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An oil industry located on the Alberta, border and served by the Saskatchewan-based Great Plains Railway, has received an SW1200 from the USA, and which has been renumbered to Locomotive Diesel Services LDSX 121. In August, Richardson International a grain company in Estavan, SK, leased LTEX GP15-1 1450 from Larry’s Truck Electric.
Great Western Railway has the two GWR B23-7’s (Ex-NS, nee-CR) are on the property with the 4064 in service with the corner windows added. CRLX 2101, a GE 80-Ton switcher arrived at CN's Walker Yard in Edmonton last fall and was in transit to the Alberta Railway Museum.A  However, the final leg of the move has been delayed ever since. Hudson Bay Railway (HBRY) has leased HLCX SD$0-2 7231 which was photographed at Symington Shop onon July 18th, by Mark Perry, before heading north. Plagued with mechanical issues since her arrival, RTEX 8153 had been leased to Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting, and is now being returned to the lessor Rail Trusts. During August, the Stewart Southern Railway received new power with GMTX 2237 and 2238 arriving in August heading east towards the SSR August 1st.
On August 22nd, Jesse Acorn bagged GMTX 2222 at CP's South Edmonton Yard wearing Stewart Southern Railway lettering.A  SSR is a Saskatchewan shortline that operates about 80 miles of former CP track between Stoughton and Richardson, SK.
Mark Perry snapped LLPX GP15-1 1502 in Page, MB August 23rd.A  The former CSX unit is on lease as the switch engine at the grain elevator located A there. Cando Contracting GP9RM 7059 (in CN paint) arrived in Winnipeg, after departing the SRY Shop in BC in July. The first week of September, CITX SD40-2 2794 departed Montreal DIT on CP, enroute to the ONTARIO SOUTHLAND RAILWAY (OSR), for some repairs at the Salford Shop. On August 14th, CP leased their TEC train to the Orangeville Brampton Railway to do geometry tests on the right of way.
James Lalande reported Quebec-Gatineau (QGRY) GP35 2008 and SW1500 1501 have been reassigned to the Huron Central (HCRY).A  Two others QGRY GP40 Slug 800 and GP40-2 Mother 3800 were seen on HCRY train to Sudbury, ON as well in July.
In late August, a scrapper in Port Colborne, ON (INTERNATIONAL METALS) located on the Trillium Railway, purchased six retired CP SLUGS numbered CP 1012, 1013, 1024, 1152, 1156, and 1159. National Steel Car (NSC) in Hamilton, ON, has been contracted to build railway tank cars and the railway will have many cars to move.A  A The tank car bodies will be built at Trenergy in St Catharines, ON who build boilers and other pressure vessels. On April 23rd, 2008, Darrell Krueger shot QNSL 401 as the mid train helper units with the famed Draper Taper comes through, sandwiched between the IOC ore cars, from the Wabush ore cars, north of Sept-Iles, QC.
CP 6262, 6251 and 6247, operated on several grain trains on the QGRY and were returned to Montreal as 4th, 5th and 6th units on a QGRY Windmill train.A  They then departed on a CP Westbound and went all the way all the way to Thunder Bay repaying Horse power Hours owed to CP by QGRY.
Then a week later the decision was over turned when MMA provided documentation they indeed had proper insurance to operate.A  The government has allowed MMA to operate in Canada until November 2013. Montreal, Maine & Atlantic (MMA) Train 710 was snapped by Richard Deuso at Newport, VT.
While there is no indication that track conditions had anything to do with the derailment last month, but the Montreal Maine and Atlantic (MMA) was the subject of more than a dozen internal bulletins prior to the July 6th derailment (in company records) warning train crews to slow down on their main line in Quebec because of poor track k conditions.A  Train crews were instructedA  to follow speed restrictions at 23 locations on the MMA mainline between Montreal and Lac Megantic, QC. LATE NEWS:A  A second MMA train outside parked east of Lac Magantic, QC for two days with only 5 handbrakes (only the MMA locomotives) were applied on a grade. The Port of Montreal (POM) sold four EMD MP15AC switchers (POMA  8303, 8304, 8405, and 8406), to GATX Capital Corporation this summer. The Anglican bishop of Quebec is expressing his diocese’s solidarity with the people of Lac-Megantic following today’s deadly train derailment and explosion.
Smoke rises from railway cars that were carrying crude oil after derailing in downtown Lac Megantic, Quebec, Canada, Saturday, July 6, 2013. LAC-MEGANTIC, Quebec—Two more bodies were discovered overnight after a runaway train carrying crude oil derailed in eastern Quebec, igniting explosions and fires that destroyed a town’s downtown center. Fires were preventing rescuers from reaching part of the 73-car train, and billowing black smoke could still be seen long after it derailed.
Quebec provincial police lieutenant Michel Brunet said Sunday there were more dead among the missing. The multiple blasts came over a span of several hours in the town of 6,000, which is about 155 miles (250 kilometers) east of Montreal and about 10 miles (16 kilometers) west of the Maine border. The derailment caused several tanker rail cars to explode in the downtown, a popular area packed with bars that often bustles on summer weekend nights. Brunet said he couldn’t say where the bodies were found exactly because the families have not been notified. Myrian Marotte, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Red Cross in Lac-Megantic, said Sunday there are about 2,000 evacuees and said 163 stayed at their operations center overnight.
Lines of tall trees in the area looked like giant standing matchsticks, blackened from bottom to tip.
Patrons gathered by a nearby bar were sent running for their lives after the thunderous crash and wall of fire blazed through the early morning sky. Firefighters and rescue workers from several neighboring municipalities, including Sherbrooke and Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, were called in to help deal with the disaster.
Last week a train carrying petroleum products derailed in Calgary, Alberta, when a flood-damaged bridge sagged toward the still-swollen Bow River. The Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway carried nearly 3 million barrels of oil across Maine last year. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has begun developing protection plans for the areas where the trains travel, spokeswoman Samantha Warren said recently. The entire town of Lac-Megantic in Quebec, Canada, was evacuated after a freight train carrying crude oil derailed and caught fire, officials told ABC News. Dispatcher Stan Wheeler with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Maine told ABC News Radio that more than 30 firefighters responded to the massive fire.
Workers comb through debris on Tuesday, July 9, 2013, after a train derailed Saturday causing explosions of railway cars carrying crude oil in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. Rail-company officials and residents who want to access the site, perhaps to retrieve personal belongings, will have to get a police escort. However, he did not say whether the investigation was for potential crimes committed at the explosion site or farther up the rail line.

The official death toll in the train disaster climbed as two more bodies were pulled Tuesday from the scorched area. With about another 35 other people still missing, residents expect the grim news to continue. The railway company is expected to step up its presence in the area Wednesday, with the arrival of the company chairman whose absence so far has drawn public wrath.
Edward Burkhardt, chairman of Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railways Inc., arrived in Montreal late Tuesday afternoon and is to go to Lac-Megantic on Wednesday to survey the situation.
Asked Tuesday about possible compensation or changes to policy, Grindrod said no decision will be made on changing company practices until the investigation is complete. Grindrod told The Canadian Press Burkhardt expects tough questions and hopes to meet the town's mayor. The railway's lost oil cargo has polluted the nearby Chaudiere River, where about 100,000 litres of oil have spilled -- although authorities are confident that the damage can be contained.
Some criticism has also been directed at the federal government, with some veiled warnings from the Quebec government. The TSB said Tuesday that authorities were never alerted to the fact that a runaway train was on its way to levelling part of the small town. Rail dispatchers had no chance to intervene during the fateful 18-minute journey because they didn't know it was happening, TSB investigator Donald Ross told a news conference. Such systems are in place on busier rail lines including the one linking Montreal and Quebec City, but not on secondary lines, said TSB manager Ed Belkaloul. A clearer picture of the events leading up to the fatal derailment began to emerge Tuesday as board officials gave a bare-bones account of their investigation thus far. But they stressed it's much too early to say who was responsible for the security of the train that rolled into Lac-Megantic and exploded into balls of fire. The finger-pointing has already begun, with untold financial stakes at play: there are already local rumours of potential lawsuits while various parties speculate about impending compensation. The company that owns the train, Montreal, Maine & Atlantic, and fire officials in the nearby town of Nantes have blamed each other as investigators search for causes in the tragedy that has ravaged the close-knit community about 250 kilometres east of Montreal. The fire chief in Nantes has offered an assessment different from the railway's about who might have been to blame in the hours leading up to the tragedy. Burkhardt, who is also the president and CEO of MMA's major shareholder, Rail World, Inc., has suggested the fire crew didn't do enough -- and even suggested the decision to shut off the locomotive to put out a fire earlier in the night might have disabled the brakes. The fire crew, however, says it was simply following procedures set out by the railway itself. Burkhardt is set to visit Lac-Megantic and will likely face tough questions and a fair degree of anger from residents. He told the CBC in an interview that the company has already changed some of its procedures -- such as switching crews around Lac-Megantic and its older rail infrastructure.
He also suggested that the decision to staff trains with one-man crews, and leaving them unattended during breaks, might have to change. When asked whether the one-person policy had been a good idea, Burkhardt replied: "Is this correct?
A key unanswered question now is: Who was the last person at the scene, tending to the stationary train? Ross said the train was travelling well in excess of its authorized speed when it careened off the tracks, although no exact speed was given. Questions were also raised at the news conference about the rail tankers involved in the crash. The tankers are known as DOT-111 and have a history of puncturing during accidents, Ross has said. Ross said it's too early to say the explosions could have been prevented had the tanker cars been stronger. It remains to be seen how the disaster might affect the ongoing political debates in Canada, and the United States, about energy transportation and pipelines. As for another project to build a West-East pipeline, Quebec's premier was asked whether the plan should be sped up in light of what's happened with rail transport. There are plans to reverse the flow of an existing pipeline to bring Alberta oil to customers in the eastern half of Canada. The premier also offered a first hint that her pro-independence government might be gearing up to blame Ottawa for the Lac-Megantic disaster.
Meanwhile, Lac-Megantic's mayor said Tuesday that about 1,200 residents were being allowed home. The town of about 6,000 has lost most of its downtown -- with a library, a popular bar, a waterfront park, and dozens of homes and businesses incinerated. Mayor Colette Roy-Laroche pleaded for tourists to come this summer to the region, whose wild natural beauty and charming 19th-century towns are a popular draw. A A David Anderson photographed one of these units BNSF 6991 at San Bernadino, CA back in April 2007. As we went to press, GWR 4062 has an issue in the equipment blower and is getting the new corner windows added.
While it is mostly in running order, HBM&S took back the parts they stripped from 8161 to keep it going. They previously had used BRC GP7 477, which for the last three years has been is workingA  at CON AGRA (Peavy Grain) in Grand Forks, ND.
In June of 1978, it was transferred to VIA, remaining in service until it was rebuilt in June 1984 by CN Pointe St.
The tank car bodies will then be taken down the street in St Catherines to Canadian Erectors where they will be placed onto new railway frames and trucks which they fabricate. Mainly because of this derailment and loss of life, the public concern over rail safety in Canada has spiked in recent weeks all hinging on the (TSB) federal accident investigation currentlyA  underway to uncover the cause of this disaster. The ensuing fire and explosions killed 47 people and destroying several businesses and homes.

However, another 800 people had to remain evacuated because of work that was continuing in the centre of town, which was the area most affected by the explosions. A They wer A to be sent to Metro East Industries in East St Louis, IL for overhaul, and are renumbered to GMTX reporting marks.A A  Mark Mautner shot GMTX 304 at MEI in August.
May God guide and protect all those who are in grief or need at this time, and emergency workers and others offering assistance,” the bishop added. The eruptions early Saturday morning sent residents of Lac-Megantic scrambling through the streets under the intense heat of towering fireballs and a red glow that illuminated the night sky. Police have refused to give any estimate of people unaccounted for because police were having difficulty getting a fixed number. Witnesses said the eruptions sent many shook residents out of their slumber and sent them darting through the streets.
Firefighters from northern Maine were also deployed to the Quebec town, according to a spokesman at the sheriff’s office in Franklin County.
According to the railroad’s website, the company owns more than 500 miles (800 kilometers) of track serving Maine, Vermont, Quebec and New Brunswick. In Maine, environmentalists and state officials had previously raised concerns about the threat of an accident and a spill from railroad tank cars carrying crude oil across the state. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Michel Forget revealed that police are not leaning towards terrorism as a hypothesis, but are more likely exploring the possibility of criminal negligence. Grindrod also said the railway will apparently be contributing to a fund to help victims that will also see money from the various levels of government.
Lebel had stated that the accidented train had just had its locomotives inspected; his department revealed in a statement Tuesday that the minister was given poor information, and it was just the cargo wagons that were inspected. Among other things, its steel shell is too thin to resist puncturing in accidents, which almost guarantees the car will tear open, potentially spilling cargo that could catch fire, explode or contaminate the environment.
She pointed out that, under Canada's federal system, there's little the province can do to protect against rail disasters.
A The three MLW’s are in service as well, but GWR M420W 2002 in for top deck overhaul and 2004 will need an engine change-out. Both are ex-EMDX units, ex-CR 8027 & 8028, nee-PC 8027 & 8028 and are relettered for Stewart Southern Railway. The train that derailed on July 6thwas loaded with crude oil that was extracted from oil fields in North Dakota, and was in transit to the Irving oil refinery in St. Thousands more people were evacuated from their homes, with barely time to escape the inferno.
Most of that has already been removed but Blanchet says the rehabilitation work must continue nonstop and without cost to taxpayers. Mark Perry shot this STEWART SOUTHERN (SSR) train near Richardson SK in early September, with units GMTX 1509-2238-2222-2237. Surplus to VIA’s needs, the unit was sold in 1994 to Les Trains Touristque du Saint-Laurent (TTSL) for operation east of Ville de Quebec. Erectors is this week working with Trilluim to revamp and upgrade the track under their large overhead yard crane.
Angry residents and the media greeted Burkhardt at an impromptu press conference that was hastily put together in the middle of a residential street in the town.
When this operation shut down the FP9 along with the TTSL train set was sold privately in May 1997 to be operated by the Waterloo & St. This new businessA  production may have Trillium Railway moving between 12-16 cars at a time, and as the entire cars are built locally which is great economic news A for the City of St.
A Shortly after, a resident reported a fire in one of the train’s locomotives, and the Nantes volunteer fire department was called to the scene. He was heckled by onlookers for waiting four days to appear in Lac-Megantic as others demanded answers for the runaway train and subsequent derailment.
The MM&A was also contacted and they dispatched their own personnel to the train as well. Burkhardt answered questions and suggested that engineer Harding failed to set the brakes properly on the train before he left to go to the hotel in Lac-Megantic for the night. Not long after, the fire fighters had extinguished the locomotive fire and the scene was deemed safe by all the personnel involved. On July 10th, Quebec’s Premier Pauline Marois met with town officials and laid-out a compensation plan for survivors of the disaster. In the day’s following, all of the affected residents were allowed to return to their homes and they were informed they no longer had to boil drinking water.
A It was been reported, but not confirmed that the derailing crude oil cars possibly struck loaded propane cars that were sitting on an adjacent siding. Legal notices had been sent by both the town and the Quebec government over several days, asking MM&A to pay eight different contractors that they had hired for the initial cleanup. The MM&A engineer, Tom Harding said he heard the explosions from his nearby hotel and made his way to the front of the train where he uncoupled the non-derailed cars and moved them as well as the locomotives to safety further down the line.
The town had to reportedly pay more than $4 million earlier in July when crews working at the derailment site had threatened to walk off the job because they weren’t being paid. Fire fighters spent the next few days battling the fire and intense heat before they could even begin to get close to the centre of the derailment scene. At that time, 40 people were originally reported missing, however that number slowly climbed as the reality of the situation became evident.

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