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ABOUT MEJeremy Styron has been a journalist for 11 years and currently works in the Knoxville area of Tennessee.
After couplers are installed, follow testing instructions below to assure proper operations. Place car on track, and check coupler height using Micro-Trains #1055 Coupler Height Gauge (Fig.
Make sure bulge part of kingpin hole is towards center of car, to give added clearance for coupler draft gear box. Train Couplers The Micro-Trains conversions from here in San Leandro by means of a selection of cities mouse.

Way occurred to me that tour was with the Cincinnati and numerous other elements of operations, modeling, and. Bill Haslam on Tennessee’s bill to christen the Bible as the official book of the state. If couplers cross the wrong way over uncoupler, locking closed instead of open, adjust trip pin angle. If trip pin is too short or long, adjust by pulling or pushing up or down in coupler shank.
To keep wheel sets properly gauged and to test couplers, use Micro-Trains #1055 Height Gauge.

Couplers should move freely from side to side, in and out, always returning to center position. This terrific tool does six jobs 1) wheel width gauge, 2) uncoupler gluing jig (hold uncoupler in place), 3) track width gauge, 4) car underframe (coupler mounting platform) height gauge, 5) coupler height gauge, and 6) trip pin height gauge (#1056 is included in the #1055 package).

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