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Written by two steam enthusiasts, this book provides a last look at steam trains in 55 countries, from Argentina and Bangladesh to Vietnam and New Zealand. Here is the bygone steam landscape captured in the last minutes of the steam era, with photos of both steam locomotives and steamboats. In hundreds of stirring photographs, this book chronicles America's most colorful industrial transition: the change-over of the railroad industry from the power of steam to the throbbing pulse of the diesel.
The piece is often attributed to Duke himself but history tells us Billy Strayhorn is the actual composer.

Hill, Empire Builder, builder of "the best possible line," builder of the Great Northern, said it best: "Most men who have really lived have had, in some shape, their great adventure. There are several explanation.The most obvious reason for is that G# is a relatively common passing note in the key of C. It resides chromatically between the fifth and sixth degrees of the scale (the G and A notes).
In this case: G7(b9).But the G# in bars 3 and 4 of Take the a Train is sounded during a D7 chord, functioning as a II chord!

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