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Since the plan is in it’s infancy, no one is sure where this stop would be in Hoboken, but that sure would be pretty interesting to give residents and commuters a new option! Memberrich k5 years 6 months agoThis should have been part of the plan from the get go, even with the ARC tunnel. The ARC plan, in contrast, seemed to be a way to facilitate the export of state income tax revenues.
Great news for anyone who commutes from NJ to NYC: the city is thinking about extending the number 7 train right to Secaucus, New Jersey, meaning a ride from Midtown would be just about 16 minutes. According to a recently released study, adding a 7 train line extension across the Hudson can accommodate an extra 128,000 commuters a day. Though there’s no definitive financial plan for how much the project would cost, the idea here is that in a bi-state partnership and with federal and city funding underwriting the project, the tunnel would extend the number 7 train service through Midtown, cross the river and connect with the existing Frank R. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.

The 16th and Clinton stop makes a good idea even better, especially if the HBLR were actually extended to Bergen County. The current mode of transportation that many NJers employ to get into Manhattan, the Path train, is less than ideal and the other option, buses out of Port Authority, isn’t much better. With the demand for mass transit between New Jersey and Manhattan increasing (it’s expected to balloon by 38 percent by 2030), the need for another way to get daily commuters in and out of the city isn’t about convenience, it’s about necessity. They have a judge and Mayoral newly assigned…Chow on Hoboken Ice Cream TrucksSuch nonsense. For New Jersey residents, the hassle of living over yonder while making a living in a New York office can prove to be a tiring experience, but the possibility of a 7 train line extension could mean a world of difference.
Subsequently, the move would call for improvements to Grand Central, Time Square and Bryant Park where the 7 train is already servicing passengers. A related note – what is Christie going to do when Amtrak, which owns the existing tunnels, tells NJT that they’re taking some of their rush hour slots back to accommodate extra high-speed northeast corridor trains, an improvement paid for in part by the money he gave back?

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It should keep going, adding more stops on the West Side before going under the river to us. 7 Train having a stop here in Hoboken” doesn’t actually mention the prospect of a Hoboken stop anywhere within its text, and neither do any of the other major coverages.

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