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To answer your question about having a large downtown, this refers to the numbers of people who actually LIVE in the city downtown. Very interesting stat: Philly must be very dense, because Seattle's skyline looks so much bigger. Pittsburgh has, in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous skylines in the nation for its setting at the confluence of three rivers with the mountains surrounding it.
That Comcast Center is the first major skyscraper to be built in Philadelphia in the last two or three decades that I actually think looks good.
Keep in mind that Philadlephia had a skyscraper limit on the maximum height until 1986, its not going to wow anyone with its height.
Heres the Statue of Billy Penn atop city hall which had been the tallest point in Philaldephia until 1986(517 feet).
While the Scranton commuter tax has yet to be implemented, some of those subject to it are already striking back, advocating a boycott of city businesses.
The administrator of the site, Dan Cheek, said he started the site after seeing a lack of a€?cohesive oppositiona€? to the commuter tax.
Since launching the site three weeks ago, Cheek said therea€™s been a growing amount of traffic.
While the website links liberally to The Times-Tribune, a Times-Shamrock newspaper, a post describing a€?20 Easy Ways to Protest the Scranton Commuter Taxa€? suggests boycotting the newspaper, which is headquartered in Scranton. The Act 205 commuter tax will raise an estimated $5.1 million a year and must be used specifically to shore up the citya€™s severely underfunded pension system. Some suggestions on the website include brown bagging lunches, not shopping at Scranton stores and gassing up outside of Scranton. It also urges people to include a€?#ScrantonBoycotta€? when they use social media to check in to a business outside of Scranton to indicate economic activity shifting because of the boycott. Several of the posts to the Boycott Scranton Facebook page, while not supportive of the commuter tax, criticized the boycott effort, characterizing it as misplaced aggression.
Jim Boccardo, owner of Boccardo Jewelers in Scranton, hasna€™t had any of his customers say they would stay away, but he thinks a boycott of Scranton business is illogical. Tom Sheakoski, owner of longtime downtown restaurant Pizza by Pappas said none of his customer brought up the boycott, but he heard of the effort on talk radio.

The Scranton Boycott effort seems unwinnable if the citya€™s financial situation is that dire and rolling back the commuter tax unlikely, said Christopher Elliot, an Orlando, Fla.-based consumer and transportation industry blogger. To comment you must first create a profile and sign-in with a verified DISQUS account or social network ID. Detroit became the biggest American city to file for bankruptcy after its emergency manager filed for Chapter 9 protection on Thursday, with more than $18 billion in accrued obligations, according to Michigan's governor. In meetings with debt holders last month, Orr had indicated there was a 50-50 chance the city would need to file for Chapter 9 protection as it tried to convince creditors to accept pennies on the dollar to deal with its financial problems.
If the bankruptcy filing is approved, Detroit's assets could be liquidated to meet creditor payments.
Orr, who was hired in March to assist with the city's budget, had tried to appeal to creditors by warning of the effect on the people of Detroit. To help save money, the city had closed certain public offices on occasional budget-required furlough days, including its City Council and Mayor's Office. In a statement, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said, ""Today's bankruptcy filing is an unfortunate event in our City's history.
The city of Harrisburg, Pa., is still trying to fill its coffers after filing for bankruptcy in 2011.
Michigan's emergency managers were created by the Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act, introduced by Republican Gov.
Emergency managers have grabbed the reins in other fiscally troubled cities in Michigan, like Ecorse (population 11,230).
Detroit's population has fallen as much as 25 percent in the last decade as it lost a quarter-million residents between 2000 and 2010. The Central Railroad of New Jersey Freight Station in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States was the western terminus of the Central Railroad of New Jersey line, 192 miles (309 km) from the other end in Jersey City, New Jersey. Union Pacific Big Boy 4012 was one of twenty-five 4-8-8-4 locomotives built by ALCO for the Union Pacific. Boston is an awesome city, but I think because it's so well-known, people that only hear of it and have never visited automatically think it's a huge city. It also has some of the most distinct, ethnically-oriented neighborhoods you'll find anywhere.
The Throop resident does not work in Scranton, but said his wife and several friends and loved ones do.

On the most recent First Friday visitors to her gift shopa€™s open house reiterated their support for her business.
Please help police the community by flagging offensive comments for our moderators to review. Attorneys for Jefferson County have submitted plans to exit its historic $4.23 billion bankruptcy.
While it has never been my desire that the City file for bankruptcy, I understand why Kevyn found it necessary to do so. The city is hosting an auction of Old West items this week from an American West museum that never opened. In 2011, the city had the fastest population decline in the city's history -- reaching the level of the 1910 census.
It is located on West Lackawanna Avenue just over the Lackawanna River from downtown Scranton, near Steamtown National Historic Site.Built in 1891 in a Romanesque style, it was at first an unusual instance of a freight terminal being more visually striking than its corresponding passenger terminal.
So Philly is getting into the modern skyscraper game way late.All of the taller buildings(save Comcast) you see in the skyline were built in the late 80's early 90's. When the railroad shut down its Pennsylvania operations in 1972 during bankruptcy proceedings, the terminal was closed by the Lehigh Valley Railroad, which took them over, and has remained unused ever since.
The media likes to give it a black eye due to its very high violent crime rate, even though it also conveniently forgets that the high crime should be directly blamed on SUBURBIA for fleecing the city of its middle-class, not upon the city itself. Nelson Blount by the UP Railroad in the first half of the 1960s when Steamtown, USA was located in Bellows Falls, Vermont. It also tends to be a retirement destination for those who have lived in nearby larger cities. Then you have Scranton, one of those nitty-gritty, down-to-earth, blue-collar Rust Belt towns with friendly folks, little crime, and a location only two hours from either NYC or Philly. Throw in the occasional tornado, a few shakes of Will Rogers humor, and some of the friendliest people you'll meet anywhere.

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