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Standing in Hoboken, we see that tonight the Empire State building is dressed in Blue and White for Hanukkah. Mikeabono saidA he started researching the city's best coffee shops using articles, blogs, Yelp, Google, and Zagat reviews, trying to avoid duplicates.
Model Train Store These retailers all seem like a lot of fun to pay a visit to but what are the most popular? The New York City Transit Complex at Coney Island is one of the largest transportation facilities in North America.
Other shops in this facility include the Pneumatic Shop, which supplies air brake units for the entire fleet of over 5,803 subway cars and approximately 500 non-revenue cars; the Traction Motor Shop, which overhauls ever year approx.
Great news for anyone who commutes from NJ to NYC: the city is thinking about extending the number 7 train right to Secaucus, New Jersey, meaning a ride from Midtown would be just about 16 minutes. According to a recently released study, adding a 7 train line extension across the Hudson can accommodate an extra 128,000 commuters a day.
Though there’s no definitive financial plan for how much the project would cost, the idea here is that in a bi-state partnership and with federal and city funding underwriting the project, the tunnel would extend the number 7 train service through Midtown, cross the river and connect with the existing Frank R. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
Green Island is located at the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers due west of the city of Troy. Begun in 1871, according to the builder's stone on the south face of the main building, the Rensselaer & Saratoga's Green Island Shops were completed the following year.
The Delaware & Hudson soon launched an ambitious expansion program, only slightly curtailed by the Panic of 1873.
For forty years tlie Green Island Shops were a hive of activity, engaged in heavy industrial work. Locomotive work was discontinued in 1912, when all D&H locomotive buildings and repair was concentrated at new shops at nearby Colonie, N. The shops, as they were indicated on the Sanborn Insurance Map of 1875, consisted of three separate brick buildings extending northward along the Rensselaer & Saratoga's Troy to Waterford line. Immediately west of this building were a 50 foot brick-enclosed water tank of 51,819-gallon capacity, a stone cistern, a boiler room with two boilers totalling 175 horsepower and a 110 horsepower engine, capped by a 120 foot chimney, and various sheds.
Southwest of the main building was a turntable, serving an eight-stall roundhouse, built in the form of a segment of concentric circles, with a single sloped roof.
To the northwest stood the Paint Shop, which was twenty feet to the eaves and contained as well the boiler shop and storage for hardware.
The next principal building was the car shops, located next to an old roundhouse north along the track side.
The shops were heated by stoves mounted on brick and iron bases and burning wood shavings and coal.

According to the data on the Sanborn map, the three-story, five-bay locomotive shop and machine-forge shop, which is still standing, was originally separate.
He also enlisted the help of his friends, and on the weekends tried to find out what type of equipment and beans were used at each shop to help determine quality. Opened in 1926, the Coney Island Complex occupies 75 acres of land in the southern part of Brooklyn, New York. Handles day to day maintenance and inspection for trains in daily service on the B, D, F, M, N, Q, and Franklin Shuttle lines. Articles from BMT Monthly and Electric Railway Journal, 1926-1929, that describe the new shop facilities, improvement in work flows developed, and motor, truck, wheel, gear, and axle maintenance.
The current mode of transportation that many NJers employ to get into Manhattan, the Path train, is less than ideal and the other option, buses out of Port Authority, isn’t much better. With the demand for mass transit between New Jersey and Manhattan increasing (it’s expected to balloon by 38 percent by 2030), the need for another way to get daily commuters in and out of the city isn’t about convenience, it’s about necessity. It was connected both to Troy and to more islands at the north of Waterford by bridges constructed in 1835 by the Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad Company. By that time the company had been leased in perpetuity to the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company. Heavy repairs and rebuilding of steam locomotives were carried on there, with this type of work for the railroad's tri-state system being equally divided among shops at Green Island, Oneonta, N.Y. The majority of D&H locomotives were in work there at one time or another; the jobs ranging from simple repairs or paint to major overhaul and redesign. Since that period, the remaining buildings have stood idle or have been used for storage purposes. The large (32 feet to the eaves) southern section housed the five-bay locomotive shop on the first floor. A one-story section used for sawing and planing came first, and then a two-story erecting shop, with sawing and turning on the second floor and storage in the loft under the roof. It is comprised of three separate buildings, the Main Overhaul Shop (360,000 square feet), the Electric Motor Repair Shop (37,500 square feet), and the Pneumatic Shop (30,000 square feet). It is certified by the Association of American Railroads, which means that the shop is qualified to do repair work for any main line railroad in the United States.
2,500 third-rail shoe beams per year; and the Battery Shop, which restores up to 1,000 battery sets to like-new condition each year. For New Jersey residents, the hassle of living over yonder while making a living in a New York office can prove to be a tiring experience, but the possibility of a 7 train line extension could mean a world of difference. Subsequently, the move would call for improvements to Grand Central, Time Square and Bryant Park where the 7 train is already servicing passengers. LeGrand B- Cannon, who owned much of Green Island, was active in the management of the R&S.

The Green Island plant continued in operation, however, into the late 1930s, devoted to the building of the D&H's wooden freight cars, as well as repair and light work on other freight equipment. Adjacent to this on the east were various lumber sheds, storage for castings, and a coal pile. A work force of 75 to 125 men worked six days a week, with three night watchmen and one Sunday watchman. The Milepost 38 teaching shop produced effortlessly in Anaheim Orange County open Sunday 1 17 until finally The Model Railroad Christmas Shop is a shop fully equipped specialized interest in railroading railroading equipment design design prepare prepare Product Design shop store Model Train Store . This area is responsible for all repairs (electrical, mechanical, and structural) necessary to restore a car to a safe and reliable condition for passenger service.
Some of the major equipment here is the wheel boring machine, which reconditions the center of the wheel where it joins the axle, and the wheel truing machine, which puts a new profile on a pair of subway wheels after excessive or unusual wear. The Car Wash cleans the exteriors of over 1,000 cars approximately once a week for a yearly total of 50,000 washes. There are also materiel storage rooms, a medical center, a police firing range, and various training facilities on the Coney Island site. In December 1868, the railroad purchased more than 21 acres of the north central portion of the island from Cannon as a site for extensive locomotive repair and car-building and repair shops. The central section (18 feet to the eaves) was devoted to machinery, with the blacksmith shop at the north end.
There is also a paint shop, which paints components for all subway cars such as compressors, tread brake units, fiberglass seats and various under-carriage parts. The paint shop of 1872 burned on 23 January 1904 and its site is occupied today by a more recent structure used for storage. The overhaul shop also works on maintaining and restoring the cars in the fleet of the New York Transit Museum. Within the Overhaul Shop there are four 30-ton cranes capable of moving entire subway cars from one work station to another. I was a bit stunned that Trainland where "Bobby Bacala" from Tv set collection Sopranos bought the blue Comet was bigger on the checklist simply because of such advertising .
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