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Velaro: the world's fastest train set provides perfect comfort as well as high-tech design at its best. When trains first appeared they were able to revolutionize the way in which people traveled. This train was part of the first train service that went from Adelaide to Darwin in a north-to-south route that covered the whole of Australia. When it first started working back in 1994, the main purpose of the Eurostar was to transport people who wanted to go from London to Paris and Brussels through the English Channel.
This stands for Train a Grande Vitesse or as people commonly refer to a high speed train that first started working in 1981. Since Japan is an overpopulated country, authorities decided to create a means of transport that could carry great amounts of people at very high speeds.
In 1929 the Golden Arrow appeared and gave passengers the chance to go from Victoria Station in London to Dover, where they could take a ferry across the English Channel and use the services of the French Fleche D’Or to get to Paris.
Tn 1923 the Flying Scotsman started running from King’s Cross Station in London to Edinburgh. This is the perfect rail service if you want to get from Moscow to Vladivostok in the shortest possible time.

From 1902 to 1967, the 20th Century Limited transported passengers from New York to Chicago.
In 1883 the Orient Express started carrying passengers from France to Bulgaria but only a few years later it extended its lines to get to Turkey.
In its modern record, trains have been able to be part of significant events, especially when it comes to the services provided for common travelers. The builders of the train decided to give it the name of Ghan because in the desert lands it was common to use camel trains before the train service appeared. The Eurostar reaches a speed of 300 kilometers an hour and since it first started working it has transported more than fifty million people.
This is one of the most famous trains in the world because it is actually an electric train that runs from Paris to Lyon.
In 1964, just when the Tokyo Olympic Games were going to take place, the fastest train started to run. This is one of the most famous trains in the world because it travels more than 9,000 kilometers, which means it has the longest rail line in the world. When it was first launched, the Orient Express traveled through six different countries and it was a very stylish way of traveling.

When it first ran, more than seven years ago, it had forty-three coaches and it could transport more than three hundred passengers. It is also famous because it set a new speed record in 1990 of more than five hundred kilometers an hour. This train service has been available since 1939 and offers beautiful decorated in blue coaches, this is why the train gets its name.
However, when the Pennsylvania Railroad launched the Broadway Limited and the competition was too fierce, the 20th Century Limited stopped running. In 1977, the train stopped carrying passengers but some time later it opened for business again.
Vous nous trouverez dans la gare de Schaerbeek, l’une des gares les plus anciennes et les plus originales de Belgique.

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