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This file photo from March 2012, shows a part of a subterranean system built by Nazi Germany in what is today Gluszyca-Osowka, Poland.
WARSAW, Poland -- A Polish official said Friday he has seen an image made by ground-penetrating radar that seemed to prove the discovery of an armored Nazi train missing in southwestern Poland since World War II.Local lore says a German train filled with gold, gems and armaments went missing around the city of Walbrzych while it was fleeing the Red Army in the spring of 1945. On Sunday, explorers found the remnant of the Soviet fighter-bomber plane in the Bzura River, a tributary of the Vistula, near the village of Kamion in central Poland.
A TRAIN thought to be packed with treasure looted by the Nazis could be just one of three hidden in secret tunnels in Poland, experts said last night. ERTL Gold Rail Series of diecast Thomas trains and playsets were offered in the early 1990's exclusively by ERTL (1993-1994).

This exclusive line also offered 4 playsets and it's interesting to note that train tracks were available but this is consistent with the other diecast series of Thomas trains made by ERTL.
Parallel to this offering of Shining Time Station Gold Rail series trains was a similar series made in Japan by Bandai Tecs. Fortune-hunters have looked for the so-called "gold train" for decades, and in the communist era, the Polish army and security services carried out apparently fruitless searches for it.During the war, the Germans built a system of underground tunnels in the mountainous region of Walbrzych and the city of Wroclaw, from where the train is believed to have departed. The pieces have been moved to a museum in nearby Wyszogrod for examination, with more recovery work planned for Saturday.The head of the museum, Zdzislaw Leszczynski, told The Associated Press that parts of Soviet uniforms, a parachute, a sheepskin coat collar, parts of boots, a pilot's personal TT pistol and radio equipment were found, along with a lot of heavy ammunition. This Gold Rail Series of diecast trains consisted of 14 engines and cars based on the main characters, all of which featured unique magnetic couplings to join them. The scale of these die-cast trains was considered smaller than a standard HO scale train but they were very detailed to say the least.
Apparently the Japanese Bandai Tecs series was more extensive offering many train characters and more plays than the short series by ERTL Gold Rail.

Since being retired as of 1993 these are not common and this one is in excellent condition. Inside the hidden train - of whose existence I am convinced - there could be dangerous materials from the time of World War II," Zuchowski said.
23, 2015 photo made available by the firefighter brigade in Wyszogrod, central Poland, firefighters are retrieving the remains of a Soviet WW II fighter-bomber plane from muddy riverbed near Wyszogrod.

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