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I don’t think of local news, especially in its televised form, to be worth the attention it receives. The average New Yorker has developed the lowest of standards for what a good day’s commute will afford. Outside of Albany, whose crisis of budget hasn’t helped anybody, the MTA is public enemy number one in New York City. This potential change in policy comes as a surprise, as it may have been thought that the MTA was making enough cuts already. Henry Casey was late for work today, waiting for an 8th Avenue bound L train, while he watched five Canarsie bound L trains arrive and leave across the platform. There have been days when I could have said the same thing about the MBTA, Boston’s equivalent.
But there are now a few things the MBTA is doing that have made a huge difference, and one of the reasons I ride the buses instead. The reason there are sometimes too few trains coming to pick people up and too many trains jamming up the tracks is that sparse trains mean scrunched cars, and that means it’ll take the conductors 50 tries to get the doors to close. Shouldn’t the Train 2 behind Train 1 not affect Train 1, since it’s behind and not in front? I think I was referring to the fact that people anticipate long gaps between trains, and so they all try to cram onto the first one they see, thus slowing it down and allowing even sparsely-deployed trains to run up against each other.

The Busy Signal is:a collection of writers with interests varying from international labor to biotechnology, from feminism to soul music, from public health to electoral politics.
R62A (New York City Subway car)+ The R62A is a New York City Subway car built between 1984 and 1987 by Bombardier in La Pocatiere, Quebec, with final assembly done in Barre, Vermont under a license from Kawasaki. Yet now that most of the people who ride the New York City MTA Subway system (especially residents of the outer boroughs) are feeling a horrible pressure right now, my typically outward focus has shifted. People who are using the subway as a means to get from part-time job to part-time job every day are not likely to be supplied with a commuting plan by their employers.
R62 (New York City Subway car)+ The R62 is a New York City Subway car built between 1983 and 1985 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Kobe, Japan, serving the A Division (IRT). Federal authorities began righting the cars as they started their investigation into what caused the commuter train to derail on Sunday, killing four people and injuring more than 60 others. It’s been the rationale for every fare increase that the city has begrudgingly accepted, as well as the supposed impetus behind the MTA considering a redefinition of the word Unlimited. The notoriously terrible G train has now been further crippled, cutting its Queens-bound service off one stop after it passes Long Island City. On this bus, I checked my email to see if I’d missed the notification e-mail about the absence of service. And of course The MTA has leaked the possibility of things getting worse, instead of better.

These two problems speak of contradictory issues: the former indicates that we do not have enough subway cars, while the latter suggests there are too many trains on the tracks. Luckily, the first time it happened to me, I bumped into a friend from college who was a veteran of the route. R68A (New York City Subway car)+ R68A is a B Division New York City Subway car order consisting of 200 cars built by Kawasaki Rail Car Company. The only people benefiting from the MTA these days seem to be those who will be paid to be forced out of their Upper East Side apartments to allow for the construction of the Second Avenue subway line.
So, while the MTA is getting better at putting band-aids on their wounds, they’re still not quite able to tell people about the wounds in the first place.
On the rare occasion when the trains are going quickly, you frequently encounter break-neck speeds that seem designed to turn strangers into friends by way of collision.

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