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Brooklin and Kaila have been busy playing with their Thomas The Train, so as we pack away that set and bring out the new Christmas in ToyTown they are more than thrilled. What’s really wonderful about this train being an RC train is that Kai has the ability to control the train herself. The Fisher-Price Christmas In ToyTowna„? RC Set is only available at Toys R Us and has a price tag of $130.
Having Christmas Train Sets under the tree is a charming and longstanding tradition in many families and every year more join in the fun. It’s fun to wake up each morning or sit and relax in the evenings with a gentle train rolling around the base of the Christmas tree.
Model trains have become much more elaborate than they were just after WWII, and there are many enthusiasts across the globe.
One of the most popular toys and decorations during the holiday season is a Christmas train set under the tree. Many families pick out their favorite Christmas train set to put around the Christmas tree – and you’ll even see it in some of the most popular holiday movies. Department stores that put out displays would often have an electronic train set added to the scene setting – even in the windows (and they still do to this day).
We’re going to take a look at ten of the top Christmas train sets you can buy on the market today. Some train sets make it hard for kids (especially toddlers) to get the train actually on the track itself.
And while some control panels are very confusing for kids to handle, the Geotrax model has a simple remote that lets kids steer the train forward or backward – all while playing nice holiday music! If your family is a fan of the Tom Hanks 2004 hit Polar Express, then this is one of the Christmas train sets you need to have in your home.
Straight from the movie, this train set is very detailed and created to reflect a high level of authenticity. This is a simple oval shaped train track, 55×72 inches big, which is a classic and favorite among many train set enthusiasts.
This is a very cool interactive train set – with lots of lights and sounds for a child to enjoy.
The Deluxe Holiday Trackmaster set is motorized and Thomas goes on a mission to collect toys for the children. On the Island of Sodor, Thomas is the Christmas delivery train (he’s even wearing a Santa hat), so his goal is to collect the toys from the toy shop and make deliveries. Thomas has a couple of cargo cars attached to him, along with a holiday-themed caboose and a cargo just for presents!
The size of the track is ample, creating a 56×38 oval shape using three straight and twelve curved track pieces. He has a festive Santa hat on his head, and he’s equipped with a snow plow, just in case the weather tries to hamper him.
You need to get six AAA batteries for the train and the remote control, which will help the little ones move the train forwards and backwards. If you took a poll of the favorite Christmas Movie of all time, A Christmas Story might rank near or at the top. It’s a large set that includes the track, boxcar (with doors that really open), gondola with a box load, reefer car and a caboose that lights up! The remote allows your conductor to navigate the train forwards and backwards, and turn on the steam whistle whenever they want to.
Whenever you think of classic Christmas shows, Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman come to mind.
Many families like to put this Christmas Town Express model under the tree because it has a festive look to it.

Once it’s put together, your family will have fun playing with the locomotive, which sports doors that really open.
In addition to the train track, you get a figurine of Santa himself, who acts as the conductor, and a Rudolph figure, too. This festive holiday train set plays Christmas carols and you can make it go forwards or backwards on the 60×59” track.
There are lots of fun details with this train set, including a working headlight and realistic train sounds. There is a baggage and passenger coach, complete with a roof in clerestory style so that it conveys a vintage appeal.
This 965-piece LEGO fan favorite had to be included in this list of top Christmas train sets. You get the festive themed locomotive, passenger car (which has a roof you can take off), and tender.
Because this set has small pieces (some of which are magnets), it’s not suitable for tiny toddlers under three years old who might swallow some of the pieces. The set is all decked out in holiday decor, with Christmas lights, holly and more setting the scene.
My mom put a Christmas train around our tree one year but it quickly got covered up by the massive amounts of presents. As a mom I think it’s perfect for around the tree, the girls can play with it and it just brings that extra magic to the house.
The scene seems straight out of a Rockwell painting, and is a relatively inexpensive tradition to begin and maintain. The trains, made by Joshua Lionel Cowan, who would later be involved in what became “Lionel Trains”, were put into store windows to attract customers. From toddler toys to extravagant decor models, Christmas trains set the tone for a cozy holiday appeal. Trains have a way of conveying the travel many people used to do when returning home for the holidays.
Christmas trains are just part of our culture – a snippet from a simpler time that we relish. As you’ll notice, some of them are made for little ones to get out and play with, allowing Santa to be the conductor. While these are working trains, they’re typically more for decor and less for little hands to be playing with, but that’s up to you!
From the bell and whistle to the working headlights, the Lionel Polar Express G-Gauge steam locomotive is a hit with kids and grown ups alike. It comes with 6 C batteries already, and you can also get a 9.6V rechargeable battery for it if you want. It’s easy for kids to play with and the track pieces (four are straight and twelve are curved) fit together easily and stay attached. You can easily assemble and store this train set, which is backed by a year warranty from the manufacturer. It has a speed controller, but of course kids like to make it max out so that Thomas is flying fast around the track. They commented on the way the track is easily put together and then stays together, without breaking apart. All of the cars are decorated with scenes and sayings from the movie, but there are train details like the headlight and puffing smoke using smoke fluid that comes with it to bring it to life.
It provides over 16 feet of track to play with and it’s battery operated, requiring four C batteries that are not included. It has a general style steam locomotive engine and it has a realistic smokestack and snowplow to help the train beat wintry obstacles.

You get the train pieces, plus a Nutcracker, reindeer, and a figure 8 track set with a CW-80 transformer to power it.
You can add on to this set and create a scenic route for the train to travel through, possibly adding to it each year as part of your holiday decor! After you put the set together, if you want to, you can make it work by adding a #10153 9V train motor and a #4548 9V speed regulator – both of which are sold separately. It comes with seven figures, including two engineers, a railroad worker and four passengers taking a special holiday trip! Many LEGO fanatics will want to collect the LEGO Christmas scenes that they can place around this train track to create a complete town holiday scene. Since model trains were very expensive back then, they would be bought as gifts and set up under the tree on Christmas Eve. It is not uncommon, however, for an adult to buy the train sets for children but wind up making it a hobby of their own as a result.
Fisher Price is a brand known for providing top quality toys, and this Christmas train set is no different. They developed an Easy Rail system that lets little hands quickly and easily put the train on the track. You get the Easy Rail Station, holiday themed steam engine and Christmas caboose, and Elevation Mountain (which has a tunnel – a favorite feature among kids when it comes to trains).
There are holiday lights and music, and the places Thomas visits are all decked out in holiday decor.
It’s a total of 44 pieces, including the track with upper and lower elevation pieces, a suspension bridge, the main engine, coal cars, passenger cars, an observation car, a diorama, and some caribou to help set the scene. The red, green and white LEGO Make and Create Holiday Train set is more than 45 inches long. If you motorize the train set, then you’ll be happily surprised at how fast it can move for a LEGO set.
Of course the train is packed full of packages and Kaila can control the train and make sure that Santa delivers all his packages. They are unforgettable gifts that bring years of pleasure and fond memories to all who enjoy them. You can use it to pick up items and put them onto the train before going back to Santa’s Easy Rail North Pole Station.
The crane (which works, by the way) can be used to pick up the block of wood that’s included with the 15-piece track set.
The passenger car is red and blue, and just like in the movie Polar Express, there’s a hobo that disappears on the observation car!
This year Fisher-Price came to me and asked if my family would like the new Fisher-Price Christmas In ToyTowna„? RC Set and of course we said yes!
Either way, the view of under the Christmas tree train sets is one that will always be remembered. They commented about its durability, and lack of a tendency for the track to fall apart, which happens with so many other kids’ trains. Imagine the train whistle greeting the gift recipient as they gaze upon the meticulously decorated train making its way around the Christmas tree, circling the other gifts like a wagon train.

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