insists that they are actually called the Little Shortline Railroad, and if you try to correct him he just points out that the trains are very little.
I wish that I could pick up some of their train cars to replace the Thomas the Train stuff that was on my nephew’s list!
In the UK and other parts of the world it is also known as a shunting train, a compact workhorse used in a shunting yard to move both trains and carriages (or railway cars) in a marshalling yard.This project is intended to be a display model even though it is simple enough to be made by an ambitious beginner. When I first saw this plan, I was amazed at the level of detail, and knowing the level of skill amongst model makers out there, I thought the toy was to be made entirely out of wood. However, upon a random perusal of the text, I learned that the boiler was made from a cardboard tube.

These construction notes are based on the original wooden toy train plans.Each wheel is made by centering the stock on a piece of wood that is fastened onto the lathe faceplate, then turning the edge to form a flange.
Cut the saddle, boiler foundation, cylinders and steam chests to the right size, assemble them, and fasten them to the frame. Visit the woodworking projects gallery to view projects from people all around the world.
More wooden toy train plans included in books on toymakers wooden vehicles from well known authors such as Norm Marshall and Ralph S. Animated Motorbike Scroll Saw Pattern Apr 05, 16 08:58 PMAnimated motorbike scroll saw pattern showing how to make a motorcycle for Batman.
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Like every good family-owned business, this one started when a wife gave her husband a compound mitre saw. It traces its origins to a kid and his woodworking hobby in his parent’s basement in the 1970s. Each train car is shaped in a different letter of the alphabet in bright primary colors (natural wood and pastel colors are also available).
Buy one for your infant and display it until your child is old enough to play with the train.

I’m thinking from the perspective of an American toy manufacturer who is competing on a very uneven playing field.
RSS feed is provided for personal private use, not full-text syndication on public third party sites. Og vil heller anbefale GOD musikk, og har som mal a anmelde musikk jeg LIKER, istedenfor a skrive slakteanmeldelser for a fa ut innestengt aggresjon over egen utilstrekkelighet. Put the dowels spacers, as shown, on the rear pins, add the main rods, and tack on two more celluloid disks. For the moment, leave the forward ends of the main rods alone.Cut the saddle, boiler foundation, cylinders and steam chests to the right size, assemble them, and fasten them to the frame.
There are two firebox foundations, as indicated, cut to fit under the aft end on the boiler.
The forward one is fastened with two screws, the after one with three screws that pass first through the rear cross brace.
The front end of the boiler is tied to the foundation and the saddle with a machine screw.Turn the steam dome, sand box and stack on the lathe and hollow the lower ends to fit the boiler.

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