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These three colors have been used over and over in different flags; whether these colors stand for fire, wind, and water in your mind, or for bravery, peace, and strength, their reflection in the sky is just magnificent. The bison is a majestic, if smelly, creature that has called North America home since prehistoric times. In April 2016, the US House of Representatives and the Senate passed a bill that would honor the country's largest land mammal, the American bison, as our national mammal.
Wikimedia CommonsThe photo above, taken in 1870, depicts a pile of bison skulls waiting to be ground up and made into fertilizer.Centuries ago, US settlers massacred the species. The bison used to roam the plains in numbers as high as 60 million, helping sustain indigenous people by providing food, clothing, shelter, and fuel.

Sadly, westward expansion during the 19th century nearly wiped bison from the Great Plains. In 1800, it was estimated there were forty million bison, by 1883, there were few wild bison in the United States - most were in Yellowstone National Park. From beachy and bright to boat and moonlight, the irresistible desings in our Sun and Sand train make it a great kite to fly at the beach. This irresistible train of colors has a rainbow-like quality in the sky and will attract all eyes to its beauty.
The bipartisan legislation now awaits consideration by President Obama, who has the power to sign the bill into law a€” or veto it.

Many Native American tribes still consider the bison a sacred and spiritual symbol of their history. Thanks to a concerted effort by ranchers, conservationists, tribes, and politicians, the bison has returned from the brink of extinction a€” and today these awesome beasts thrive.

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