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The city has a customer-friendly parking policy, with free two-hour on-street parking and a validation program that forgives tickets for shoppers who stay longer. Downtown Dover is one of three New Hampshire stops on Amtrak’s Downeaster passenger rail service connecting Portland, Maine, to Boston, Massachusetts. The center also houses C&J Trailways, the second largest provider of intercity bus transportation in Northern New England. COAST Bus, the regional transit system, serves 13 Seacoast municipalities, and Wildcat Transit serves travelers to Durham and the University of New Hampshire. The readily accessible Spaulding Turnpike links Dover to Pease International Tradeport and the Route 95 corridor, which is just 15 minutes to the south.
The Cochecho River, linking downtown Dover to the Piscataqua River, offers boaters virtually unrestricted access to the Atlantic Ocean. Amtrak Train TicketAMTRAK TRAIN TICKET9 save ticket codes advance seating maximum price 2012. It serves five destinations with over 30 daily departures from the New Hampshire Seacoast and Newburyport to Logan Airport and Boston, Massachusetts. May anywhere hiawatha in ticket new station commuters 28 to ticket traveller than 2011 entirely.

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