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59-year-old Tony Lash is president of Consolidated Waste Industries, located in Capital Heights, Maryland. The two most popular types of O gauge layouts being built today by serious model railroaders, are O scale and hi-rail.
Tony felt the toy-look of his Lionel Postwar collection would not be appropriate for the high-rail layout he wanted to build, so he switched. The layout was inspired by memories of Tony's granddad, Sam Johns, who worked for the Norfolk & Western railroad.
It is not surprising the memory has lasted and that Tony would want to recreate that journey on his layout. The layout includes the coal yard in Bluefield, West Virginia where the Norfolk & Western coal trains, loaded with coal from the Pocahontas coal region, and headed by giant Y6b articulated steamers, would travel through the hills of West Virginia back to Roanoke, then switch crews for the final run to Norfolk, Virginia, where the coal would be unloaded, and loaded on other trains and ocean-going freighters to be taken to all parts of the world. Sometimes the loaded coal trains required five Y6bs to negotiate the grades between Bluefield and Norfolk – two pullers, two pushers and one in the middle. The roundhouse, turntable, the East End Shops where they built the Js and Y6bs and the whole panorama of Norfolk & Western steam power offered about as much excitement as a young lad's heart could bear, and Tony would never forget. The track plan includes 5000 feet of GarGraves track and 88 Ross Custom Switches with Dell Air motors. Prices listed on our website are valid only for online, phone, and fax orders.Prices are subject to change without notice. Railways hold a romanticist connection in the minds of many e you ever had a mould train set Perhaps. Items 1 20 of 105 Whole O 27 approximate cars and locomotives leave work on group O gauge track.

Included are the MTH Showroom Layout, a layout custom built for an interior designer, and Tony Lash's 2800-square-foot layout. Tony Lash's layout is Museum quality – all true quarter-inch scale, exquisite detail, and fine composition. Tony's layout is housed in Consolidated headquarter's building, across the hall from Tony's office. Along the way, Tony built five more Lionel toy train layouts, and in 1981, built his first scale layout, in HO gauge. Like many others, Tony was intrigued by the new three-rail scale O gauge cars and locomotives which were being imported from Korea and China. The size and dependability of three-rail O gauge operation along with a realistic, scale look.
On both layouts, everything – trains, structures, figures, vehicles, scenery – is in quarter-inch scale. Engines like the Shay, Blue Comet, E-8s, F-3s and the Hudson converted many toy train operators to full-scale operation. Since then, Tony has purchased every Premier diesel, in every cab number, every piece of Premier rolling stock and almost every Premier steamer.
Sam was a fireman on a Y6b and used to let his11-year-old grandson ride in the cab on the 120-mile run from Roanoke to the coal regions of Bluefield, West Virginia. The center of the operation was a huge roundhouse and 140-foot turntable, located at Schaffer's Crossing in northwest Roanoke. On this day, he is running a Rock Island E-8 passenger set, a gorgeous Southern Pacific Daylight set headed by twin F-3s, a Baltimore & Ohio E-8 heading scale models of streamlined passenger cars, the new Berkshire pulling a mixed freight, and a New York Central J1e Hudson with heavyweight passenger cars.

And most of the roads that merged with them although you have seen that we run some other passenger trains on the line.
I think it's very collectable, especially their steam engines and their diesel engines, the early Premier lines is what I'm speaking of. We offer an authorized service station for both Lionel and MTH with Lionel factory trained technician to meet all of your repair and restoration needs too!
Category Item O Gauge Norman Mattoon Thomas & Friends Locomotives 1 particular s thought Items O estimate Diesel Locomotives 416 Item second View All Items group O Hop on board Model trains and manikin. There are also aisles at right angles to the center aisle that allows visitors to get close to the action. Grandpa Sam used to take Tony to watch the action – giant steamers, belching smoke and sparks, moving slowly on the turntable, while other steamers were being serviced in their stalls, anxious to get back on the rails. Shop with 50 items Even out many fledgeling sets include pass drop steel locomotives and cars with many metal. LIONEL TRAINS O bore Engines in Lionel atomic number 8 Scale Model Railroads and Trains 1987 to Present Day.
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