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By the end of next year, travellers will be able to make the 306-mile trip from London to Paris in just two hours, thanks to a 200mph state-of-the-art Siemens e320 trainIn a A?550 million deal, Eurostar originally ordered 10 of the e320s - so called as they can travel at 320kph (200mph). Eurostar train ready for departure at Paris gare du Nord station.Eurostar train ready for departure at Paris gare du Nord station. Since the opening in late 2007 of the new high-speed line linking, on the English side, the Channel Tunnel to London, travelling by Eurostar from Paris to London has been stepped up considerably.
The Paris Metro consists of 300 stations on 16 lines covering the 10x10km area of central Paris. Other Metro maps such as individual line maps can be downloaded directly from (in french).
The RATP offers a route planner via their website which can use street addresses, station names or well known locations to create a travel itinerary for you, including necessary connections and total travel time.
There are a wide variety of tickets available including single ride tickets, books of 10 or 20, single day passes, multi-day passes, Monday to Sunday week passes, monthly passes and year passes. Tickets can be purchased from ticket windows inside stations or through automated ticket vending machines accepting Euro coins and smart chip credit cards.
A day ticket is called the Ticket Mobilis which is good for unlimited rides on the Metro system during operating hours for the day it is used.
As the Ticket Mobilis can be purchased on one day and used someday in the future you must print the date of use on the ticket before use. Note: Ticket Mobilis day pass is not valid for Paris CDG Airport nor Paris Orly Airport except by using Paris airport bus 350 or Paris airport bus 351 for CDG Airport and buses 183 or 285 for Orly Airport.
Multi-day tickets aimed at tourists and visitors are known as the Paris Visite, available in 3 zone and 5 zone versions, for 1, 2, 3 or 5 day lengths. The Carte Paris Visite is a multi-use paper ticket coupon (similar to a Ticket Mobilis or Ticket t+). Week long tickets are sold in the form of plastic contactless smartcards known as the Pass Navigo Decouverte. This pass is valid for travel strictly from Monday till Sunday, rather than any continuous 7 day period, which makes it less attractive for visitors arriving mid-week. Zones 1-5 will cover travel to & from Airports Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly (ORY, by Orlybus, not Orlyval train), which are in zones 5 and 4 respectively and Paris-Versailles trains (zone 4).
The prices above do not include the 5€ fee for the plastic card itself, non-refundable, unlike the London Oyster card. To purchase the pass Navigo Decouverte you will be required to present and attach a face photo measuring 2.5cm tall x 2cm wide to the paper nominative card that comes in addition to the plastic smartcard.
Most of Paris’ 300 Metro stations are located underground with a handful above ground. Within a Metro station, tickets can be purchased from manned ticket windows and from automated ticket vending machines.
Ticket windows may not be open nor manned at all times thus requiring use of the vending machines.
Access to Metro train platforms is controlled via turnstiles or gate type barriers which are operated by either magnetic stripe coupon tickets (Ticket t+, Mobilis, etc.) or contactless smart cards such as the Pass Navigo Decouverte.
Operating barriers with contactless smart cards works by passing the card over the purple reader zone on the tops of the turnstiles or barriers.
Many Metro stations serve multiple lines through several different train platforms within a single station.
At each subterranean intersection you will see Metro line numbers and possibly station names which are used to denote direction of travel. Nearly all train platforms have overhead signs showing the time remaining till the next two trains arrive at the station, denoted in minutes. On rare occasion, but worth mentioning, some Metro line platforms are accessed by traversing another platform for a different line. Fold-down seats are available just inside Metro train car doors, but these seats should only be used when there is sufficient space for travelers to easily enter and exit the train car. To determine which exit is best for you refer to an exit map located within the Metro station, usually just after exiting the fare paid zone (see next paragraph).
The Metro is a classic subway system: mostly underground, many stops, frequent service, short line distances, serving the urban city centre, non-scheduled train timings. Please keep in mind that not all Metro stations along the above noted lines will be served during the extended service hours, rather only the more popular stations and stations with connections to other lines. These online Metro, RER, Trains, bus route & schedule tools will show you how to get from point A to point B.
Choose the best train car.  Many people stand at the edge of the platform near the rails to be closer to a car door when the train arrives thinking this will guarantee they get on. During rush hour, stand, don’t use the folding seats near the train doors, which allows more people to be crammed into the train car, a national past time in Paris.

Prepare for takeoff: Make your way to the door (carefully) before the train arrives at your station.
SMRT’s group CEO Desmond Kuek (centre right), who spoke to the press yesterday at SMRT’s headquarters with managing director of trains Lee Ling Wee (centre left), said permission had to be granted before staff can access the tracks. SINGAPORE — In the wake of the deaths of two SMRT employees yesterday, transport experts and Members of Parliament (MPs) have questioned whether there are safer ways of carrying out maintenance work on MRT tracks when trains are running, even though they acknowledged that such work during operating hours was unavoidable.The two men who were killed yesterday — Mr Nasrulhudin Najumudin, 26, and Mr Muhammad Asyraf Ahmad Buhari, 24 — were part of a team that had been walking along a walkway on the side of the tracks to investigate a reported alarm. SIM University (UniSIM) senior lecturer Walter Theseira noted that it would be “unrealistic” to expect absolutely no maintenance work to be done during operation hours.“It seems that, certainly, work to check on a potential fault would be something that should be done as soon as possible. Travellers do appreciate since the fast and comfortable Eurostar train meets a real success. After an automatic check-in and passing security checks and police, I grabed the newspaper of the day at the shops in the boarding lounge.
So much the better, because to win a little time for sleep, I ignored breakfast this morning. The Eurostar slows down and slides slowly toward the great glassroof of St Pancras newly reopened. Frequency between most trains range from 2 minutes during rush hour up to 8-10 minutes during off hours, holidays, and sundays. These tickets are valid for a single continuous journey of any length, throughout the Metro system, including changes to other Metro lines and RER interurban trains within Zone 1. Children from ages 4 to 9 years old (inclusive) can use reduced fare tickets, which are available only in books of 10, for 7,05€ per book of ten.
Formerly (prior to 2014) the Paris Visite also came with a black folding card which required the printed name of the bearer and the ticket coupon requires the card number and date of use to be written on in pen, as to avoid ticket sharing between passengers. It is purchasable for use in the current week from ticket windows at most Metro, RER and large train stations up until Thursday 11:59 PM. Carte Orange was previously a physical coupon like ticket (much like the Ticket Mobilis) and paper nominative photo card that is now no longer in use. See instructions on the RER B from CDG to Paris, Orly to Paris and Paris Beauvais Airport Train for more information. Some notable large stations within Paris serving all three types of train transport include: Gare St. Most passes are only sold from ticket windows although the Ticket Mobilis day ticket is available via the machines.
Certain entrances to stations may give direct access to train platforms, which require that you already have your ticket or pass. To operate the barrier with a ticket, insert the ticket magnetic stripe side down, into a turnstile that is not marked with a red X or red circle which indicates an exit only turnstile.
Remove the ticket and walk through the turnstile or approach closely the gate barrier and wait for it to open. To find your way to the correct platform in the correct direction requires that you to keep a mindful eye on signs posted throughout the pedestrian tunnels. Direction of travel is always denoted by the terminus station, the last station or stop on the line, rather than magnetic pole directions such as north, south, east, west.
These signs are also a way to verify that you’re on the correct line, heading in the correct direction.
This means you’ll arrive at a platform and think the current platform is the correct one, but in reality, your desired line is further along.
This is done through either a lever or a button on the door itself near the centre opening.
These signs will often be mixed with directional signs for various Metro lines shared by a station. The RER (Reseau Express Regional) is a commuter train system that covers much of the greater metropolitan area of Paris (Ile-de-France ), much further out than that covered by the Metro, including specifically both Paris Airports: Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Paris-Orly (ORY) , Disneyland® Paris, and Chateau Versailles. These route planners show required connections between train lines, travel times and ticket costs (some). This is in the heart of Paris’ red light district with many adult oriented stores and cabaret shows. This venue has seen various forms of entertainment throughout the years but it still performs what it’s best known for, cabaret and the can-can. Before making a trip, use a Metro map and the official RATP Paris Metro route planner to find the shortest route with the least number of line changes.  Station to station a Metro train will take just over a minute.
The amount of other people’s lives on handles and poles on a Metro train would make the monkey in Outbreak shudder. Especially if, unchecked, the fault could cause a problem for train operations,” said Dr Theseira. The Eurostar train enters the tunnel under the English channel The new St Pancras international train station where Eurostar trains are calling.

After the paper card is completed a self-adhesive clear plastic cover is folded over the face of the card, protecting the picture and name of the holder. This coupon and paper card has been replaced by the new contactless smart cards known as the Pass Navigo and Pass Navigo Decouverte (for non-residents of France).
Ticket vending machines such as the one shown in the photo accept Euro coins (for purchases up to 30€) and smartchip credit cards. Keep in mind that passes near expiration will cause the barrier to emit a buzzing noise instead of a ding, along with a message noting the date of expiry. To understand whether the line is going in the direction you wish to travel, you should refer a Paris Metro map, which are posted near station entrances and on all train platforms.
The photo below shows Metro Line 4 in direction of Porte d’Orleans with 4 minutes remaining till the next train arrives.
Pay special attention to the overhead signs and the system maps posted on the platform walls to ensure you’re on the correct platform. The confusing part is that the RER traverses central Paris with a handful of stations, acting like an express Metro system with fewer stops, larger trains and faster movement. Making connections will cost you about 3 minutes at small interchanges with few intersecting lines and up to fifteen minutes at mega stations Chatelet Les Halles, Gare du Nord, Gare Montparnasse, Saint-Lazare.  These stations are enormous, sprawling, multi-level, and likely confusing (especially Chatelet Les Halles). If you happen to be waiting at the doorstep of such a train car, you’re not getting on.
Keep in mind that non-smart chip credit cards will not work at either the automated ticket machines nor at ticket windows, thus Euro cash or coin would be required. The Pass Navigo Decouverte week pass is not available from automated ticket vending machines. The contactless smart card and the paper card must be carried together to be valid for travel. Most stations and Paris Metro lines are not handicap accessible save for a few exceptions . The ticket will be ejected on the top of the turnstile which you must retrieve to unlock the barrier.
If your ticket appears to have been accepted, yet the gate has not swung open, be sure you are sufficiently close to the gates in order to trip the sensor. On the opposite side of this platform will be another sign of exact same color and number, but the direction will be marked as Porte de Clignancourt, the opposite direction. Paris fare zones apply to the RER train system, unlike the Metro and there are six of them.
2 hours 20 from Paris to London via the Channel Tunnel and the new high-speed track in England. We are Saturday, and most of the passengers in that carriage are looking forward to a weekend of discovery. 4 different fare zones are available although nearly everyone will want all zones which covers central Paris out to zone 5. Using a Metro ticket, the Ticket t+, is permitted on the RER, but only to the limits of Zone 1, the true center of Paris, bordered by the ring road surrounding it, the Boulevard Peripherique.
Games and magazines replace laptops and files that are usually seen in this train during weekdays.
Although the train is surprisingly stable for such a speed, I do not want to take the risk of ruining the weekend of someone with a hot coffee shower! A ticket that is not accepted will cause the turnstile to emit a longer, lower pitched (unpleasant) buzzing noise, sometimes with a message in red indicating your ticket was not valid. Between a mouthful of croissant and a sip of coffee, I lift my eyes to recognize the control tower at the Lille Lesquin airport.
And the only way to do so … while service is on, is to walk on the side with supervision and control from the ops control centre and with all the safety and permissions granted,” he said.Mr Lee Ling Wee, managing director of SMRT Trains, said that as part of the safety protocol, employees must get permission from the (operations) control centre to go down onto the tracks. The train slows to negotiate a large curve on the edge of the Lille metropolitan area prior to heading to the west by speeding toward Calais and the Channel Tunnel. When the team reaches the site of the investigation, they have to ask for permission again to cut off power to the section.
The trip Folkestone - London is now on the brand new high-speed line finally completed almost 15 years after the launch of Eurostar.

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