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The City of Mount Dora truly is 'Someplace Special,' a charming, one-hundred plus year old historic village in the heart of Central Florida on the shores of beautiful Lake Dora in the Harris Chain of Lakes. The ultimate symbols of Japan - Mt Fuji and the cherry blossom, in this view from the north, across Kawaguchi lake. A spectacular aerial view of the rare but genuine meteorological phenomenon whereby at dawn or sunset the whole side of the mountain appears to glow red. A bright yellow sea of rapeseed flowers (na-no-hana) provides the foreground to this classic shot of the "bullet train" (Shinkansen) passing below Mount Fuji.
The lake across which we see Mount Fuji is fringed with a wide expanse of the low-growing shibazakura, or moss phlox, a common garden plant in Japan. Fuji is a classical conical volcano: of not quite perfect symmetry, since the last eruption in 1707.

The name "Fuji" is ancient, and there seems to be no winner among the competing versions for its origin. Fuji towers so high above the surrounding mountains that it can be seen an incredible distance away.
This is the N700, the version introduced in 2007, cutting the journey time between Tokyo and Osaka to under two-and-a-half hours.
This is the N700, the version introduced in 2007, which cut the journey time between Tokyo and Osaka to under two-and-a-half hours.
Geologically it is young - perhaps only about 8000 years, but for obvious reasons it has been revered since ancient historical times. It is clear that the Chinese characters used to write it nowadays (the "wealth-samurai" combination) are just chosen for convenience, and it is more likely that the name came from the language of the Ainu people.

Here in Sano (Where's that?), at 160 km distance, it is clearly visible particularly near sunset on haze-free winter days. Although most popular tourist pictures show the view from the south, with the bullet train passing below Mount Fuji, the best views are from the north and east sides. It is a truss cantilever bridge, and has earned the nickname "Dinosaur Bridge" — can you see why?
For a short interval - between the demolition of the dyeing factory and the start of construction of the new hospital - I could see it from my office window.

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