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It is a challenge to stay in as you advance through levels and race against more, faster opponents. It starts out pretty boring, honestly, but as you purchase different strategies and guns the fun increases. Go through new levels and challenge yourself to beat your old times while collecting speed bonuses and jumping over airplanes, trucks, cars, and buses. As a soldier in WW2 you are battling the Japanese and pass through levels collecting more guns, ammo, and other mysterious objects.

Throw grenades and terminate your enemies as the difficulty rises and see if you can make it all the way. A brand new game (only a few months old on miiniclip) that caught our attention right away. Escape from "The corporation" and don't forget to stock up on gasoline and repairs that you will need to survive. Rail of War - Rail of War - a game whith a train .Play it free, rate it, send to your friends, add the Miniclip Games code to your blog or Myspace.

Once you lose you get set back to the first level and it's near impossible to play this game only once.
I don't even know if their is an end but test your skills and maybe you'll find yourself atop the leaderboard.

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