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So, there were many smiles on the faces of those assembled on the footbridge just west of the N&W passenger station (now the O. It’s also a fine moment for 630, a relatively small freight hog, which has so far turned in an excellent performance on the main line, running from Chattanooga to Atlanta and then northward on the Southern main line in fine fashion, trouble-free and no longer suffering the axle problems that it experienced in 2011.
Allow me a few additional observations: 630 never traveled to Roanoke during her Southern Railway excursion career, 1968-1977. In addition to revisiting Roanoke, 630’s 21st Century Steam tour this year is very much of a homecoming for the engine.
Now, a personal aside: At my request, the good offices of Tim Andrews, president at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, allowed No. Between the engine’s stint on freight cars and the return of steam to Roanoke, with apologies to my fellow North Carolinian, author Thomas Wolfe, maybe you can go home again after all.
NS announced its re-entry into the steam excursion business in 2010 and followed up in 2011 with a few trips in Tennessee.
The engine rolls along at 40 mph, looking for all the world like a runner with another man in hot pursuit right behind, going all out with her flailing Southern valve gear.

She mostly stuck to the Birmingham-Atlanta-Charlotte-Alexandria main line, while big sister 2-8-2 No. She spent the last three weeks in North Carolina, where she once was a Murphy Branch locomotive, working the mountainous line west of Asheville in the heart of the southern Appalachian Mountains. 630 to perform for a day for photographers at the North Carolina Transportation Museum (my volunteer home for the last 25 years) to demonstrate what she looked like in regular service, pulling freight. Eastern Daylight Savings time, an operating mainline steam locomotive rolled into the city once known as the Alamo of Steam. So, after a morning of posing her on the 100-foot turntable in front of the 37-stall roundhouse and with fellow SR 2-8-0 No. Those who tried to keep up with the excursion train found that her stack is clean with little or no soot, thanks to a high grade of metallurgical grade coal that she is burning on this outing.
But she has been to Roanoke before: in 1967, she visited to help celebrate the opening of the Roanoke Transportation Museum. And next month, she will roll through Johnson City, where she was an ET&WNC engine in the 1950s and 1960s.

542 (cosmetically restored at the museum in 2011), we put her (sans canteen, but with the green flags of a first section) on eight freight cars and performed photo runbys on the museum trackage. After employee trips next weekend out of Roanoke, she makes her way home in July to Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, Tenn. The time she spent on the Murphy Branch in freight service must have looked something like it. It was a most unlikely liberation by an everyday, turn-of-the-century Southern Railway K-class Consolidation in this, the headquarters of the Norfolk & Western, maker of some of the largest, most sophisticated steam locomotives in the land.

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