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Although Toy Story 3 does not come out in theaters until June 18th, there are plenty of ways for kids to get ready with all the new toys out. Other than the major Woody and Buzz replicas, there are several fun Lego sets representing scenes from this movie, as well as a couple of scenes from the first two. For younger kids who may not be ready with the dexterity for these complex sets, there are also some great Duplo sets specific to Toy Story 3. As your budget increases, so do the possibilities, with fun sets from Imaginext, as well as a GeoTrax exploding bridge scene.
Unless you plan to use them exclusively as a collector's item, you should steer clear of the Woody and Buzz Potato Heads. Most of these toys are not available in independent toy stores locally, so you are pretty much limited to Fred Meyer, Target (best variety usually found at Northgate branch) and Toys R Us (which tends to have the most sales on these items, and best variety found at Alderwood branch). Grace JuradoSeattle Northside Children?s Toys ExaminerGrace Jurado is the mother of three children just outside Seattle: ages seven, four and two. Smart parenting: A technology diet for toddlers and preschoolersTechnology is here to stay.
THINK Summer Institute: A unique opportunity for gifted teenagersThe Davidson Institute is offering an intense summer learning opportunity for gifted 13- to 16-year-old students. Wooden Take-Along 24-piece Tool Kit by Melissa and Doug — My daughter loved taking wooden screws and nuts apart and attaching them to this toolbox.
Primary Lacing Beads by Melissa and Doug — Soak up lots of detail work here with hand-eye coordination. Family Pets Lacing Cards by Eeboo — Graduate from lacing beads to lacing cards, a more complex task and easy to do individually as a group activity. Lacing Pets by Melissa and Doug is a less expensive option at $10, but the storage box has a plastic sliding lid that is harder for a toddler to maneuver.
2-in-1 Vacuum by iPlay — Emulation play is a big deal, and vacuuming comes naturally to a toddler.
I forgot to mentionn marbles can be used to rowll or for immaginary play, ours were used for a family going into and out of school the other day.
Some sort of creative toty either playdough or something like that or playfoam makes less mess.
If you know a 3 year old that simply loves dinosaurs then check out the selections below for the best dinosaur toys for 3 year old boys. Each one of these dinosaur toys has over 50 different sounds and phrases they say as well as being able to move different body parts and even walk with the easy interactive remote control.

There are 4 cool dinosaur puzzles in this handy dandy wood box that also serves as a great way to store the puzzles neatly. Each one of the puzzles has 12 pieces and is marked with the appropriate set shape on the back which is great for 3 year olds who may just be learning how to put free-form puzzles together. Vtech Switch and Go Dinos aren’t just dinosaurs, but they actually switch from cool looking vehicles to fun dinosaurs.
Each of the dinosaurs makes different sounds and says different phrases depending on if it is in dino mode or vehicle mode. These toys are designed for ages 3-8 and older toddlers love switching from the cars to the dinosaurs. If you just want some fun dinosaur figures your 3 year old can play with then check out these jumbo ones. You get 5 dinosaurs in this set – t-rex, brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, triceratops and raptor. This is a great set for younger kids because they are larger and you don’t have to worry as much about little pieces being stuck in the mouth. Find your 3 year old’s favorite dinosaur and get him a plush version and you can bet he will play with it all time. If you don't want major storyline spoilers, it's probably a good idea to stay away from the related books and video games for now. Of these, the RC, Woody and Buzz climactic scene from the first movie looks to be the most fun, as well as the least costly set ($19.99) that includes both of the two protagonists and a working car. Currently, these sets are only available locally at Toys R Us, which is also the only place that has offered good deals on the majority of the toys. While cute, they do not stay together very well in play and are hard for kids to put together again, which is especially true with the Woody's Tater Round Up one.
Her house is full of toys for all ages, and she is always on the look out for new toys at great deals. Later, the screwdriver and wrench appeared by her side whenever she wanted to help Mom or Dad fix something. Go with simple primary color beads, not the frenetic attention-deficit designs found with most bead sets. Then you realize the number keypad lets you do real math (with a solar powered LED screen), and the till can hold real money in addition to the supplied play money.
This toy vacuum is favored because it has sound effects, but doesn’t speak to you or have a personified face.

This kit has the best selection of instruments I’ve seen without going overboard with pagers and other junk. It’s heavy on traditional bricks and should be viewed as a foundation, with future specialty kits providing wheels, people and such. Ita€™s called the TickleMe Plant The leaves instantly close and the branches move when Tickled.
And even if he hasn’t even watched the show, he can still enjoy playing with these interactive dinosaurs. When in dinosaur mode expect to hear stomping and roaring as well as other fun dino phrases and when in vehicle mode there is a driver in the window of the toy and makes different zooming and racing noises. It’s fun to hear all the different noises and phrases and they can use their imagination to play out their own dino story.
Get a couple of plush dinosaurs together and you can have your very own dino herd of friends.
Featuring not only Woody, Buzz and Jessie, but a choo choo train as well, this set is a big hit with toddler Toy Story fans! They can find their favorite videos on any screen device and FaceTime with grandparents pretty much on demand. Help other parents by posting a comment below with your suggestions for must-have toys that your child(ren) have loved.
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And if you have strong feelings about toys in this guide, or similar ones, share those thoughts too. Also consider a toy broom, or regular sponge and water-filled mini-spray bottle for wiping tables. But most kids in that age range I know are perfectly safe when left to play with marbles in a supervised environment.

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