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Many, many years ago, my husband got the bright idea that our next dog would be an Anatolian Shepherd.
Here in our neighborhood, we have made a point of educating the neighbors about the job that our Akbash do for us as well as the risk to other "at large" dogs. On 1-01-11 Quincy gave birth to 13 (no that's not a typo) beautiful pure-bred Anatolian Shepherd puppies!8 Males5 FemalesShe is a wonderful mother, and the new owners couldn't be happier with her. Keeping Livestock Guardian Dogs on your ranch during deer season can be tough.When hunters field dress their deer and leave the guts on the neighboring property. It is very important that your dog knows when you are in distress and can act immediately in order to help you. A dog by instinct will be protective towards his master and the other members of the family. Teach your dog to keep a check on the house by taking it around the house and making it sniff the area. Giving rewards such as a pat, hug, verbal praise "Good Dog!" or treats is an excellent way of letting the dog know that you are happy with his behavior.
There have been instances wherein home-trained dogs have shown aggression towards the master and family members. An aggressive dog is a liability and requires special permits and expensive licenses for owning such a dog.
Following these basic steps, can go a long way in teaching your dog to guard you and the other members of the family against danger. The person who lives 40 acres from us has repeatedly done her best to get rid of our dogs, despite the fact that she has benefitted, by the fact that the cougar never comes around any more, and the coyote packs may come on the property only long enough to "check" if the A-team is still present. They haven't had ANY problems with her around any of their many animals (including other dogs and cats) nor any of their children. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
Home Dog tells everything you need to know about how to select a dog wisely and then train it to become a well-behaved pet. You will need to do this a couple of times, so that the dog understands that it needs to keep a check every night. Since you are the master, it is your responsibility to make sure the dog is rewarded for its behavior and punished for bad behavior.
Many truly believe that it is a very bad idea, to encourage your dog to act aggressively at your command.

Such blunders take place when the dog is taught to be aggressive continually and therefore doesn't realize where it should stop!
Secondly, in case your dog physically attacks another human being or someone's pet, you will be held responsible for the damage and will incur fine and legal warnings. Your family showed tremendous courage and strength in going to those lengths to ensure Quincy kept the title and the job of livestock guardian dog. Neighbors don't think people should have 5 dogs I guess, and look for any reason to create trouble about it. I can no longer imagine our lives without these wonderful dogs--may Quincey soon send you a second protector, and may your idiot neighbor move! However, there are some measures which can be taken by you, in order to help your dog save you from harm.
If you expect your dog to protect you, you must make it very clear to the dog that it is supposed to come to your rescue.
This exercise is very important, because it will help the dog understand and differentiate between good people vs. After a few days, the dog will begin to do this exercise on its own, it will check the house and return indoors.
Professional trainers as well as many dog owners believe, that dogs must be trained by seasoned dog trainers and behaviorists, as they can predict the reaction and aptitude of the dog. A guard dog can turn into a grim nightmare, if not trained in a controlled manner, which is why professional training is a must. If the instances occur often, the law may require you to put down your dog and have it destroyed.
The cattle broke down some fence a while back and allowed some sheep and the goats to get out.
Protective dogs need not always act like conventional guard dogs and can instead take on roles of aid-dogs. You will also need to use punishments such as leaving your dog to stay alone in its kennel and restricting it from coming to you. The fact is, that not all dogs are meant to act as protectors, and when given the option between flight or fight, they will choose to flee from danger.
Remember that the dog must treat you like its master and not as an equal, only then will it protect you efficiently.
These dogs help their disabled or unwell masters, in carrying out basic functions, which they themselves cannot do.

People who are safe, will be those he is allowed to come close to and those who are allowed to pat him. While on the other hand, some dogs will instinctively come to your rescue, the moment they sense your distress, without any prior training.
Even though it is easier to train dogs while they are still puppies, an older dog can also be trained to protect its master. The second way to let the dog know that the person is unsafe, is to use a leash while taking your dog out for a walk. When you do not wish someone to pat your dog or want your dog to scare something or someone away. We somehow managed to survive through the puppy and adolescence part of growing up, had added goats to our small operation, and were beginning to enter into the truly productive years. Close to urban centers and dealing with strange dogs in one country, miles of open and rough terrain and wild predators in another. When we first moved here, these same neighbors had 2 dogs that were constantly on our road and chased the truck every time we drove by. Soon enough, whenever you use the command 'Attack!', your dog will understand that it needs to fight the thing you are pointing at. The fact that the leash is being tugged by the owner will let the dog know that, it must be aware and keep his master as well as himself away from the object.
We all went inside.No one really knows what happened except that we heard a lot of barking going on. There seems to be something extra special in a relationship with these kinds of dogs compared to other types of dogs of had. When we looked we saw Quincy barking and snapping at the "at large" Blue Heeler from across the road.
They took their argument over onto the neighbors property, and the short version is that Quincy "won" the fight, and the Blue Heeler required stitches to close up his hinney.Our neighbors were understandably upset, and called in the Animal Control people. We searched for a place to re-home her "Outside the State of Washington; never to return" as per Animal Controls stated and written requirements. I believe that it is time that we proactively seek laws that protect them as guardians of flocks.

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