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The Ghost Train Festival at Tweetsie Railroad rolls into town for the 2014 season September through November for the annual thrills, chills and excitement spook-tacular.
Travel back to the Great Train Wreck of 1913 and relive the history and terror that came with a trip down Tweetsie’s tracks a century ago on the Ghost Train. The Ghost Train Festival features events like the Haunted House, Halloween shows, an exciting 3-D Maze, The Black Hole and even trick-or-treating in the Freaky Forest. Enjoy a spooky stroll through the Freaky Forest and encounter spooky surprises along the pathway of terror. While some of the attractions at the Ghost Train Festival are recommended for adults and older children, there is still plenty of young guests to do, including trick or treating throughout the park and a show at the Haunted Palace Saloon. Guests of all ages will enjoy spook-tacular family fun at the park, and brave Ghost Train riders will experience frights and delights around every corner.
On many nights, tickets for the Ghost Train Festival sell out far in advance, so guests are encouraged to order advanced tickets online. Every year when Halloween comes around, Tweetsie Railroad welcomes the Ghost Train Festival, which offers nights of fright to brave guests who are courageous enough to brave the Ghost Train and the many spooky activities that go along with it. The Ghost Train Festival comes out at night with many ghastly attractions to give guests thrills and chills all night long. Since the Ghost Train Festival is a nighttime attraction, some attractions are not open during the festival hours. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. On 2 November 1906, Mr E S Salambo opened “Dreamland” which was an outdoor amusement park situated approximately where Luna Park stands today. Dreamland was demolished in 1909, but one ride, The Figure-8, located approximately on the site of the Palais Theatre, was popular enough to be retained. Together with Herman, Harold and Leon Phillips from Seattle, and 20 other imported American fun fair experts, the company began work on the construction of Luna Park. Other key instigators with experience at Coney Island were Louis Corbeille who was responsible for many of the original illusions and effects, and the Whitney Brothers George and Leo Whitney (Warren Crandall's Mother's Uncles) who invented the while-you-wait photographic studio first seen at Luna Park, Coney Island. The design of the park was quite open, with attractions arranged around the perimeter except for the Bowl Slide and the Ferris Wheel. In early 1914 The Argus reported that Luna Park was drawing 8,000 to 10,000 people each Saturday night. After a dispute over the lease and difficulties getting materials due to the War, Luna Park was not reopened until 1923. For the 1928 season, the Water Chute was remodelled into the Jack and Jill (a ride similar to the American Bowl Slide), and the Goofy House was added. In 1934 more rides were purchased including The Caterpillar and The Pretzel (an original Pretzel Company Installation - see image below), but the season was marred by the first death on the Big Dipper.
The mid 1930's was the beginning of the international Big Band era, and competitions were held at Luna Park.

A new Big Dipper station, resurrecting the earlier oriental style, was also probably erected at this time. The Second World War forced Luna Park to operate under blackout conditions but was a popular attraction for the scores of visiting American servicemen.
By the 1980's, the Australian perception of an Amusement Park was heavily influenced by visits to and images from major Theme Parks such as Disneyland, not to mention major Theme Parks on Australia's Gold Coast.
In April 2001, the Park closed for one of the few times in its history in order to complete the $10M AUD refurbishment of the 1.5 hectare Park. Experience the thrills and chills as ghost sand spirits pursue passengers around every bend! Brave guests can also tour the Haunted House and explore 13 creepy rooms that challenge the imagination. Attractions include Ghost Train Rides, the exciting Haunted House, special Halloween shows, a 3-D maze, The Black Hole, trick-or-treating and the Freaky Forest. Advanced tickets are highly recommended, as a limited number of guests are admitted nightly. Its attractions included Mt Fujiyama, The Rivers of the World, the Destruction of San Francisco, the Underworld, the Figure-8, a Grecian Theatre, an airship and a band. Williams Amusement Company acquired a lease on the land in 1911 to build a new amusement park for a ten year period at £400 per annum. The centre was also the location for most of the live entertainment, particularly a high-wire for acrobatic performances.
Some of the original attractions included the Scenic Railway roller coaster, the River Caves (a romantic boat journey through exotic scenes), the Pharaoh's Daughter (an exotic performance auditorium also known as the Egyptian Theatre), the American Bowl Slide (a giant slide down a chute into a revolving bowl of polished wood), the Palais de Folies (incorporating the Whitney Electric Photographic Studio), the Palace of Illusions (which exhibited the genius of Louis Corbeille), the Terrace Tea Gardens (where 2000 patrons could enjoy tea on a terrace perched above the river caves with views of the bay), the Ferris Wheel and numerous American slot machines (that used dimes). New scenes were added to the River Caves, the Scenic Railway was overhauled, the Palais de Folies was extended, the American Bowl Slide was removed, and the temples and pavilions were renovated and repainted. The Scenic Railway remained operating, but the Park as a whole was only opened for patriotic events. The interior of the Park was transformed, and only the Scenic Railway, the Palais de Folies (renamed ‘Funnyland'), and the River Caves were essentially the same as before the War.
A complete new building, in an eclectic French-Chateau style, was built over the Whip, with the Dodgems installed on the first floor. For the season of 1937-38, to commemorate the Parks 25th anniversary, the Carousel enclosure was redecorated to resemble a birthday cake.
Like the rest of St Kilda, Luna Park became more heavily associated with sexual desire, and loosening morals. In 1993, the Park's owner set about drafting as grand new Development Plan, which included the restoration of the Park's remaining heritage features and the installation of state-of-the-art attractions. BCR Asset Management adopted the key heritage elements of the Development Plan and proceeded to refurbish and restore the landmark features of the Park such as the “Mr Moon” entrance façade, the Scenic Rail, the 1934 Pretzel Ride, and the 1913 PTC#30 Carousel. With the exception of the Park's heritage structures, the entire park was stripped bare and a major construction exercise began to reinstall the Park's infrastructure and some of its existing attractions. James Dixon Williams had moved to Australia from Canada with the intention of expanding his amusement interests.

A main attraction at the park was live entertainment which included the Luna Park Band, high wire performances, performing animals, acrobats, trick cyclists, a troop of midgets, and a Swedish diver, Miss Thelin who dove into a pool from a 50 ft tower into a tub of blazing water with her clothes alight.
The River Caves were filled with British and Australian Naval history and monuments, and the Kaiser's Kitchen in the Palace of Illusions was a game in which patrons hurled crockery at an effigy of Kaiser Wilheim II.
New attractions included a Carousel, The Whip, a Water Chute, Noah's Ark, and the Big Dipper, which in its day was known as the Supreme Thrill Machine. He managed to secure a long lease over the site and then proceeded immediately to sell the Park.
This was when the Tunnel Of Terror was refurbished and presented as the current Ghost Train. The photo studios were renovated and the River Caves were remodelled to resemble the tropics. In 1926 the Phillips company was also undertaking the construction of the Palais Picture Theatre. The Carousel, Dodgems, Jack and Jill, and Penny Arcade were at long last renovated and the popular Rotor was installed. At the time, the community feared that Luna Park would once again fall into the hands of shortsighted owners with little imagination or commitment.
Because the daytime admission and Ghost Train Festival are separate events, tickets purchased for daytime admission do not cover the Ghost Train Festival. The Scenic Railway is reportedly a replica of the roller-coaster he built for The Great Durbar Exhibition of Old Bombay for the visit of King George V in 1911.
A fake mountain, complete with goats and model Swiss Chalets, was probably constructed in this year, over the River Caves, and partly obscured the Big Dipper. The Rotor ride had been recently patented and a matching example was also built in Sydney in 1951.
On October 1st 2001, a mere five months after its closure, the Park re-opened to the public to rave reviews and capacity attendance. The Park was renamed the ‘New Luna Park' and advertising was aimed at children who were admitted free to Saturday Matinees. Over the next thirty years, Luna Park struggled to maintain the popularity it had developed early in its life.
It seemed that the new Luna Park was once again exciting and delighting generations of Australians and retaking its place in the hearts and minds of the community. A series of new owners with little real vision or commitment came and went, leaving behind a Park in desperate need of major capital reinvestment. Since the redevelopment in 2001, the Park continues to improve its annual visitation and revenue and plans are now underway to add more new attractions and facilities.

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